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  1. True, would be better to have clearly distinguishable names or for simplicity count all of them.
  2. Yes, only the boss counted. And maybe it's the same for potions, still don't know for what each works: Potent Potion of Sons of Svanir SlayingPotent Potion of Ice Brood Slaying
  3. Checked few times now and as before, Olmakhan Earthstalkers dismount from their Skimmers and heal you.So, it's not disabled.
  4. Separate scrolls usually work also while defeated, but usually this ability is lost when you add a scroll to a tome - with exception of Bjora Marches, this location keeps full functionality also after adding to a tome. A good free healing scroll is the Sandswept Isles Portal Scroll, with two Olmakhan Earthstalkers. Usually both of them will heal, but sometimes only one helped. Never happened to me, that none helped, so don't know what was the case. The best scroll is the Sun's Refuge Portal Scroll, instant healing, Anvil, and return to previous location button.
  5. They are rather defensive, if you get damage build, then you can easily take them down. If you don't have enough damage - you can try to stuck them, they can't jump. There are some nice places, kinda like boxes, to which they can fall, and can't get out.In one match on Skyhammer, someone from enemy team nicely stuck 2 bots from our team at box place at the edge of the main map, side where the Cannon is.
  6. I read about that earlier on the forum and for some players it worked, for some not. But even if it would work, it was stated that there could be possible problems with that. I already used to it now, so I leave it be, not risking any problems. There is not so many players with such GUIDs, so it's easy to find myself on lists in game, so no big deal. And returning to the topic of bots, unfortunately, today there were again some bots in PvP behaving as earlier, but with other names. But luckily there were not so many of them as before.
  7. Yes, that's GUID, everybody have some. It's visible when you don't have a name set. Happens when Guild Wars 1 account was auto migrated (so no chance to enter a name), if you didn't do it earlier manually.
  8. In previous days I spotted a lot of bots, sometimes I even got a full team of bots which all behaved the same, like all go the same path. They don't play that bad, but it's super boring to play with them. And there were all the time the same names.I was thinking to do achievements and stop playing PvP as in that form it's no fun. But today something changed! I had all my matches without any bot spotted! Was much better to play, meeting different playing styles and strategies is fun, some players are stronger, some less. As it should be.If Arena Net really removed bots, then it's very good. Unl
  9. Some professions have bundles skills in F1, F2, F3, activated by those buttons. To drop currently equipped bundle - you can press: special drop bundle button ~, on the left,again the same button for active bundle,button for other bundle.Any reason to have so many drop buttons? I don't like dropping bundle by the same button it was activated, many times I dropped it accidentally just after activation.Only special drop button and ability to activate another bundle would be enough.
  10. Yes, there is a problem with disappearing skills for Revenant. When I started PvP with Revenant level 80 for the first time (earlier this character played only PvE), then all my skills disappeared - but first (healing) and last (elite). I quickly re-added missing skills before a match started. But there was a catch - those two skills, which seem to remain, were not working! I have only 1 choice for those skills (1 healing, 1 elite), so probably that's why those stayed visible, other skills with more choices were removed completely.To make working: visible but unusable skills - add them like th
  11. When listing items for sale, you can spot that some are instantly bought. Sometimes it can happen normally, but quite often it's a bot. How to spot a buy bot: it's less popular item,there is visible difference between instant sell price vs. listing price - example: 2 silver vs. 8 silver or 20 silver vs. 80 silver,after listing - it instantly buys only few items at given price, usually only 5 pieces.Sometimes you can make a profit after spotting a bot on items cheaper to craft.How to do it, on example with item for:2 silver instant sell vs. 8 silver listing and with 3 silver crafting cost:List
  12. There seem to be priority of selectable objects, and usually it opens a chest. To get Aviator's effects you would need to click again.Aviator's Memory Box is placed noticeably often, but not so much, so it's ok, it's quite fun actually to use it from time to time.But I'm all for more settings to allow everybody to set game interface as needed. Checkbox to turn off novelties/transformations would be fair. And when we're in subject of trolling, then the real troll is ArenaNet with their pop-ups and aggressive blinking on interface. Those are super annoying, also useless and can't be turned off -
  13. Sure, option to merge those buttons would be good, I always use both. And even better if there would be checkbox for auto using it.I constantly have full backpack, it's Inventory Wars, so any options to reduce it are welcome.
  14. When TP works slow and you open some first item, and close it before it loads offers - and open some second item,then offers for second item are replaced by first item offers. For example - first item was Black Lion Chest, and before it loaded offers, I closed it and opened Volcanic Stormcaller Torch.It's just a visual bug - you won't buy it.
  15. Opening a new, empty Build Template = super disco, all skills and traits are constantly flashing.Changing a specialization = its row is flashing. That's very bad design. When the builds' window is opened - there should be no flashing for empty skills.I would like to carefully read skills descriptions and with all that flashing it's hard. A workaround is to quickly randomly click any skills just to stop flashing, and then start choosing real skills. But its annoying to do, after changing a specialization to check another, it must be done again.
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