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  1. While I'm sure some people really do enjoy the new content, the sentiment between most all of my friends and myself is that it just seems far inferior compared to Living World Season 3 and 4. The main issue is with all the instanced content replacing normal explorable zones. Season 3 and 4 had 6 full zones which even now are still very active compared the just the 3 we got from the Ice brood saga. The instanced stuff already feels dead, I tried several times on multiple days to find some other people to play through Steel and Fire and there literally was not a single person in the
  2. Yes Healix.5819 you are correct, they are different regions, I live in the US but waaay back when I first started playing I was on vacation in Norway and my original account is registered in Europe. I never even though about this or noticed until now after you said to check for it and the account without any problems is the North American one. Both the accounts are on the North American home though, but I am assuming there is no way to change the region code assigned to the main account?
  3. Ok this, is go be a bit of a read, but to start I have 2 Guild Wars 2 accounts, one is an older account that is close to it's 7th birthday and the other is newer just approaching it's 2nd birthday. Through my extensive troubleshooting I though I read in a post somewhere that older accounts are having problems and it' seems to definitely be happening in my case. Up until the first Icebrood saga expansion came out I never had a single problem with either account, but after the large update my older account almost immediately started getting the in game popup error "The game client is unable to
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