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  1. Melee weapon with a dancer like aesthetic has a new take on previous skill type (phantasm) phantasm dances with you (copies your spear skills) based off how many clones or blades you shatter power with boon support
  2. I’m really hoping they go more of a dancer vibe.. a dash . some butterflies. I want it to be fabulous. It’s been a while since the Mesmer leaned inside its feminine power.
  3. I need an elite illusion an elite consecration etc . please I hate messyness
  4. It’s incredibly uninspired . throw torch, really? Then you don’t even throw the torch in your hand but a generic one! I think it’s time to redo these skills. the torch should thematically tie into the nature aspect of the rangers and the sun. my ideas: skill 4: sun block-> solar flare block and if attacked unleashed a solar flare around you burning foes. skill 5: sun rays Guide the sun over you burning enemies and healing allies who enter the field what are your ideas for torch
  5. Yes!!! I thought I was crazy cuz I was playing wow
  6. Relic of the tank: your taunts now attract the attention of any target for 5 seconds Bring in the tanks !
  7. I like the idea that warriors channel their might, strength, and defense through their staff and share it to allies. they bonk their enemies to confuse them and disable them . 1. auto attack with heavy confusion 2. mobility skill with very short cool down like jaunt but instead a shirt dash 3. spinning to win: spin so hard you create a whirlwind that gives allies super speed and cripples /confuses enemies inside of it 4. Slam into a target area dealing damage and imbuing your allies with might and barrier 5. Flip over: command post: stand your ground gaining stacks of stability and reduce damage taken by 50 percent. Summon banners that grant boons to allies and conditions to foes. Banner skills 1. Banner throw : charge a banner throw a banner at your enemy dealing more confusion based on how long you hold. 2. Inspire. Grant stability and swiftness to allies 3. discourage: fear enemies at a target location 4. protect: grant barrier and allies get healed for each stack of night on them. 5. Into the fray : return to your melee staff healing allies with stability burst: taunt enemies in a 600 range and you and your allies gain barrier , cause confusion for each enemy interrupted . primal burst:gain barrier and taunt a single enemy filling then with rage: granting them high stack of confusion, low burning and quickness. If enemy dies steal their quickness and grant to allies just the theme
  8. We will have 5 main hands and 2 off hands . no matter how you cut it we didn’t need another main. Axe should be something for the future but having it now was an absolutely silly choice
  9. Id like a support focus- that makes the class feel like a dancer or bard. currently scepter doesn’t have a ranged off hand weapon that has either condi or help with support. Dagger 5 being melee feels weird scepter pistol works but doesn’t really sell theme of a shadow assassin Im also down with offhand sword
  10. I’m hoping when wielding the scepter you summon the spirit to fight along side you and the weapon skills act as commands for the legend
  11. I think shield 5: should go back to cast in front of you instead of ground target. I love dagger shield but I think the two ground targeted skills on a fast moving/ reactive spec is not the best
  12. Nah I rather play with my food that always been the mesmer for me. I’m not physically going to kill you, but I will trick you into your own death. not bang bang. I think the skills will probably be cool I just wish it was not a bulky rifle.
  13. Well I can personally think that the mainhand weapon we world currently make sense. sword- blade dagger - blade Greatsword- blade scepter and staff are both magic weapons so it’s makes sense to conjure things with magic but- axes have blades but they are visually not sharp and it’s not a magic weapons so it’s just visually weird to me and the rifle is just going to look so weird with blades floating above your head. something more universal would be a better image .
  14. I'm really loving the new weapons on classes.. however some look very weird with the spec mechanic visuals. a few that come to mind. Virtuoso: having an axe ain your main hand and still shooting out blades is weird. I feel like virtuoso should shoot something else other than blades because it doesnt work with every weapon. Let alone a rifle while shooting daggers. I feel like the blades should have a different stock visual that is more universal: butterflies? idk.. but right now its weird. WIllbender: the punching and slamming animation look weird with ranged weapons. I feel like the animation should change based on the weapon you are weilding. this is just a side note: but when weilding a scepter and an offhand sword the animation for the dual strike should conjure a light blade over the scepter. vindicator: the smash landing with a bow feels weird feels weird.. so again i feel like there could be a new animation for that. I dont mind not having new elite specs but lets make them visually appealing.
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