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  1. there are none. game has died basically fully at this point and there is no one willing to take the time to keep a full guild running becuase it means spending gold to keep people in it and no one has the gold or the time to spend on this game
  2. meta builds are just copy pasted from mAts, which no one takes seriously, and get posted to metabattle. their moderators are silver players and morons, nothing they declare shoudl be taken seriously. try asking a top teir player what you should play
  3. the patch does nothing for ranger last i checked- a bunch of pet changes that do literally nothing and in fact nerf the better pets. power untamed is ok, kindof countered by necroand sadly even guardian. can assure you its not some kindof miracle build. condi untamed is probably the best build, but its honestly just ur average tanky side node. only "problem" is it has mobility on top of condi damage. generally ur condi bunkers are slower, this is not so
  4. I believe both stories tbh. I can just see their moms noticing that they didn’t come out of the basement for their hot pockets and going down there cuz they were worried. she over heard “they caught us hacking”, so she pulled the plug and then brought him his hot pocket and pimple cream. end of dramatization…
  5. Speaking of conspiracy theories- the last months winner statues are still up in the mist on NA. Did this anet dev that supposedly banned them- actually strike some kindof deal with them ie have them lose that mat in exchange for lifting the ban and keep the statues up??? Statue Gate
  6. not to accuse anyone of anything, but any sane viewer would see this and think- did one team simply give the win to someone else, in return for them not reporting their hacking. i mean i dont think any of us are aware of bans lasting an hour and being lifted that quickly.
  7. Apparently the "team usa" team couldnt accept in finals because they were seen in matches they almost lost hacking for the win, so another team won(no suprise). according to them there were GMs directly watching the match, but now the "banned player" is back in game. can we have some transparency for what happened?
  8. Streamers like “Naru”, after their perma ban from pvp, literally bought other peoples accounts on stream- to continue playing pvp. some of our more popular streamers should have been IP banned years ago and yet they were allowed to continue to play. Then mATs became an account selling service. Arena Net should honestly just come out and apologize for purposely allowing this behavior
  9. dont worry this is more likely to get fixed than the fact that pvp is literally dead without any actual rewards for death match. the only thing ppl try on in PvP and you get nothing for it- everyone can and are quiting over this
  10. if someone cheated it wouldnt be with an instant cleave hack
  11. literally the only thing we need right now is some kindof title or reward for 2v2/3v3s. also maybe a version of it we can queue every season and not just in offs
  12. "now you give warrior a bow" omegalul, i can now quit "ive seen everything"
  13. then do that and give us a title for offseason- it doesnt even have to be that great. like legend of the arena or something
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