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  1. Please add Artificer recipes to upgrade exotic Essence of luck to legendary (ratio: 5 exotic to 2 legendary) and to revert higher rarities to lower rarities. I want to upgrade essence to save storage and later downgrade to lower rarity for various recipes and Lunar New Year vendors.
  2. /edit: DONE thanks for coming Serpents' Ire - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Starts at 20:30 Server Time I need this event for a backpack collection. (Redeeming IG-6417) /edit: DONE thanks for coming
  3. Since the private version of the Marionette forces you to fight the bosses in pairs, I was wondering if summoning items can be used. This is a part of the game that is largely ignored as far as I'm aware, because summoning support was never really needed. However I believe they could be really useful for fighting the marionette's minions. I'm talking about Fire Elemental Powder to summon a pet fire elemental, Ogre Pet Whistle to summon an Ogre companion creature, Sunspear Paragon support and any others I probably missed. Fire Elemental Powder - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
  4. +1 for bank improvements from the previous post Additionally: Add "Deposit materials" and "Compact" buttons to the Bank UI Make the window resizable Add a resize bar to the pane splitter, so you can resize the inventory pane Make the inventory pane collapsible
  5. Auto-equip gathering tools When your tool runs out of charges while logging or mining, the interaction is canceled before the node is depleted. When you attempt to gather again without a tool equipped, an error is shown: "No gathering tools equipped." Can you change the gathering system to allow using tools from the inventory? Either by reducing its charge on every use (like a salvage kit), or by automatically equipping it on the first use. Why? It's common to carry at least one spare tool. Manually equipping new tools after they break is inconvenient,
  6. Bonfire boost renewal At this time, it's not possible to renew a boost at a bonfire before the effect expires. A message is shown: "You already have this boost." It would be great if you could remove this error and instead renew the effect timer. This change would bring bonfires more in line with feasts and banners.
  7. I was looking at the infix_upgrade object and I noticed that the "buff" object is only used for back items and trinkets. There is one case where it is used for Clothing, but it seems to be useless data. (i.e. can't resolve the id or the skill_id from /v2/itemstats or /v2/skills.) https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/items/20268?v=latest
  8. I'm doing something with the /v2/account endpoint and noticed that 'age' seems a little low. My account was created in 2012 but the age value that I get is 14862000, approximately 1.5 years in seconds. So just a tip: ignore the 'age' field and use the 'created' field to calculate the age.
  9. Is it possible to make URL restrictions less strict? If I create a token with urls=/v2/characters then I can get /v2/characters?ids=all but not a subset like /v2/character/My Awesome Character.
  10. I've raised an issue about missing achievement details: https://github.com/arenanet/api-cdi/issues/670 tldr: bits are missing from some newer achievements in/v2/achievements.
  11. That's undeniably better than deleting data. Minor suggestion: "stale" is a more appropriate term than "dirty" (each item doesn't necessarily change between builds).
  12. Hi Mech, I think the C# community here is very small so I haven't been able to gain much traction with other developers. I don't think that's because the idea is bad, there just isn't much C# development happening in this forum. My motivation for this library is that plain old C# isn't the greatest language for consuming web APIs. In JavaScript you have simple fetch() and JSON.parse() functions to consume APIs and the browser even takes care of GZIP encoding for you, no extra code needed. Things are much less simple in C#. In the end I hope people will use this SDK to build sites and services,
  13. From what I can tell, everything in /v2/account is throwing Bad Request errors. Other endpoints seem unaffected.
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