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  1. MESMER Portal :did lost it value after the nerf, 30sec isn't enough for nothing u maybe can us it once efficiently if you are lucky and most of the time u just us it cos the cd is running outwhen u put a portal on a node the time u take running to another node will let u at 10sec to 15 sec before the cd of the portal ends and with the 72sec cd it's not worth it .my point is PORTAL is bad in solo q's but still beneficial in duo or tournament's with your team on discord when the 30 sec is enough to swap players between node or save a fallen ally.suggestion : revert the nerf in pvp or make it a
  2. I'm just wondering before i start crafting my pvp legendary armor based on my ardent glorious ascended armor do i get the Mistforged glorious hero skin ?if yes then that's a good motivation for me to make it after 2 years+, if NOT can i know just why i have to buy two pvp ascended pieces for a skin??
  3. If u ask me personally i prefer more build diversity and now i see a lot of high burst classes like core gard so maybe a fake nerf to them from Anet so less band wagoners play them will be more healthy to the game, and i say it again a" fake nerf "and Anet is a professional in that , and about what u said i agree especially the last paragraph .
  4. I'm Just wondering how the pvp community feels about the new 1 shot meta with rare mesmer's, at least in EU even me the 'Mesmer defender' swapped to Core Gard in ranked and tournaments cos i feel mesmer got a 75% less burst capability if u play condi with the torch nerfs , and for power it's gucci but core gard is much much better , rev's are meta now , pew pew rangers are meta too and the lovely thief sniper,even reaper is back .so u happy guys or no?
  5. I'm stuck in Q and manny like me some are stuck in game ! is the game bugged ?plz unstuck me
  6. WvW veteran players are already leaving the game only few are left and this restructuring is taking even longer come-on ANET you are better that this , i know that this isn't easy to make but in my opinion this change is critical for the future of GW2 or even the potential GW3 in the future so u need to put more dev's in making this change live as soon as possible, peace out.
  7. I didn't edit the title the forum moderators did .
  8. This is just what Gw2 need, ill share the video here with you guys enjoy it ^^
  9. I play many classes in Conquest so this isn't a problem from Mesmer/ranger(soulbeast)/necro(scourge)/thief but mesmer is my main, in pve i play other classes too like ELE the only classes that i don't play are rev(poor rev) and guardian.
  10. I'm asking to nerf the cos of the problem and revert back the previous nerfs or most of them.
  11. Teapot said that anet probably gonna showcase some phone game or something . so i'm not that hyped sadly .
  12. After the last nerfs to mesmer this is what i believe Anet achieved : Chrono still broken with the 10 million phantasms and the perma taunt .The nerf to Bountiful Disillusionment is just a disaster from 5sec stab to 3sec stab and now to usless non sense 1sec stab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't play the broken meta and i use this trait,so why did u hurt me !! just target directly the main problem that is Chronophantasma remove that trait it obviously don't work with the new phantasm rework, you can spam the screen with a lot of visual noise, just remove it and don't destroy anymore mesmer for
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