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  1. That's probably because for most players, raids are only stressful, and not fun.
  2. Get the word 'need' out of the conversation. We're playing a game, we don't NEED any of this. We're talking about making it more enjoyable for more people.
  3. So you're in favor of rescinding every legendary weapon in the game? Also who said anything about a lack of challenge? You REALLY think 10 man content is the only challenging content in the game?
  4. No, probably not, but then I never think about 10 man content as I detest it.
  5. Important question, did you vote? If so, why bother with this post?
  6. That's like giving someone on a boat in the middle of a category 5 hurricane an umbrella and calling it good.
  7. I mean, simplest possible conceptual solution is they'd have to create a piece of code that acts like a cross-instance Prototype Position Rewinder. I don't think they have any code in existence yet that quite does that, and I don't know what would happen if you tried to make that existing piece of code function cross-instance.
  8. Problem: I detest raids on every conceivable level. They've destroyed or damaged the community of every MMO I've ever played, and I'm very tired of seeing them. Therefor, no matter how enticing you make them, I will not take part.
  9. I'd consider that a voluntary abstention from the poll. You'd also be talking about an extreme minority of the playerbase that wouldn't take a poll simply because the reward was keys to chests. There's no way to avoid *some* level of response bias, all you can do is try to understand that bias and view your data through that lens.
  10. *tents fingers* Poopsnacks, I think you're right. That would be a ridiculous amount of coding they'd hafta shoehorn in, and gods know what could go wrong.
  11. You're both right, thank you, I've tried to remove argumentative posts that I've made.
  12. I actually think there should be a way for you to get that through only 10 man content and gold, if that's the content you want to play. I think pvp, wvw, raids, and open world should each have a route to a full suit of legendary gear within each type of content.
  13. It'll come closer than anything I've seen thus far. At least I'll have some numbers from some subset of the community.
  14. My spouse has a very difficult time seeing the names of people in party, as those blue names tend to meld VERY well into 95% of environments in game. I 100% agree with you that we need at the very least a 'colorblind' mode if not the ability to choose the color of fonts for each display channel ourselves. I'm going to keep watching this space, but if you find something that fixes this for you would you please shoot me a message in the forums?
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