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  1. I wouldn't play GW2 on mobile, but I'm a boomer. If the Arena Net really wants the latest generations (and obviously the next ones) to play GW2 it has to implement a controller option and a mobile version. Sorry for my excess of realism.
  2. I will really be surprised if the new elite spec is better than DeadEye. It's like trying to imagine what was there before the big bang. As a PVP player... All I ever wanted to play was a sniper who manages to go invisible. I can't imagine anything better than this.
  3. Yes, this thread is full of posts like "If I saw a duel in front of me I would quit the game" or "If you want to duel this game is not for you" or "Want to duel? Go to an instance and don't get in the way of my PVE" or "I am not required to see violence in Lion's Arch". (my god, "violence" hahaha). Well, as you can see my words in the last post make sense. A player who wants 1v1 in the open world is marginalized by PVErs enough to (when he wants to duel) have our own area on the map and (by all fairness) players who hate duels would not even be welcome as spectators. What is the logic error in
  4. After so many pages the answer to the question is very clear to me now. It looks like 90% (I don't know the exact percentage, but that's what it looks like) of the players are against 1v1 duels in the open world. And only 10% of players (where am i included) like this option added to the game. So there are two correct paths developers can choose: 1 - Totally ignore the 10% of players who would like to have the simple 1v1 duel option. 2 - Make 10% of the GW2 map in an area where the 1v1 duel option is allowed. If option (1) is chosen it cannot escape from within the GW2 world because imagin
  5. My first thread and this is 17 pages long. There should be a prize for threads that bring such important needs to the game... like the simple 1v1 that such a beautiful game still doesn't have.
  6. The internet is just a teenager and online games are still just kids. But one day I think this comment will perfectly well be accused of a crime of xenophobia, or racism, or homophobia, etc... even though it is a 100% comment about a virtual community. I read your comment pretty much like this: "God (Anet) made the world, man and woman to be together (PVE) and I (a PVE player) don't want to see two gay men (two PVPers) kissing on my street (doing PVP on my PVE)". p.s: Sorry for the words, just forgive me. I'm not accusing you of anything. After all we are still not living this fut
  7. I accept this calmly. I'm human and I'm used to accepting an imperfect world. Gw2 is the best online game I know. It's not because it doesn't have a "game-mode" (which I'd really like to play) that isn't essential that I'm going to spend my life complaining on the internet.
  8. In World of Warcraft there is no Dye System. If you've got a beautiful set/gear but it's orange and you hate orange... there's nothing you can do. If you go to the WoW forum now and suggest Dye System... fantastically... you will encounter the same resistance seen here in the case of the "1v1 duel" for the most selfish reasons possible. Many there say that most people would only paint their clothes black (because in wow there is not a single set totally black)... but get this... in GW2 you can paint your outfit/set/gear 100% full black ...but I think less than 3% of the players I see use a 100
  9. Is this where I ask to remove Necro's conditions?
  10. taking advantage of this topic (and not to create a topic with a silly question): 1- Where can I find those doomies golens to train my skills? 2- How do I insert photos and videos here in the forum? Thank you :)
  11. Thank you very much. I will try this. :) I am new to this forum even though I have had a GW2 account for a long time. Years ago I played GW2 for only 1 or 2 months, then I went to WoW and as today only people who like to be "tortured" play World of Warcraft... I went back to GW2 and this time I'm loving it. I apologize if the thread "duel 1v1 in the open world" is already a very debated and negative thread for so many people to the point that some say "If this exists I leave the game" (even though there is a possibility that you will never be asked to do this enough one click).
  12. Yesterday I was in Lion's Arch and suddenly a giant woman appeared beside my toon. At least 2 times my height and my character is a Sylvari considered tall. It really bothers me but I can't forbid people from customizing their character as they wish. The same goes for the 1x1 Duel option. You would not be obliged to duel with anyone and for you not to be receiving duel invitation all the time, just click on the option "Never receive duel invitation". Since there would be the possibility that you do not need to duel with anyone how would that harm your game?
  13. I don't see problems. Many games the 1x1 is like this: 1 - Click on the player you want to duel. 2 - Click on the DUEL option. 3 - The player invited to the duel will receive a notification that you want to have a PVP duel against him. 4 - The invited player would have the option to accept, decline and in the options tab he can choose "Never receive a duel invitation" (if he hates it). That simple. Notes: You don't die if you miss the duel. When your health comes to an end only a winner screen appears, the duel is interrupted and your health goes to the maximum. This already ex
  14. (English is not my first lenguage. Sorry some mystake) Hi. There are few things that GW2 lacks for this to be the most perfect game I've ever played. Beautiful, the best armor skins, the most fun and varied classes and the main thing: the best PVP of an MMOPRG on the internet. I just love PVP in GW2 but there's one thing I miss a lot: 1x1 casual duels. Why after so many years we still don't have this simple addition? I look at all those toons standing in Lion's Arch (bored) and wonder if it would be like this if we had the duel button. Thoughts?
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