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  1. I've got an alt account on SBI and I stepped into wvw with a toon.... Mag is just next level toxic , even to each other. Very sad and juvenile, and I feel bad for folks that are stuck with them. I'm also glad my main account is on a server that really works at being supportive and kind to each other. While stomping the yard.
  2. Speaking as someone with extensive nerve damage in his hands I saw this on my achievement screen and just sunk. It's almost sadistic.
  3. You are absolutely right. For some reason I saw that only as the gem timeframe. Still want to know if you get HoT; it reads like you don't.
  4. Plus it doesn't specifically say you get HoT either. Clarification please.
  5. The saddest part is that it's high levels players exploiting it Gold and above, Henge Of Denravi players have been super obvious about it in my skirmish. Game mode not even worth playing like this.
  6. IMO, a good commander can use anything you bring to him. Rangers and thieves have their place, even in a zerg. Pin sniping, harrasing backlines, flipping soft targets to prevent supply buildup, scouting. If a tag won't use you due to your class, it's not a tag you want to run with as the best commanders are adaptable.
  7. Do you have the speed buff from the warclaw? Good, point, and I should have stated that initially, No, this is without warclaw boost.
  8. They work. I can keep up with warclaws on the shore.
  9. Everything is Rock Paper Scissors. Condi Ren is horrid against certain classes.
  10. I like these kinds of threads I'd like:1) Pets turned off in game mode. (Rationale: Fewer animations to render, they ruin stealth pushes and newer players don't know it. Plus they serve no purpose in the game mode)2) 2sec CD on Purity of Purpose (Rationale: Condi flipping is so much more powerful than boonstripping; don't want to remove it. Just slow it down)3) All aoe skills get same treatment as Sand Shades got. (Rationale: This is a lag issue as fewer massive burst calculations reduce server load in high capacity fights)4) Make EotM matter again. ( Rationale: Reset is a queue nightmare for
  11. I thought that was already in the settings.
  12. Pass, as in they want you to pass the tag? I'm not getting your reference.
  13. Hey folks, when you've got some downtime from making important things like high heels for charr and other visual trinkets, can you maybe throw some better color options out for the commander tags.? Three of the colors are unusable in WvW due to blending in with opposition colors (red, green, blue), white is a pain in the alpine borerlands, so you end up with yellow, orange, pink and purples used the most (baby blue comes in dead last). It's often that a tag has to swap colors when moving maps to avoid group confusion. Ideally (this is the wish) you could use your guild logo as tag, but since
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