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  1. Can you bring out the Maguuma armor pieces again? (Mantle, Grasps and Treads) I want to buy and use them with the new Mordremoth weapons.
  2. Ah thank you for clarifying. It is has been confusing me, but I should probably just take these reactions with a grain of salt and move on then.
  3. I am saying the same thing as others here, yet I get downvoted and others get upvoted?? Regardless, it would be helpful to me if someone can clarify where I went wrong, as perhaps I am misunderstanding. I have specific opinion on this, just curious.
  4. I don't know? Should we remove and change the name of the condition "cripple"? Also do the same for skills such as "plague blast", "severe artery", "necrotic grasp, "grasping dead", and so on. These are medical conditions, and from my understanding, senility is also? Perhaps I am too young, or a is a lack on my understanding of English \ language barrier, , but was senile considered an offensive/swear word?
  5. Sorry, I may be misunderstanding. But I do not see where the issue is? Where is the prejudice, stereotype and discrimination in changing the name from "Recall" to "Senility"? Am I missing something? Are you saying ANet was making a joke on the name of this skill?
  6. I agree in regards of rewards, but disagree in regards of achievements. They said they will prevent you from getting some achievements, like Slippery Slubling. Also, allowing more players to complete Legendary Raid armor or ring collections to me sounds like a benefit. The more people who have incentive to at least try raids, will have a certain percentage that will stay in the raiding scene once they do get their legendary goals.
  7. Give a quote of where I "stated" that anyone who doesn't listen to me is a troll. If I literally said that.
  8. No, that is a strawman. Did I say the words, "anyone that does not 'listen and sit out to let it fail' is a troll."? No I did not say that or even imply that. I already explained the context, will not explain it again. I already explained, people who did not know that this was required for a collection aren't the problem. I explained this already several times. I have no problem with those people as they are innocent. I already said they were not bad people. You are going out of your way to argue that it was absolutely not a case of trolling.
  9. I agree, though people attacking me and not wanting to believe that trolls exist in GW2, is the actual culprit distracting the situation. As I outlined earlier, ANet made a mistake. I gave the suggestion on how to fix that mistake or how it could have been prevented. I also gave an example of one of the negative impacts this mistake has caused. That being people actively going out of their to troll the event. I am NOT talking about players who didn't know about the collection step that was related to this event failing. Those people are okay and good. They actually listen and sit out to l
  10. I already said that ANet made a mistake in my first post. To discount that actual griefer/trolls in the playerbase exist is absolutely absurd. Everyone who is downvoting me is literally claiming that it isn't possible for there to be a single troll to ruin the event for others for 10 hours straight minimum, while explaining how they are trolling, bragging about it and saying that they are going to do it again for the next round. This happened yesterday, I don't know what the situation is like currently. As I already said, you could have gone at the time I told you guys to go. That w
  11. Why do you put brackets on "trolls"? Why don't you believe us? Do you even know what a troll is?
  12. It is insane how toxic people on these forums are. Down voting me because I stated that there were 3 people who actively went out of there way for 10 hours at a minimum, AFKing and camping at the same spot between the event, to only do one event, just to make it succeed so that others couldn't progress in their collection. Why is it so difficult for people here to understand that these 3 people who knowingly knew what they were doing, stated what they were doing in chat, and griefed a bunch of players? They understood the flaw in ANet's mistake, and exploited that.
  13. So apparently you are saying that 3 players who stayed for at least 10 hours straight, intentionally completing the defense event and then bragging of how they are trolling, while being condescending to and gaslighting other players who begged them to stop, is not considering "trolling"? Yes, events are intended to be completed, and this one was on ANet for not making the last item of the collection obtainable form both the Defense AND the capture events. I already said this in my post, and I will not repeat this again. Regardless, not of that changes the fact that there are peopl
  14. You guys are openly denying me and saying I am a liar, when so many people are being held back because of a few trolls who have been there for at least 10 hours, bragging in chat how they are trolling. The same exact people. Have fun waiting like I did because of them.
  15. Nope, not how that happened. That is your personal interpretation. You somehow don't want to beleive that there are actually toxic people in GW2. There are people (the same exact people. I have names) literally waiting 6-8 hours for multiple events just to fail the event. At the same time they are saying in map chat and gaslighting players. If you would have actually read my comments, you would see that I stated this already, AND that the people NOT trolling will be apologetic and stop doing the event. I have NO problem with those people, as they had no knowledge prior.
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