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  1. Its disgusting and hurts my eyes.
  2. So people are actually divided on this..Hmm.. I do usually run with a 3 or 4 person static (so the last one, the dps, is the random pug).
  3. So its mainly just a routine habit, and the optimization of a potion. I doubt the "what if theyve done 99 already" is quite as valid in this case, if the lfg Clearly states "98/99CM".
  4. So its because of a 2s potion? Lol alright then, thats kinda pathetic of an excuse when it comes to some overreactions ive come across. I always thought its best to do 98 first because its harder to do with a pug compared to 99. You can kinda tell if people are good or not by how they handle mama.
  5. Its patch evening, and its been anticipated for weeks already.
  6. So this is something i still havent understood. Some people rage and leave if cm98 is done before 99. Is there any particular reason to do 99 CM first? (old cms, so excluding 100). If the team is planning to play both, and the fractal machine just rolls it from 98 to 99 anyway, whats the big deal, especially enough to leave some people confused and causing them to leave? (Ive noticed these people tend to have 10k+ ufe)
  7. 150% Worth it. Once you go skyscale, you Dont go back.
  8. Yeah i didnt exactly expect such a thing to happen now, but at a much later point when the game's story has concluded and we're in kind of a Maintenance mode. And obviously I dont expect them to put it on All backpacks (that would be way too extensive and challenging), but there are only 3 Legendary backpacks. And legendaries are in a league of their own afterall.
  9. So lately the new Gem backpacks come with their own dye channels ( = you can dye them with up to 4 dyes). The Vermillion Wings are particularly popular, and you can see so many colour varieties running around. But could this same treatment be added retroactively to legendary backpacks? You know, the backpacks that are supposed to take the most "effort" to get? My character has a dark and yellow theme going on, so id love it if my ad infinitum was black, with yellow glowy details, instead of the faded blue and grey tones. Its quite challenging to make it look good when you cant custo
  10. Its a bit strange that theyd use such obscure local stores for big online sales
  11. HahahahaNo. No subscription is one of the biggest win points for Gw2. I, like many others, dont want to be chained down by the pressure of a subscription timer ticking. That, and also the fact that you legit think a subscription model would suddenly shift away from Microtransactions (even though in this game you Can simply earn everything, by playing and getting gold->gems). I'm immediately reminded of games like Wizard101.
  12. I was already heartbroken back when the Mesmer mantra voicelines were almost completely removed. And now they wanna remove mantra charge-up completely... It's just so kitten unfortunate.
  13. Apparently they already Had to divert resources from IBS to the expansion, which is why the latest IBS content has been feeling "scrapped together"
  14. Unless you mean the trait which produces that shadowy bubble whenever you use a heal skill. But otherwise, its the Ventari one
  15. It just feels like its So bad for business to have the promotion only for the US, even tho EU has a massive playerbase as well.. And compared to individual niche convenience items going on sale (which you can get for ingame gold anyway), these are gems we're talking about... And the rare event that they actually go on sale? People WILL buy it.
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