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  1. Mine did start working after 5.5 days down. Seemed spontaneous... nothing I did.
  2. Nothing worked for me. Even reinstalled game. Was down 5 days. Good luck.
  3. I have been unable to solo queue for 4.5 days and counting. I have rebooted, repaired client, cleared cache and even reinstalled game with no improvement. No response to support ticket. I can queue with a friend but cannot queue by myself regardless of character.
  4. Have now uninstalled/reinstalled game with no change. Can safely say it seems to be on Arenanet side. ☹️
  5. I’ve tried to repair client and have cleared game cache with no change. 4+ days no solo queue, no word from support. :'(
  6. I have been unable to solo queue for PVP for over three days. Nothing happens when I press "Play" or "Complete" on the PVP launcher. However, if I queue with a friend, I can play just fine. I have restarted, etc. etc. but nothing helps. I've had this happen a few months ago, but for a much shorter period of time. I submitted a ticket with no reply thus far.
  7. Returning Requests: Chaos GlovesWild Magic Backpack/GliderUnicorn Finisher (please + thank you)
  8. Stuck in PVP queue for 2+ hours. Things that have not remedied the bug: changing characters, zoning, dying, logging out, and rebooting. Filed support ticket.
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