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  1. Really dude. You are talking about players who have 6 accounts and can log them all in and take advantage. So it's a whole 400g a week for say me with 1 logged in account and not always available because baubles rotate weekly. I really thought this was an actual exploit. Blame anet for allowing afk revs to get credit or necroes minions or w/e the afks are doing and not shut the whole farm down because a few are rocking 6 accounts online at the same time.
  2. Doesn't baubles rotate maps each week? So next week no bauble farmers will be there. Can someone explain exactly what they doing that makes this so easy or more of an issue lately. Are they parking revs auto buffing getting credit like drizzlwood for the yak escorts
  3. yeah, must be hard to spot the dudes that go 653-683 in a season or w/e insane amount of games. He's totally a real person pvping 19 hours a day. But like most these threads it ain't going nowhere even if you put it in the pvp section. Both teams get bots. Just hope you get the better ones
  4. I mean right. There aren't going to be 10 alliances of exactly 500 players. You would figure it would try and add up different alliances that equal 500 and if they can't find 500 that way they would assign guilds to make up the difference. Then yeah of course there could be leftovers and maybe the 11th or 12th team ends up not even having 500 alliance/guilds and does get more random and can't compete with the top alliances. Who knows. I thought I had it all figured out and you ruined it.
  5. Your right. I should of use world. Every single world will have an alliance plus randoms. I mean I'll be a random and when I log in I will be like oh I'm in the world with Indo's alliance this time or insert random commander the next time so his world will have at least 500 dedicated players he can follow.
  6. Every single alliance will have dedicated players. You will be assigned as a random to one of those until you join a guild and can stay with them or an alliance you like. It's not like they gonna pit 1500 guild members vs 1500 randoms. Each alliance will have both.
  7. Sure sounds like if they raised it to 6 you would join a guild with a Cantha guild hall. Would you join your frands as a 7th guild? Or 8th? Like I really don't see how the I'm a casual WvW who plays with my frands once in a while really matters. You want more slots sure I'm all for that but to act like they need to account for that dude who puts 2h of wvw every few weeks just go as a random then. Not like you lose much.
  8. I agree with the who joins MMO's to play with other people. I sure don't. But yeah the MP are set up that way so you go back and forth between maps as you unlock stuff. It would be kinda dumb if 1 map all the MP were accessible with raptor then the next map with bunny then the 3rd with Skimmer etc. It def was frustration finding a MP and not having the right mount to get it but overall it made sense.
  9. It really wasn't fun. If all 3 scavenger hunts were active same time but no do 1 set and I think we were timegated for a whole day at 1st before the second and 3rd and going back to almost the same spots multiple times was tedious.
  10. Already read many got the extra shared inventory if they were at cap. I mean the amount that have 69 char slots way lower so I don't remember anyone confirming that. I doubt someone from anet going to confirm so you can ss and protect yourself in case it doesn't happen
  11. It's on the reliquary every few months. I got 3 on my alt but I check every day for the simple infusion since I barely do fractals anymore. Never really need to salvage rings like you said not worth the effort for a likely break even gold wise.
  12. Some do yes. Some are confused. Some use it as a dislike/disagree. Unfortunately we can't disable just the reaction notice w/o the someone replied notice
  13. 31 of 33 posts have confused emoji. You took it personally and edited your post which will result in more. I got a whole bunch. They just emoji's. Sure I wish the confused was deleted cause it is being used improperly but can't take it personally when 95 percent of comments get them
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