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  1. The Griffon art I'm sure is not something new, but the mechanics of diving and gaining momentum is something I thought was specific to GW2. It surely is a 1st for WoW.
  2. Where was it used first? What I love about mounts in GW2 is that they feel original and alive. It shows GW2 ideas has been ground breaking in the MMO genre. Seems strange that a slightest of ideas stolen between Sainsburys and Morrisons create a huge lawsuit, but in MMOs it's just taken on the chin.
  3. The new expansion was announced and it looks like they're stealing the griffon mount concept from gw2. Should WoW be able to 'steal' this idea and adopt it as their own? I'm guessing this idea wont just stop with the Griffon concept.
  4. Thanks, so £52 for standard HoT+PoF and standard EoD. includes 2 max level boosts and 2 shared inventory slots. or £44 EoD standard collection with only 1 max boost and 1 shared inventory slot. Wonder which I'll pick.
  5. If I get the collection of all 3 expansions, do I get 3 max level boosts? Does anyone have experience of this recently?
  6. Thanks for the responses. I've decided not to get it since I need to free up a shared slot to use it.
  7. I understand that instant 80 tickets were disabled?? I'm thinking of getting the EoD prep pack which has an instant 80 ticket. I don't have a free shared inventory slot. How will this work? Through mail, but I can't use it until I free up shared slot?
  8. This is happening to me too. Did you find a fix? Edit: I found what I had wrong. Options > General options > Competitive > Team colours - none/enemies only. Make sure it's not set to everyone.
  9. not free, it should cost and the money should go to help the vulnerable.
  10. At this stage, after speed nerf, they might as well just remove it. I won't be spending money on any skins now, I have in the past. Rather spend it on pve mounts - bigger impact on gameplay for me.
  11. Doesn't this mean you're getting 2 outfits for the price of one? Bargain! Surely that'll increase sales?
  12. Why can't I choose to wear the 'female' version of an outfit on a 'male' character?
  13. As long as I can swap my build for zero cost I'd be happy.
  14. The arena is cool and I enjoy that I can do it in wvw standards but where you lose out is if I could stat swap like in the pvp area I'd use it so much more. Currently I'd just go to the pvp area if I want to duel - more people that actually want to fight. I get the idea but if I could stat swap I'd be there much more frequently especially as then I could test builds - after all it is a vip lounge . . .
  15. That's why Anet made mesmers! Seriously tho, there some some amazing mesmers around that do nothing else it seems but park at jps like the not so secret jp and live to help players like you! so many options . . . ! also the not so secret jp is bugged, you need a mirage sword jump or buy a consumable from a vendor to do it otherwise it'll drive you nuts! <<<--- personal experience don't forget to tip those mesmers! it's an MMO afterall!
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