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  1. GW2 WILL NOT get superior performance because the game developer is trying to cut every corner imaginable to boost profits for Big Daddy NCSOFT. It has been like that for the past 8 years, what makes you think it will get any better now?Just let this game die already so we can all go play Hello Kitty Online already.
  2. Not sure if it was mentioned above, but your options are as follows: FirebrandFirebrandFirebrandFirebrandFirebrandFeel free to pick any of the 5 listed. Good luck.
  3. Whoever made this vid deserves an Oscar for video editing, nicely done.
  4. im just farming karma on nerf mesmer posts dont mind me xd Yes i got you. Also makes sense when considering how important and life changing forum karma is. I think only Reddit karma could be more important to me and my good mood :joy: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/104353/signet-of-illusion-change#latestxd I know why i don't read class subforums most of the time... not only class hater nerf suggestions but also class main buff suggestions often blow my mind. and mandatory OUR CLASS GOT DELETED after small justified nerf, just look at ranger forum kekW I guess they think they are overnerfed, while actually nothing rly happend to them? I mean the changes on paper looked good, i am just wondering if Anet only changed tooltips and forgot to implement the changes in the skills themself. Even nerfed tiger and gazelle feel the same not to mention that i expected a bigger effect of the 25% less dmg on the marksmanship multiplier (Attack of Opportunity) but i actually cannot see less dmg on my Ranger and my pets. This won't be the first time ANet nerfed something on paper but forgot to actually code it. They will release a patch in 2 weeks with a "bug fix."
  5. I honestly feel like I walked into a PvE discussion without having any intention to. You kids have me at a disadvantage, I'm not @Pyroatheist.9031 so have mercy..I can show you the way if you're talking about killing other ppl, but fighting NCPs is where I draw the line.
  6. Even with power coefficient, the fact that it increases its damage 5x makes it do more burst damage. Disenchanter does more overall DPS. Hence why I stated Defender does more BURST damage. Which it does. A fully stacked explosion from Defender does more damage than a shot from a Disenchanter. Disenchanter wins in overall DPS because of its shorter CD (So long as enemies don't have Boons which cripple its damage) but for kicking out the most damage in a single cast, Defender does more.My man, I run from PvE like it's the plague and I can still tell you Disenchanter lands more DPS overall.
  7. This dude speaks the truth, Disechanter lands more dmg period, you gotta remember it bounces! Realistically both suck, one just sucks more than the other.
  8. This is literally what I was thinking post patch. It's sad but I do more dmg with condi burst now, than I ever did with Hybrid. It's all part of CMC's plan to excrete on Hybrid builds.Might be just me, but Hybrid builds added another level of complexity to the game, then CMC happened and suddenly we're all obsolete.Am I alone in me wanting the old status quo, as power crept as it was? At least back then I had to put in effort to win.
  9. because the game developer opted for cheaping out and is perfectly ok with the backlash if it means higher profit margins?It's 2020... hold my beer! They had to "shelter in place" the servers.
  10. Cries in Mesmer: Hold my beer. Yeah another good example is mesmer, look at it now lol how long has chrono been underperforming now?We dodged a whole Balance Patch, that's a buff in our eyes.
  11. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the servers are experiencing lag, because they had to shelter in place. We hope you understand.-Anet
  12. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the servers are experiencing lag, because they had to shelter in place. We hope you understand.-Anet
  13. What's an Escape Artist? Is that some new Lo Mein recipe?
  14. Say what?Here's a tried and true recipe for you: Roll Dire/TB (depending on funds)Pick any traits as long as you have Mirage and Deceptive Evasion (it really hardly matters what else you pick)Slot Blink and Jaunt (rest is whatever)Slot Axe (your other weapons are there just for color)Slot 2 Energy Sigils and 1-2 Cleansing SigilsPut 150% effort compared to Condi Herald or Ranger???Profit!!!Get bored from playing braindead spec, quit game and troll the forums for 6 months until someone remembers Mesmer is a class in the game.There, now you have it :lol:
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