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  1. I literally don't use the dragon eye infusion because it looks ugly and so out of place with just one glowing eye. I don't see the point of giving players half an infusion and the other half is gated by extremely rare drop chance. I have enough gold to buy the eyes on TP, but it definitely doesn't seem worth it based on how mundane a tiny glowing spec is on your character's body. Perhaps they should have done something similar to the Deldrimor skin infusion or increase the Pristine Dragon Eye drop, but make it accountbound on acquire. I feel the reason
  2. same lol, but I would rather prioritize my gold into the new legendary weapons or many other skins rather then one small, insignificant glowing eye.
  3. I just do not see the point in that. Why would they give us an "uncomplete" infusion (one eye infusion) if the other is just an abysmally rare drop that is worth 3-10k gold? On top of this, it may not even be the correct side that drops, as it can either be left or right.
  4. I was really hoping for the last two Norn Shaman armor sets (leopard and wolf). I was also wanting to learn more about the norn, spirits and the kodan. Too bad they didn't just make one final episode instead of champions, and released it after a few months that included all these things, focused only on Jormag and included another beautiful map with another strike mission. Right now, the dwarves didn't at all feel like they had a great resolution. They should have been the ones predominantly at the battle against Primordus in this mission. This would have been
  5. @Dark Red Killian.3946I know I already said this, that the Pristine Dragon Eye is the item that drops and that it is used in crafting the infusion.
  6. Maybe these points that I am about to bring up are completely unrealistic, but I would have much preferred if they took the extra time between the Drizzlewood release and now to produce one final episode, instead of the Champion's releases. -one more new map, alpine, more forests. -give us the last 2 last norn shaman armor sets (snow leopard and wolf) -MAYBE even one strike mission -don't kill 2 Elder Dragons -find out who made the Eye of the North. -focus less on the charr and more on Jormag -give way more emphasis on the norn, kodan and spirits and t
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had the Pristine Dragon Eye material drop from the Dragonstorm meta? Does anyone know the drop rate and does it drop from the kittenily (bounce chest) or per character (boss chest)? I really would like to finish the infusion, since having it on one eye just seems a bit weird to me.
  8. I don't remember them mentioning another legendary trinket for IBS. It would have been nice if they continued with the theme of the PvE legendary trinkets. WvW and PvP ones look weird imo.
  9. Seems again like there will not be a Wolf shaman and Leopard shaman armor sets :anguished:Maybe we may get surprised, I am crossing my fingers and my toes.
  10. Maybe something like the dog snapchat filter or the E-thot eyes crossed, tongue out face.
  11. @hash.8462 Wouldn’t that just be the equivalent of playing croquet with PvE mobs when you can just kill them? I can definitely see it being brought as an extra cc utility for certain bosses in in PvE, but for all the other mobs? I feel you would lose health or get killed before you finished laying down all your hammer skills, or that some of them would miss. I don’t have a problem necessarily with hammer not being a DPS weapon, but it could definitely use improvements to speed, type of skill casts and etc.Maybe some type of special trait that synergies with the protection output, or something
  12. @Shane.4023 I would personally level a few characters to 80 without a level boost, so you can get a really good feel of different classes and learn their skills really well.On top of this to will partially gain mapCompletion which will help when you want to craft a gen 1 legendary.I would only use a boost after you have a one or more traditionally maxed characters. If you use the boost, you will miss a large chunk of the game such as JPs, many of the different beautiful environments, as well as the lore from the side quests and etc.You will just have a much better understanding of the game in
  13. @radda.8920 That is the main plot line of the EotN expansion, which was just a bridge to GW2, which was supposed to mainly focus on dragons.Not all of GW2s content is surrounded by dragons.The dragon issue will be done with at some point and maybe we will get new story based on something else?It would be cool for them to make Utopia cannon and the story centre around that. To you EotN is very bland but it is one of my most memorable and favourite places to go.The environments are quite beautiful and diverse with lots of lore and side quests based around many of the different races. Factions a
  14. That would be cool if they brought it back.I personally prefer Jeremy Soule’s compositions compared to all the music written from LS season 2 till now. What I do is just have a YouTube playlist of a mixture of GW1 songs, from different expacs.This way I can switch to what ever music I want depending on my vibe or the environment I am playing in.
  15. I collect keys as I do map completion on my characters.This way I can use the gifts of exploration to make legendaries that I sell as well as get some black lion keys as a side result.
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