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  1. I believe you. I'm saying your beef was weaker then this one. Players have refunded and quit over this or at least say they have. This is way worse to the players that are more casual having to fail and lose 2h everytime and hope to get lucky or carried or a lil of both. The zone meta achieve vs the main mount in an expansion isn't even a comparison
  2. You said you would quit. Guild members would quit and many would leave w/o that change so ya doom and gloom. All over some minor thing that a small portion completes and only awards achieve points. Yet here you are arguing the opposite on something that locks the turtle mount behind. Many are stuck(not me) and then they get bagged again with a difficult strike mission to progress. So yeah these players have more legit doom and gloom then just I can't get achieve points.
  3. From the guy who made end of the world saying you'd quit because strike mission achieves for bjora were included in the meta I find this comment funny af. That is all
  4. Td had a bug at 1st where if everyone rushed to the last gerant it would scale too hard and fail at 1 percent health left. That wasn't fixed for months. Then they nerfed it again later. This is 3 days.
  5. They have never taken the time to update the festival vendors. I'm sure many a newer player has spent too much because they don't compare the vendor to the Trading post.
  6. You just made the trolls day and encouraged them to continue. For ab you just right click the big chests on approach then open and for the traitor what I do is tag the traitor to about 50 then I'll run over and start the hero point and after traitor dies and the troll gets them with the portal they help kill the hero point and you can then go loot the traitor chest unmolested.
  7. Sometimes you should just type it out and not hit send
  8. Confused is dislike. No-one has to explain why they are confused to you because it is a dislike. No one explains why they click like either. Now if our names were listed like a public poll then yes a lot less would like/confuse us and also not log into alts to like their own comments or click confuse on every one of someone's post to troll them. If you give merit or get upset or need validation for your posts that is your issue. Just ignore them.
  9. Yeah you might want to just never read comments or forums or basically anything ever again since it seems to bring out your negative side as your complaint about them complaining is pretty kitten toxic.
  10. Additional notes on this achievement available below.[6] is where it tells you about the vault on the wiki
  11. Wait what? The incentive is it sells right away. You could list 1000 at 1g then a guy lists 1000 at .99 then 40000 get listed at .98 then 3000 get listed at 97 so because you listed it at 1g and paid the fee it now sits there buried and you don't have your gold now and it may be buried for years. But if there was a buy order for 90c you take less to get your gold now and avoid that risk. The listing fee has to be there no matter what. Now that extra 10 percent when it sells sure that's just a gold sink in every game which I don't like. And before you go but but I didn't list it you d
  12. The incentive is it sells right away and you can't be undercut and watch it sit there for months. I hate that every game has fees for a market place but it makes sense to at least have a listing fee or we could just instant list see someone undercut us then relist all day.
  13. Here it is again. Totally about naming. So keep saying never was about naming.
  14. It's like you just can't comprehend. I read that but didn't click it when Stephan linked it originally. I read it when you linked it 15m ago now you trying to use that lacking comprehension that I had info from in that link so obviously I read it or how would I have that info? You keep saying it was never about naming when I just linked the response early in the thread from you where it was all about naming. Something like chest are not nodes and never will be no matter how many times you say it. Sure sounds like it was about naming. You need to start remembering what you wrote earl
  15. The thing is dude chests aren't nodes. Noone is going to refer to opening nodes after Tarir but in the Home instance because nodes dominate the total you can say I'm looting all my nodes and that would include everything like the Pinata the christmas tree the cargo the gathering nodes the chests the bauble machine the garden the obelisk the cache. Just like I don't have to say I'm using acid crowbars and keys to open the chests you just say keys. And he could have blocked you as replys from you and me would still show to him as a flaw I guess in the block system
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