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  1. The flaw in the graphics pipeline is that with DX9, input processing, GPU on/offloading, and IO all happen from within the graphics pipeline. You can observe this when an asset is taking a while to load, and the map appears empty for a time, then suddenly huge swaths of it populate -- or how at very low FPS (say, <12), skills can fail to go off because the difference between when your OS registers the keystroke and when GW2 attempts to process it is enough to void the buffer. This is because DX9 is a synchronous runtime -- event processing and rendering cannot occur in separate threads; t
  2. so solve it in another way, I play a lot of mmos, with a lot of people and none of them have a horrible performance like in guild wars 2, we are in 2020 not in 2001, please, I don't want to drop a good game like this
  3. my wings disappear from the character after a few minutes playing and they reappear but disappear again ,how to solve this bug? happens in all characters
  4. unfortunately the game is horribly poorly optimized and still has a terrible graphics engine, I hope they improve this on the dlc they are planning, otherwise they don't need to bring more content because I will abandon gw2, it's past time to have a better engine, I have a gtx1080ti and don't drink anything because the game is never at 60 fps
  5. I know it's the processor and that's the problem, I wanted help to use the gpu more than the processor, we are in 2020, several companies are improving their games, remasters, new engine etc, I just wanted it here too, the arenanet it's an excellent company, i know d912pxy and vk, but i wanted something native, they work but don't change much, please
  6. I used it, but I liked the vulkan ,if you haven't tested it yet, test it because I thought it was better
  7. I would do the translation for free to your language but the company doesn't care
  8. I just wanted my favorite game to work with more than 40 fps, as it is possible to play several games much heavier than this one with 80 fps 4k and gw2 not working properly, please arenanet, there is no better game than this for me. :'(
  9. is it possible to show only the next icons, not the distant ones appear? much remains together, if so what do I change? which line in the code do I change?
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