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  1. It's been a minute since the Pirate Hook Skin(2021), Peg-leg Boot Skin(Apr2022), and Pirate Corsair Hat Skin(2021) were in the Gemstore. Would be nice to see these in rotation.
  2. Ah. Makes sense. Forced on in competitive and optional toggle in PvE only? No idea how that will work or if it's even possible.
  3. As mentioned before, only display it in combat or have a toggle for it to either be displayed or not upon the users discretion. Besides, how hard is it to look on top of your F skills to see how many you have before you engage? You do it mid fight anyway to see cooldowns and your HP.
  4. Played Vir when EoD came out to do story. At first I loved the blades hovering but just as the "magic balls" from trinkets, it got old. It has no real function out side of combat so a toggle or default for it to only appear whilst in combat would be really nice.
  5. Yeah. Guild panel is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Apologies if this was already a topic created or if it was discussed before. I don't seem to see any method for depositing the new Ascended food (e.g. Plate of Crispy Fish Pancakes) into guild storage or did I miss something? Edit: Guild panel storage is what I am alluding to.
  7. Just did two back to back successful attempts and received nothing.
  8. Been out of the game for a few months and recently came back. As the title says, I'm looking for a non-elitist (do they even exist) Raid and Fractal heavy guild. These two areas are untapped in my GW2 journey and want to experience them before EoD comes out. Preferably around 8-11pm GMT+8 SEA Time. Info about me: Heavy WvW'er (from FC) mainly using support classes FB, Scrapper, Chrono so I have good "support awareness" Online almost everyday at random times. GMT+8 is my time zone I can gear up and willing to learn any class especially for Raids Open-minded when it comes to learning mechanics and the game but I hate toxicity and elitist Please shoot a DM in game Sytriel.9413 or forums. Thank you!
  9. LOL? You say that like there are no good Mesmers in sPvP. I take it you don't WvW much if you think these "random people" don't consist of good players. Yeah sure, most of solo or 2/3 v 1s would be against button mashers but you're dead wrong if you think that you can come in WvW and faceroll on people just because you're good in sPvP. Not all people in PvP "know what they are doing" either, so that same statement can be turned against you. Sorry if the term "one shot" was used loosely then. You're clearly missing the point. Mesmer is, in it's current state, viable in any game mode. I don't see how or why that is hard to accept.
  10. I only read the 1st page as it was already hilarious enough. Right Mesmer is so weak that couple year old build can still one shot people in WvW. juice - Core Shatter Mesmer is BACK?! | Guild Wars 2 WvW Roaming - YouTube Edit: Yes. I am a Mesmer main. I play Support Chrono in WvW, Condi Mirage and Core Mesmer similar to the YT video build with minimal differences. I don't see any problems with it honestly. Throwing around the phrase "because of x and y, you're opinion is invalidated". Like dude seriously? Quick to disregard other peoples opinions while trying to push you're own as the "right" way. If you think it's broken, then that's your opinion. Why is it necessary to -what it seems like, beg for everyone to agree with your view.
  11. Then I guess I'm not part of "eVerY oNe"
  12. Simple logic for this weeks event, some people like it some people don't. Thieves are only OP in two instances, 1) in the hands of an experienced player and 2) when the target doesn't know how to counter. 99% of the time I roam on a mesmer and I love playing against good thieves. Last I checked the point of games are to have fun. If you don't like the no downstate, skip it. Do you. Some of us (or a lot of us) actually enjoy it.
  13. For some reason, AMD cards seem to keep stable high frame rates compared to NVIDIA. Just a personal experience and opinion. I have two rigs which are nearly identical. Rig #1 (mine) R5 3600 with 1660super and Rig #2 (daughters) R5 2600 with RX570. Those are the only differences with the two. Same RAM, Mobo, everything else is the same. The RX570 rig averages 78FPS according to Radeon Software and in game, it barely dips below 45-50, even in blob fights in WvW. My personal rig seems to average around 62FPS and goes to a whooping 30FPS in blob fights. For open world, I don't see much of a difference FPS around 80-120 depending on the map unless there are large zergs. I do have d12pxy on both computers and it does seem to help a lot. Edit: Settings aren't maxed all the way though. The only ones I have on low are Character Model and Quality thingy. Rest are medium and high settings.
  14. My guess is because those are utility skills? Not 100% sure though. EditJust tried it on my Rev as well. Same result. Ground target skills seems to snap to target while utility skills don't.
  15. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAs2WUXKvMA-zVhYBRDbIISxgyOCS4MCTC0yCwWHkwYD8WiYZD-wYou kill everything in <2sec.Can use sigil of Cleansing over Celerity, mostly if you roam alone; Arcane precision to have +15% precision a bit longer but less sustain, etc etc.Rune of speed, or Zephyrite are also very nice but you lose a lot of DPS, so it can hurt badly the burst. Or whatever you want. (Eagle, Rage, Air, ogre, etc)And you take 3 defensive/breakstun utility skills : arcane shield, armor of earth, ToF, signet of air, flash, etc. The healing skill you want, the elite skill you want. Fresh air is not dead in WvW, but you need to choose your enemies and the field very carefully, to avoid the newcomers and backstabs, because everything can kill you too in 2sec if you have on CD arcane shield, flash ...If you want to brawl alone versus 10 players it's defenitly not the weapon not the build you want. Why trait One with Air? Wouldn't Ferocious Winds be a better option here? One of the key points of FA builds is to stay in Air as much as possible so One with Air seems redundant. Or am I missing something from your build?
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