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  1. Today is friday. .../daily returns the entries for .../daily/tomorrow. Any fixes?
  2. ok, I got the gang member the next day after killing ~40-50 enemies.
  3. Yesterday I bought a "Knife Tail Gang Hunting Bond". After activation I killed many, many foes and creatures but no Knife Tail Gang member appeared. How many enemies do I have to kill until a gang member appears?
  4. I've seen many nice void creatures in Dragons End. But now I need them all 🙂 As seen in WIKI there are only Mini Void Brandbeast, Vinetooth and Emberknight avaiable but unfortunatly there is no source where to get them. Any hints? But I need the other little void-creatures, especially the spider (Spinner/Weaver). Please launch them all 🙂
  5. other collection, but you can compare the icons of the recipes. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Yassith's_Weapon_Recipe_Book
  6. The crafting disciplines of the new dragon-weapons (EoD end reward) are wrong. I got my end-reward with a nice collection of recipes for dragon weapons. I choosed for scepter Sheaf of Recipes: Dragon's Wisdom (see chatcode [&AgFXeAEA] ) It shows artificer, huntsman and weaponsmith[sic!]. I was a little bit confused but choose my preferred char (weaponsmith) for this - and voila: I cant use it. And I'm pretty sure the other recipes showed the same crafting disciplines. Please korrekt the crafting disciplines 🙂 (support ID
  7. For pihole-users: I had similay issues with the paypal payment. My problem was the activated ad-blocker. After disabling pihole it worked. (Depending on the configurated block lists)
  8. after a short test I think its useless for me (solo player most of the time). Unfortunately no way to use the guns 😕
  9. same here. Minions are still hidden with full cooldown after unmount.
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