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  1. I know it's a lot to ask for but I would really like a legendary greatsword. Now I know nobody is going to gift it simply because I ask but a good discount is also welcome
  2. In case you don't know, Eternity is three legendaries: you make/buy Sunrise, make/buy Twilight, then combine them in the Mystic Forge to make Eternity. Or you straight out buy Eternity for something like 3500 gold. Whether you make the first two or buy Eternity, you get all three skins. So that's an ambitious first legendary goal, I'd say. I made Sunrise, and love it! I know but its the only one I like haha. Now I just gotta try and get 3k together, no an easy task for a girl like me :(
  3. Well its not that I kill nothing at all. I just don't like it all that much haha.And I am going for eternity, I like how it changes day and night. God I wish you could just buy it for 400 gems or something :expressionless:Getting gold is so difficult (yes I know I can change my playstyle)
  4. 736, is that enough for a legendary? If so that would be really great :D
  5. Hello everyone, I am hoping that you can help me a bit. I love this game and like to explore a lot and make new characters. Therefore I have quite a few Gifts of Exploration. That gave me the idea of starting a legendary because those skins are really pretty. But now that I'm doing it I'm kinda stuck, because everystep requires a lot of gold and you earn that mostly by farming/killing stuff. Now that probably sounds lame but I don't really like to kill creatures :P I'm really more or an explore and adventure type of gal than agressive. So yeah it's pretty difficult to gain gold. I do like race
  6. I did compleet it. i did make a group and there did come 10 peopels in 1 min haha. but thanks anyways :)
  7. I looking for players for this quest for item for the Griffon mount. I need do 2 events for the event box there is the item what i need. I did ask in world chat but no one will help
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