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  1. For World Class Fisher, park yourself in Kessex Hills for a few hours, and you should be good. What I want to know is...is there a similar 'zone' for Saltwater Fisher...sheesh.
  2. Ran a squad last night (first time leading from prep to meta - yay) - we killed it with ~2 min - I'd call us semi-organized and were just doing call outs in map chat, but most seemed to know most of the mechanics (cept that first slam always seems to catch people 😆). My only gripe was I cut myself short in 'explore time' because I finished the Looking Back achieve, and didn't realize that by taking me into an instance at the end would pop me onto a new map when I came back 😕
  3. I would just like any news here, to be honest. It's been a week with radio silence.
  4. I think it is truly random - Finally got it today. Now just Krytan fisher for a couple more, and I'm stuck until they turn avid back on.
  5. Let's add a 'tackle box' while we're at it.
  6. Anyone got a beat on the Chain Pickerel for Shiverpeaks Fisher? Seems like I've been trying every lake fish hole I can find across the maps with no luck...for hours.
  7. Anyone know when the avid collection bug is going to be fixed? I didn't see it in today's patch notes.
  8. Positive Mental Attitude. Being the change you want to see in the game. Kudos on you! 🙂
  9. Vexona, thank you for doing this - great job and keep it up. I'll try to look for you and help out where I can. I'm a wholehearted supporter of this type of PMA and working to a win win solution.
  10. Still broken as of tonight, as far as I can tell. Trying to finish Avid Kaineng, and just need a blue dorado - showed I caught one, and no update to achieve.
  11. With the recent issue on the avid fishing - it's affecting the first instance of the avid also (was fishing Seitung, needed Humphead Wrasse to finish collection; saw it pop up on the side, after fishing - and it didn't progress/finish the achievement).
  12. For those second/third/etc weapons, you will need a precursor. I think those recipes come from the last map meta and a 'Codex of Dragon's Weapons.'
  13. Now that the first zone is no longer bugged, and I've got map comp on all four maps (took me most of today...Echovald yikes), no idea what to do next??? Tried picking up the few things I saw drop but none of them seem to combine in the forge with anything else. Anyone else had any luck?
  14. Do you know which NPC - feels like I've spoken to everyone and nothing here.
  15. Other than it appears first zone is still bugged with MP
  16. Honestly, they've already said they're making them sell-able, so I'm saying make it all consistent. Or turn it the other way, but I think that ship has sailed.
  17. I am not here to right previous wrongs in your eyes - just hoping for some consistency.
  18. I think given their direction, is why I was kind of like ...meh...if you're going to put Gen 3 on there, why not all of them?
  19. Thoughts? I mean if we're going to have Gen 1 and Gen 3 and the variations available on the trading post, why make Gen 2 different?
  20. Am I the only one that really doesn't mind that the orbs will be everywhere? Meh... Small price to pay for highly desired items, on multiple toons, with configurable stats, no?
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