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  1. Please change the recipe of the Gift of Prosperity, as it requires the same 4 ingredients required in the full ingredients list of making a legendary rune. I suggest this because I just crafted the Gift of Prosperity by accident when trying to mystic forge/craft a legendary rune. As you can see below, in the FULL list of ingredients required to make a legendary rune, the SAME 4 ingredients are required. Legendary Rune ingredients list: 1x Gift of Runes (50x Mystic Aspect, 20x Mystic Clover, 100x Glob of Ectoplasm, 50x Obsidian Shard) 1x Gift of Craftsmanship 1
  2. Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up Add PvE, WvW, and PvP 'alternative' methods to obtain the 'Thruster Control Unit' item, which is currently only attainable via the "Ministry of Security" 10-team/squad raid-like difficulty strike mission, required for fully unlocking the siege turtle mastery track. Not all of us do, or enjoy, strike missions - especially ones which require 9 other players and a huge amount of team co-ordination, planning, gear, skills, and multi-tasking. Some of us just aren't that capable. It would be nice to have an alternative for each game mode for obtaining the 'Thruster Con
  3. Can you please make the immortal halo package available for 60 statuettes. I've been waiting for months on end for it to come into rotation but it never gets added. Edit: I got tired of waiting and figured the halo package wasn't going to become available for statuettes after 2+ months of waiting and didn't want to risk losing out, so I spent 170g to get enough gems (600) to buy the package from the gemstore 😞 every week I would look out for it, and have noticed even the exalted shoulders become available TWICE, but the halo package? Not even ONCE. Knowing my luck, of course it'll come in
  4. I don't have the turtle mount because of the strike mission requirement. Even if there was an alternative to the strike mission requirement though (5k skirmish claim tickets and a bunch of WvW achievements, as an example, for a WvW alternative), I don't think I'd use it much simply because I hate the idea of having to require another player to use the cannon. Why not just allow the user to both move and use the cannon? It would be SO much better that way. Even if I had the turtle mount right now as it currently is, I think the only thing I would enjoy is the additional health pool that would b
  5. Would be nice to see the Immortal Halo Package set available for 60 black lion statuettes.
  6. Give the Candy Corn Gobbler the same functionality as the Snowflake Gobbler, where you can exchange the candy corn instantly for bonuses via a candy corn gobbler interface. It's exhausting trying to get enough XP bonus for WvW using the candy corn gobbler with all the transformations etc. - I use the snowflake gobbler all the time for the very reason that it's so much quicker and more convenient than the candy corn gobbler, and I've had the candy corn gobbler for ages, but I hardly use it because it's so annoying to use to get the XP bonuses I want for WvW. Be able to '
  7. Put Glob of Dragonvoid Aether on the trading post. Edit: it's on the trading post now so this is irrelevant. Also, it would be nice to have a system where you can eventually earn the void infusion without the ridiculous RNG factor. Reality is, getting ANY infusion drop from any world boss is like winning the lotto. Chances are you'll never get it, no matter how many times you defeat the bosses - even thousands of times... I'd like to see more account bound, earnable, ways of obtaining infusions. Why is it that it's easier to save up money for these rare infusions and buy them off the
  8. Have Myung-Hee be able to take the jade statues required weekly directly from your bank when you want to hand them over, rather than having to go to a bank, withdraw the jade statues, and return to Myung-Hee with them.
  9. My thoughts: I enjoy the extra vitality of the jade bots - I struggle to survive most of the time anyway in PvE. Does jade bot cores giving extra health make any sense? Not really, but I ain't saying no to extra health 😄 I think the jade bot stations which are required to swap out service chips and sensory arrays is a complete waste of time and really stupid. I say scrap the stations completely and just allow us to swap them out whenever. It's an odd object/item to add to the game, and it only makes the game less enjoyable. I'm lucky I'm in a guild which has a jade bot
  10. My thoughts: Still tons of bugs that have been reported and ignored Turtle mount locked behind raid-like strike mission is stupid and exclusive to only those who like/do raids and group player strike missions 2 player mount system for siege turtle is stupid - Anet should have allowed the turtle mount owner to both move and shoot cannon - problem solved. Dragon's End meta was and still is a one big cluster-bleep in terms of incentives and rewards - 2 hours worth of effort for constant failures is demoralizing and as it is most players aren't going back. I'm glad t
  11. Please add an option to change our personal/self guild's name - I named my own guild after lady gaga - this was before I found out that she's into some weird satanic stuff and spirit cooking - writing symbols on walls with blood, etc. I now deeply regret my guild name and I can't change it. Sure I could leave it, but then I'd have to find a group to grab a guild hall again, and then spend tons of money I already spent on my own additional guild storage, etc. and it's just not worth the hassle. It would be easier to just have the ability to change the guild name. Allow us to clear t
  12. love the hardlight weapon skins, but it's a real shame there's no underwater weapon skins for them for there to be a complete set 😞 also the scepter is really small for a scepter - should be longer in my opinion.
  13. Allow players to change the stats on all infusions to include WvW stats - as not all of us need agony resistance when playing WvW - just saying...
  14. I've sometimes thought it would be neat to have more ways to defend a camp - like have jade turrets or something automatically fire at nearby enemies. As it is, it's way too easy to take a camp, it's why I don't even bother putting tactics on, because it takes 12 minutes to come into effect (10 minutes before tactics can be placed, another additional 2 minutes for tactics to come into effect), and usually camps are taken by enemies after the 5 minutes of RI. Anet need to just remove the 10 minute wait on putting tactics on camps, that way you can get at least 3 minutes of tactics i
  15. You make a good point. I think the main reason why golems are often left abandoned is because they're too slow to be worth using. When commanders make them and tell players to get in them and use them, there's usually a hesitancy, because golem users end up missing out on small captures like sentries and such, on the way to the tower or keep they're trying to capture. That means less WXP for golem users - which explains the hesitancy. If Anet made Golems move a lot faster and be able to keep up with players, then I think there'd be a lot less hesitancy in players using them. So in that regard,
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