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  1. I did the Flame and Frost story on my main but am not planning to do it on my alts. No matter how many times I select "Quit This Episode," the story keeps reactivating itself. It reactivates not only on every single alt but every time I change zones on the same character. It's getting really annoying. Anyone else?
  2. After spending some time on the new Mechanist..a few issues but overall pretty darn strong. I'm killing faster than my Scrapper with great survivability. Having a "pet" is absolutely HUGE in redirecting a lot of the aggro and thus damage away from you (yea, yea, rangers and necros, stop laughing). Reinforces my opinion that this Impact Savant nerf was completely unnecessary. The Scrapper still has a role in WvW but it's going to be hard to find a reason to use the Scrapper over the Mechanist in any open-world PvE situation.
  3. I joined a group where only one of us had tried it before and we got it on our third try. I got lucky that it was a fun group of casuals like me that just wanted to get it done. I'll admit that I had some fun but nonetheless, don't plan on ever doing again—unless my guild is putting together a group and ask for help. I could go on at length about why I don't like this type of content but I'll leave it at personal preference. I've played quite a few MMOs since the late 90's—I'm old. One of my primary criteria for choosing a game is that it not be focused on raiding or other grouped/in
  4. Indeed, look at the toxic community you are creating. People are vastly different and just because some enjoy a certain type of gameplay does not mean everyone else should also enjoy it. I have absolutely no problem with all sorts of cool rewards available only through strike missions and raids. But not a pretty core component of the expansion like the only new mount.
  5. Does anyone know if ANET has made any comment regarding changing this (like they did with the egg)? I realize some people like learning all the mechanics of raid fights but that sort of content just doesn't interest me. I watched a few video guides of the Minister Li strike mission and clearly they decided to make strike missions far longer and more complicated. The initial strike missions from Champions were pretty quick and had just a handful of mechanics each. The Minister Li strike mission has half a dozen different bosses with dozens of unique attacks and mechanics. No desire to lear
  6. A 33% reduction would have been significant; 66% was crazy.
  7. The playstyle of the Scrapper as a bruiser that depends on barrier for sustain is no longer viable. Everything else about the class is still good. You can do damage, kill things, and survive. It's just that barrier generation is no longer a primary characteristic of the class. I don't understand why they did this. There are plenty of other classes and builds that can generate significant barrier for personal sustain but whatever. So now let's just get rid of the Impact Savant trait entirely. Replace it with something new. Give us a definition of the new Scrapper playstyle.
  8. Agreed, pleases remove the story completion requirement for specialization weapon collection.
  9. I know, never going to happen. But it sure is fun to imagine. I went through my many builds and imagined what I would do with two extra utility slots. Sure is fun to imagine.
  10. I was there at launch. The original appeal of GW2 for me was the casual open world PvE design with dynamic events and map-wide metas. It amazed me that all players could gather from the same nodes without having to compete. Many of you will have experienced the tricks players would do in other games to get you in combat so they could get a gathering node before you. The fact that you could just join in on a dynamic event without grouping and everybody got the same rewards. Loot wasn't a zero-sum competition. These design decisions created a cooperative community. From the very first year when
  11. GW2 is an old game with mostly grizzly vets but a major expansion always brings in new players and lots of players that have been away for years. I don't think this expansion makes the game look appealing to these new and returning players. The maps are empty—yes, I know it's a mega-server issue they are working on but the only thing that matters is the impression players get. Lots of bugs and questionable design choices in the metas that are blocking progress and more importantly, enjoyment. The new emphasis on instanced, group content content—profusely criticized in the Champions Living Worl
  12. But of course. Was I too subtle? Let me rectify that. Do not NERF classes/items the same day you release a major expansion years in the works. If you strongly believe a class needs a NERF then do it a few months before the expansion releases and give players time to adjust. Or wait a few months after the expansion. On release day, people log in excited to play the new content. If a class they main received a major NERF, it really sours what should have been a fun day. I hope that was clear.
  13. People have been getting ready for months. They have there favorite classes and builds all ready to go. Anxious to explore all the expansion has to offer. And then you make significant class/item balance changes on the same day the expansion launches? This has nothing to do with whether or not the changes were good or bad. Let people spend a few months enjoying the new content on the classes they are used to playing.
  14. Moving more, dodging more, and spec'ing more toughness/vitality are common sense tips that help every melee class survive. But all those changes mean your engaging less, doing less damage, generating even less barrier. It completely negates the intended playstyle. ..refocus the scrapper as a tank-like character that utilizes personal barrier applications to stay in a fight...making the scrapper a durable combatant as long as they can keep dishing out damage.. I would have appreciated an explanation from ANET. What is their new intended playstyle for the Scrapper?
  15. I just spent some time on my Scrapper and it's worse than I expected. Not sure if it's bugged but barrier is near non-existent. In my humble opinion, the whole point of this so-called tank playstyle is dead. I've been playing MMOs long enough to understand these things happen. It makes me sad but I'll just find another class to play.
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