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  1. it just seemed to be the most recent ranger discussion. just liked how you let it seem like engi is the only one having that viewpoint. I don't really need to answer that question tho, right? it is off-topic.
  2. Each profession likes to claim to get hated by anet. they are quite hilarious to read too. like some ppl are in favor of a stagnant meta instead of constantly evolving and changing landscape of a meta. gw1 didn't have balancing in a very long time so I enjoy the game with each spec. Untamed is one of my favourites and don't really get why ppl dislike it so much. Gamers get used to patches they find new broken stuff it is just a matter of perspective.
  3. hate the boost change. stun also as there are other classes that have an abundance of cc while we have access to one daze and have to sacrifice utlity slots in order to use more ccs. zerker has been buffed a lot and propably exceeds in both dmg and cc in the same scenario. that's just my assumption. bs has to delay for their payout while zerkers can have an instant feedback for their playstyle.
  4. it isn't really unusual for them. look at how they balanced gw1. even there newer expansions gave the option for more skills and thus you ended up with a balance in pvp that hasn't shifted in a long time. I doubt they gonna "fix" it, but rather use bandaid options. in pvp some skills or pretty much most skills are useless. you need short recharge and low mana costs with relatively big gains for them to be considered of use. if skills with longer recharge are used players usually rely on other skills to bypass them. think with gw2 there is hardly a difference to that. we got sigil of stamina and frenzy for dodge attacks and skill recharge.
  5. nice idea give warrior distortion. absolutely fine with all the mesmer players. I mean with that in question I really wonder how long it will take til all classes play the same.
  6. it is a passive bonus. otherwise the gains from that would have also been listed in stuff liek gw2 build editor already. even the site you link debunks your claim. Here: Attributes that do not count: Signets with attribute bonuses like  https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/2/23/Assassin%27s_Signet.png/27px-Assassin%27s_Signet.png Assassin's Signet Boons such as https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/7/7c/Might.png/20px-Might.png Might Utility items that give a separate effect like  https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/7/71/Flask_of_Pumpkin_Oil.png Flask of Pumpkin Oil Buffs such as https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/7/7a/Conjure_Earth_Shield.png/20px-Conjure_Earth_Shield.png Conjure Earth Attributes with a few exceptions:  https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/d/d8/Epilogue-_Unbroken_Lines.png/27px-Epilogue-_Unbroken_Lines.png Epilogue: Unbroken Lines
  7. if the rune system hadn't been reworked we wouldn'T have this issue. overall I think the balance is busted anyways since everytime they remove dmg they seem to add more on top later. like compare virtuoso pre expansion to post expansion. it has a netwin of 2 second block(counting in the first before deja vu already). herald and scourge didn't need that much boon duration. hammer tempest has one of the highest dmg reductions in the game that can be upkept without issues. I think sometimes the playerbase is just oblivious to good builds because they stick to benchmarks rather than buildcrafting. I am surprised that they took out the sanctuary rune bonus tho. thought hardly ppl used it. what's also weird is that some former rune bonuses also got buffed like the quickness buff for wells. we can be lucky it heals percentage rather than a flat amount as it aswell could surpass 5%. if take a closer look at the relic too it is obvious the weapon system is at fault. before you had a rather balanced approach with limited cc and defensive capabilities now you got both without trading in smth in return. as a gw1 player this is even more awkward as I play teambuilds that are minmaxed leading ot enemies constantly being knockdown without a chance to even do smth and that in a big aoe. I am always amazed at how close gw1 and 2 seem to be balance philosophywise. they wanted a different approach yet ended at the same result.
  8. I don't think there is a clear solution this. the problem might not even be one to begin with or the problem lies somewhere else. All I know is if you make the relic unusable or fall out of favor then overall meta gonna be cut down even fewer relics making it even easier to set the foundation for a small part of the relics to actually be useful for the playerbase. all it changes is the setup to smth slightly different which might even make the problem worse.
  9. the reilc itself has already an internal nerf with lower percentage healed per block. and also you overlook other classes that also have strong and long blocks . . . mesmer, daredevil, ranger . . . guardian ofc. if it is a problem of the relic itself they could just remove it then ppl would complain about the next relic til we end up at the monotone pvp matches that we had before the expansion.
  10. but it affects mostly the defensive traitline, correct? and unlike the other specs bs has to do more investment to get the full effect of adrenalin health. only thing I could see them do is line them up antiproportionally so that the higher the charge the more stacks you get with half ot the full charge yielding 1 stack only. this way the higher the charge and the better the gameplay would be rewarded. ofc compared to that spb and berserker have easy access to the full effect.
  11. think you are exaggerating. other professions also have game breaking stuff and nobody seems to mind.
  12. lol you know that these exploits still exist right? you still get more dmg by canceling some autoattacks early. But anet has made no attempt to make them unable to be canceled. and I highly doubt they would invest time in a class trait that is hardly used. I mean your argument with unlimited projectiles counts pretty much for every other profession's projectile hate. guardian has wall fo reflection, engi also, mesmer has reflection after dodge(evasive mirror) with hardly an internal cooldown meanwhile core warrior has hardly access to aegis and unlike the other buffs from the other classes it can be countered way easier. ele got magnetic aura and also has multiple points where it can have access to it.
  13. isn't sword and pistol both mainhand? so a combo the two is not possible. for thief pistol whip is with pistol in the offhand. wonder what skills we get and am mostly excited for weaver dual skills. a friend of mine thought about meme weapons per class and interestingly we were right with rifle mesmer and pistol ele.
  14. currently you need to unleash pet and unleash again for it to work. next patch on 18th it is supposed to be the way you describe. then you can immediatly use it after weapon swap if unleashed.
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