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  1. I remember that, they didn't have enough time to make something else and instead pasted this effect because the previous was a useless skill.
  2. Yeah exactly, there are utilities that bring a lot more gameplay and uses than those elites.
  3. Let's go ahead and rate (personal opinion, you can go ahead and rate each one yourself): Tornado 3/10, The most thematic elite ele has, in each current state it doesn't have ANY use in Pve, and only somewhat viable in PvP. It's a really cool skill effect but doesn't provide anything meaningful to core kit at least for 90% of the game's content. Also, obnoxiously long CD for no reason. Glyph of elementals 5/10, an ok elite that at the same time doesn't feel like an elite skill. You can fire and forget most of the time, helpful in PvE because it can tank some enemies but other t
  4. The problem with weaver is the complexity of rotation and skills. If you don't want to play the piano in order to be viable then i would suggest other spec.
  5. Auto attacks should be 900 range but most importantly make them AOE.
  6. I rated "bad" but after playing it a bit more I changed my mind, it's "terrible" .
  7. Catalyst is probably the worst spec ever made. Even core ele feels better.
  8. Yeah some animations are very good, but gameplay wise is bad. Go play in open world you will get destroyed.
  9. How is hammer fun to play? It's super clunky and slow.
  10. More like tempest 0.5. Tempest at least is fun to play and has good flow.
  11. I tried it but there's nothing interesting in this spec and makes me to want to play tempest instead. So many complicated and clunky mechanics (even more than weaver for some reason). Hammer feels completely underpowered, all skills are super slow, they don't synergize well, there's 0 fire fields (WHY?) 0 synergy with fire traits. Hammer is missing any good AOE abilities (out of air 2 which is a really cool skill mechanically). Auto attacks are single target in fire and air makes this useless in open world. Fire 5 is melee range making fire even more clunky to use. Finally, why don't
  12. Those are my thoughts exactly. After seeing hammer I got excited as a weapon looks very promising, but after seeing utilities and especially the elite, feel very weak and uninspiring, once again nothing really new to bring, really "boring" skills. Man that elite skill is just so weak right now, I mean can we finally get a viable elite that feels impactful to use ? Also traits are ok, but they don't look like they synergize well with the current loadout. Once again there's a push for auramancer (like we don't have that already). Finally the spec gimmick (F5) it's just not interesting,
  13. Hammer: It has range (600 in fire and air), crazy FUN design, you guys I think nailed it with this weapon. Those air skills look EPIC. ALSO QUICKNESS on ele!! Utilities: don't seem that impactful, but we'll see them in action next week. Elite: once again feels weak (very long cooldown for what it provides), and again a bit boring "buff" instead of something cooler. Traits: look interesting, not something over the top but have cool design. NOPE
  14. We are talking about someone that refuses Catalyst and Hammer is a Melee spec even though there's a video with tons of skills in melee only range 😂😂
  15. So true, I am playing necro and revenant a lot the last couple of years, i've not touched ele for a long while, and even when i go and play some chill open world with ele i just regret it afterwards which i could be playing a more fun and enjoyable class. There's more than raids/strikes and fractals in this game. Open World/metas, PvP and WvW are like 80% of the content and you really want (or need) ranged for those gamemodes.
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