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  1. I have posted the majority of my op builds or upvoted them on metabattle as soon as they came out- here the list of things I have let everyone know after I myself found the meta for it- blood reaper, blood scourge, symbol guard, dp core, valk ranger, trap ranger and consecrations dh your welcome. the second I find the most op thing in the meta, I tell every single person in the community...
  2. When in doubt practice combos on a golem with and with out auto targeting.
  3. Their burst is pretty insane, but if you get burst and survive - immediately try to kite off of them and surprisingly they may not be able to follow. rev is really strong but you can learn to fight them, don’t worry about nay sayers.
  4. It’s definitely not a roamer- it’s a dps. The build is a lot like burn dh, which in fact started as a side node build. Dh happens to have different mechanics though- basically a lot of guards stuff is bursty such as burn and all the blocks. However this build has a lot of sustain dmg and sustain making it seem much different. huges advantages of this build over trap dh- insanely low trap cd, a lot of more sustain damage and actual sustain also it has high base hp so it can afford other amulets and works better with all sorts of mixed stats if one chooses to take it...
  5. There’s an actual occasional “poison beast” but it’s mostly trap builds on either core, druid or soulbeast. Traps on soulbeast is kind of just a more aggressive poison beast, most play core or druid though- which by taking an extra healing trait line allows for technically more healing than soulbeast and also since you are all traps you do more dps and also have aoe for ‘team fights’. since you are going traps that means you have less stability and cannot use stances to get out of tricky situations and also less stun breaks. This means it’s more likely to get memed then say afking
  6. Np. na ranked meta is alittle different. Some p/d thief’s left and 1 pp condi thief in plat3 who occasionally duos 2 condi thief. Only a few mirages but also a few condi core side noders. Ranger is half valk and half condi either soulbeast or core(core is more team fight oriented) - there is literally like 1 power soulbeast on all of Na. Necro is a mix mostly reaper though. Quiet a few condi dhs/core guards but often just power or support guards. Engi, rev and ele are the same as you described. War is a cluster kitten of bad builds only thing worth noting is an occasional side node war...
  7. Putting thought into afking is hard asf, we have an active and fun meta
  8. Heavily shave sustain from scourge- even further and bring back most of the damage and corruption traits. They have carrion amulet and new and improved spectral walk etc.- They will be fine and be a nice dps, new meta that everyone would enjoy...
  9. You don’t need any extra power to do some of both types of damage. It doesn’t make a build an effective hybrid. The problem with taking the power triad stats with conditions is generally that you can only trait for one, so even if I take grieving on a more or less condition build my power damage will be jack . That’s why the only hybrid I think can work rn is some type of guard because of increased symbol strike damage and the fact that many burning skills will do decent damage even without pure condition damage stats..
  10. It’s generally inefficient. There are uses such as in deathmatch just playing a bunker build with like grieving amulet to just out dps the other bunkers. The only good build u could run on a truly hybrid build atm would probably be burn dh with symbol trait and swashbuckler amulet. Anything else is probably trash teir. note: and I wish this wasn’t so, and maybe it would be if they left marshals in, as that was the closest to hybrid anyone played in high teir but it isn’t.
  11. The pets will die, a trapper ranger just needs to not be an idiot who tanks damage from other rangers. At that point who even cares about the other ranger builds as a smart trap ranger can still match up and do other stuff besides being a side node monkey.
  12. Who said anything about dps- symbol based builds are still arguably the best you are gonna get on guardian...
  13. I always do that on guard, it is a go to in my rotation
  14. Mats don’t matter and never have there isn’t much players in the game that are good and creating new comps and the ones that do are just gate keeping it for themselves and there friends. have you ever wondered why there’s gold players winning mats? Meanwhile actually good players who come up with actual meta builds get moot amounts of recognition...
  15. Only way would be stream sniping, which I’d admit might work for the person that’s dodging but it’ll just bring the teams that they dodged rating even higher. I have zero sympathy for streamers and q dodgers though...
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