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  1. Hai friends,I really really wish they would put a dps meter/ dps per second training dummy in home instance for sale on gem store. So I can once and for all theory craft without rely on arcdps that may or may not be accurate. Myself, and many people I play with, would all buy this in gem store if it was added. Something that we can accurately gauge dps, super out of the box healing as well, for theory crafting/benchmarking builds with a tool straight from Anet.-Immortal
  2. I am not familiar with your game engine, but I am a newer player, and I think it would be really dope to add personal housing to the game. With harvesting nodes, crafting tables, a damage dummy for us theory crafters... I know we have guild halls and that is fantastic, but personal housing would 1. Make you more income 2. Be awesome 3. Add personalization into the gameplay, opening up avenues for crafting , theorycrafting, friends, roleplay, when your in loner mode, and a never ending customization platform for us to swipe credit cards on. Just saying, it would be super dope, although this g
  3. Personally I can not wait for all these changes to take effect so I can start theory crafting new builds, I never use cookie cut, so this is like yet another facet of the game I am seriously looking forward too. +1 Anet
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