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  1. I'm actually down with all these changes. Of course none of them impact PvP, but for PvE I can definitely see these lowering the skill curve for newer players (thinking Steam in the near future) while retaining the potential for high skill players to pump out DPS. Given that Guild Wars 2 is poised for a whole new generation of players--buffing core and core weapons makes a lot of sense. PvP is still a different animal, but I can see where these PvE changes are coming from. -Eros of Ascalon
  2. Big yikes on all these changes from me. -Eros of Ascalon
  3. #AllCrabsMatter But only red and blue existed during GW1. -Eros of Ascalon
  4. The small stat boost is sometimes all you need for an edge when you figure out what your enemies are playing. The pet skills can be incredibly useful, but there are only a few pets that really get attention. Bristleback was nerfed to hell. Gazelle got nearly a 50% nerf on its coeficients. Smokescale was nerfed twice. Drake only just got nerfed recently. Other pets with high coefficients (like Tiger, Hawk, Jacaranda, some canines) have never been picked up but probably will in the future. As an example for what I mean on changing the dynamic of a fight, I'd stay on smokescale most o
  5. Honestly it was for the best. As much as I loved being able to completely change the way my build worked mid-combat, it was not necessary (as evidenced by SB still being strong). For PvP at least, the ability to basically change your build mid combat depending on what you're fighting was a huge advantage over core / druid, and many other classes. -Eros of Ascalon
  6. I'd settle for just a blue or red crab. Or a squad of 5x pocket raptors -Eros of Ascalon.
  7. I believe Taste for Danger is based off base stats (Rune / Amulet). I don't think it was ever intended to multiply, because imagine how janky that could be once you start staking multipliers? The most you'll get out of Taste of Danger using expertise appears to be Valkyrie Amulet and Rune of the Warrior in sPvP. Other traits (like Beastmastery trait for SB merged or natural fortitude) are effects, and not part of really the base stats for a ranger. I don't think it's broken, it just doesn't give us the multiplier that we'd love -Eros of Ascalon
  8. Good news everyone, the Untamed balance fixes were included in the latest patch! -Eros of Ascalon
  9. [&DQQILyEpICp4AHgAlgEAAMIAAAC4AAAAwAAAABM5ASkAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] Weapons: Shortbow + Dagger / Horn Rune: Elementalist, Amulet: Carrion Sigils: Exposure / Doom on both Pets: Bristleback / Siamoth This is probably the lowest intensity soulbeast build I've got. It's very gimmicky for PvP, decently strong in PvE, but still very fun when you play it. This build relies upon preloading your attacks and then bursting somebody with a lot of bleeds. In General: You want to use Bristleback the most. Merging with it and using it's 2nd skill gives your next 5x attacks bleed.
  10. One thing I'm glad to see is at least some (mostly) positive and critical feedback on untamed here. Untamed is overdue for tweaking. but it's not nearly as bad as it seemed in the betas and first few weeks of EoD for PvP. Also interesting is the variety of different builds people are trying with it! -Eros of Ascalon
  11. Your actual attacks with the bow (not the condition damage) are strike damage. Without changing your gear from condi to power, you'd find your hits and crits hitting a just a little harder with the bonus while still doing the same amount of condition damage. -Eros of Ascalon
  12. We all know there is only the one true goddess, Melandru! -Eros of Ascalon
  13. I saw you beasted it this season! I tried tons of different combos throughout the season but found myself using GS/Hammer the most. LB/GS was also strong but I just felt like for LB/GS I'd rather go a different specialization. I feel like the cantrip barrier still needs to be a little stronger. I like the #1 because of its 1 second cd and potential to apply lots of weakness, or vulnerability stacks right before a nice ambush. The #3 I didn't really try because it just seemed overshadowed by the other two. Also agreed middle traits are flexible, I went with the #1 again becau
  14. Certainly! I posted the template in a different comment somewhere, but I have it included below. At the end of the season I ended up in the top 250, but I feel like I could have gone even further if I wasn't so lazy! Hammer / Greatsword Untamed [&DQQgKwgvSBV5AHgAExsTGxkblgG7ALgADxsPGy4TKSsAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] Marauder Amulet + Rune of the Eagle Cleansing and exploitation sigils on hammer, cleansing and exposure on greatsword -Eros of Ascalon
  15. You don't have to use weapon swap, but you really miss out on a lot of skills if you don't. If you have sigils that apply different effects (such as 5x stacks of vuln on swap, or might, or next 3 attacks crit) you generally want to maximize your rotations to capitalize on your skills and sigil usage. For PvE this doesn't matter as much unless you're raiding, but if you PvP it becomes more important. If you blow all of your cooldowns for longbow, you're essentially stuck auto attacking until something like #2 recharges. You can swap weapons to keep up the DPS or go defensive until i
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