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  1. About being a job I think that there’s a lot of mmos that aren’t nft and already feel like a job by wasting your time on grinding/farming things for hours everyday, but they are non-paid jobs that gives you virtual things (stronger equipments, mounts, etc) that only have value inside of the game, inside a fantasy world, meanwhile the company gets what have real value, your money. So for the boring grinding and pay-to-win games, it would be better to play one that at least I can extract real value from it by selling nft items, terrains in game and other stuff for real money that I can actually
  2. Yes, I’m not an expert on that, that’s why I’ve put “enthusiast”, in any part of the text I said I’m a expert. And yes again, you can spend your money too in NFT games, just like every investment you can’t expect to invest nothing on it and have huge profits. About the player experience, the NFT mmos we got now are really trashy in gameplay mechanics, lore, etc and I said that on my text, don’t know even if you read it btw. But sure that will come aaa mmos into the nft world in the near future, as big companies already known for developing successful mmos just announced they are makin
  3. Yes, but the opportunities for scammers are endless with government money too in that world, or pyramid schemes just began with cryptos and never existed before that? 🤔
  4. It’s been such a few months since I’ve been hearing about awesome NFT MMO projects, I think it’s a promising future that all the big companies are already looking forward to, as for example EA and Ubisoft just manifested positively about NFT games, other companies such as Pearl Abyss and Square Enix just announced they are already producing their AAA NFT games and there are rumours about Black Desert going this way too. As a enthusiast of the crypto world, I’m seeing that this will be the future of the online games industry in general, in special of the MMO industry, because in many ways the t
  5. I think we should expect some new content and features reveals about EoD until it’s release in February, since they said in the very final of this post on the “Until Next Time” part (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/arenanet-studio-update-july-2021/) that we’ll have more livestreams organized along this year to show more features of the expansion besides those showed on the 27th July. As said in the post: …”so while we won’t be spoiling things, we still have lots to share between now and release! We’ve planned more Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons livestreams through the rest of 2021, and they’l
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