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  1. Man I wonder if a Warrior elite spec influenced by Dark Schneider from kitten!! is possible XD the 2022 netflix one. I honestly think Dark Schneider is just a better Meliodas but he's a Wizard kitten it
  2. Imagine saying a spec where people run in a straight line and avoid all your damage is "successful" Screw ANET XD
  3. I do feel sorry for Thieves because of On My Mark reveal + I play bladesworn actually.. at least stealth dependent specs
  4. https://i.imgflip.com/6pic5d.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/6pic5d.jpg Also we just fought recently, was a very good game btw (No hate, was great win or lose). Fighting your mesmer seems similar to some of the chronos that I fought. Hence why I think Chrono seems more like a Necro CC lock + Thief hybrid than Berserker's twin brother. If anything Holosmith/Reaper sounds more like Berserker's twin brothers. Because they have to melee and eventually trade hits, Chrono doesn't care about incoming "hits" if you play right and Chrono has "reliable range." You spend too much time ranging a
  5. Understandable about weakness and blind, but since daring dragon allows you attack fast BACK TO BACK dragon triggers (as shown in the video), you cleanse the blinds anyways. Stability will be more value, and changing it into resistance could be a nerf Mind you, in that video I was DEF TACTICS BSW With STR TACTICS BSW you do more damage and you repeat burst, and building momentum makes it so you dodge more. Enemy dodges cannot keep up if you do well. You can cleanse blinds and weakness with On My Mark and FGJ, and time it when it counts. With soldier runes you are sti
  6. I'm saying chrono just feels like a different kind of necro, but with invuln. Chrono does have CC lock combos too (Like Necro) but are strong in a different way, berserker doesn't really CC lock that's safe while bursting (That headbutt spec doesn't compare to what Chrono does tbh be it the Well combo or the Moa combo, those put more to the table because they are wider and ranged). That's really what I'm saying Berserker's "twin brother" feels more like a different class/spec is my argument (More like a carry that needs to be babysat than an "anti-carry" like Chrono that, like you
  7. Teams aren't really forming anymore and solo que games are just RNG I dont know if you can call that "harder" I feel like it can still be easy/hard depending on whether you're gonna play broken specs or not But still obnoxious like always. Tho I will say there wasn't 1000000 defensive cds that you needed to count in pre-HoT 2015 compared to now tbh..
  8. Say that it's squishier, it still has that obnoxious moa reset which shuts down 100% of the classes in game if you coordinate it. And Chrono does have better aggression tools because they're more protected as they burst. That moa combo can actually do work in a coordinated team environment assuming people still make teams. I'm pretty sure they still use shield no? Even if it was pistol off hand it's still annoying honestly because it's still blurred frenzy while bursting. Berserker doesn't have that, they only have arcing slice, which is easier interruptible because Berserker can't "high
  9. Daring dragon already good tbh. Being able to reset stability on dragon scale is strong in a different way. Unyielding is better in group fights but daring dragon kinda better in far point distraction because you already kite better with dragon trigger being constantly available incase you get plussed since dragon boost is use-able for mobility. It's just takes a while to get used to daring dragon compared to unyielding because sometimes you can't press your triggers too fast or too slow. Once you get used to it, it has good match ups really. The only thing that should happen is fix how
  10. Also effective HP is broken and I have a reaction time of a turtle in 2022.
  11. It's weird but there is a way to sum it up: BsW basically dps Warrior that can chase better/kite better/spam better/catch better. Basically a Warrior spec that can finally cheese like other classes. Hence not real Warrior because landing big casting times in suicide in the current state of the game. Warrior back in 2015 pre-HoT was like land telegraphed attacks ===== profit. BsW has a lot of leeways So yeah it's just "forgiving dps Warrior" that can use shouts so why play anything else It's really an anime protagonist designed by a naruto runne
  12. It's really sad because BsW powercreep does a couple of things: 1.) Hammer/Mace- because why pick mace/hammer when unyielding dragon is the way to CC while doing damage AND ignore mace and hammer weaknesses because it goes through block/blind 2.) Daring dragon = amazing mobility/stability spam/easier to chase with z-axis teleport/YOU ALSO KITE BETTER, so why even pick bulls charge and balanced stance anymore, why even pick greatsword when you could just go offhand axe and burn their dodges. 3.) Why play shouts on spb and core, it doesn't even work on berserker because you wan
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