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  1. if you are going to laugh at every post have the balls to defend your position with words
  2. Remove phantasms!!! Is my dream / give the f1 2 ammo naturally. scrap f2 and make it a mobility skill. Let it dash in a direction the range depending on number of blades.( Use that twirl animations the firebrand has on tome skills 2) f3 should be insta cast or make it a stun i agree blade renewal f4 personally: all f abilities except f1 should use an illusionary instrument to cast. No guitar please. this spec needs a personality scrap condi line its 100 percent not needed! Make this have some support/utility The two raining swo
  3. Virtuoso is a cool spec but i agree with everyone that the condi line needs to be removed. not updated removed. change the f2 to be a movement skill. id love to see a cool skill where you condense the blades and ride on them to get away. f3 needs to stun dagger is meh.
  4. Name a spec of a guardian that doesnt have support? ill wait.. Retribution literally means getting justice from someone who has done you wrong. Retribution is still defense ps.. alacrity is offensive support.
  5. i think class fantasy is important otherwise we would all be playing the same class. class fantasy is gameplay guardians are not based on fire. do you even play guardian? Have you read the skill descriptions?
  6. Willbender is definitely a departure but because its base class fantasy is of a support/defender there will always be access to support. and alacrity suits a fast paced defender. also the lore of the willbenders are ruthless defenders of the canthan throne. so even if they are assassins the reason why they are so ruthless is to defend. just because a spec is a departure doesn’t mean its root isnt still based in original class fantasy.
  7. Go read the description for base guardian. Out of all the base classes its the class that is supposed to be a front line supporter/defendender no other base class represents that fantasy. even tho guild wars doesnt have roles they still try to appeal to rpg classic concepts. by all means guardians are paladians Which do exactly what guardians do. protect/support thats why each spec has access to those abilities. Its not my concept of guardians its in the name. to guard is to defend/support so stop compla
  8. Incorrect. Guardian is the support fantasy so its going to be the class that has access to all boons first.
  9. No offense buy guardian is THE support spec
  10. So my favorite thing about guild wars 2 is the exploration and movement the game has perfectly nailed down. I enjoy the story maps but sometimes i just wanna wake up and explore. Riding around on my gliders and mounts so. Mist exploration maps. Guild wars has shown that they can throw maps together rather quickly but layering them with content is where time is comsumed. Mist exploration maps would be zones that repopulate themselves with themed monsters and rewards at random. They take place in the mist to justify the extreme switching of what happens in
  11. Make the bladesong unblockable scaling with amount of blades Scaling up to 100 percent with 5 blades.
  12. I really think hammer spheres need to be the mechanic imagine a staff ele with those elemental balls rotating around it. Would be epic. spheres: mechanic Elementals summons: spirit utilities augments: put on hammer perfect
  13. It’s clear the majority of people think it looks great. but this forum’s “keyboard complainers” are always there to complain. this map looks great and I loved the kurzricks! am I sad they killed them off. Yep!
  14. Actually it’s a good trade off. You leave your body vulnerable for really powerful golem skills
  15. All I think the virtuoso needs is to get rid of the phantasms and do those attacks on their own. meanwhile gaining a psionic shield that adds extra defense and all traits effecting phantasm would effect you. then you could have traits that effect the psychic shield. Examples. Psionic burst: after using your phantasm attack your psychic shield burst damaging and stunning enemies around Empathy: if a target attack you while your psychic shield is active they receive a portion of damage applied Sympathy: share your psychic shiel
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