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  1. The past month or so I have been getting extremely high ping making the game practically unplayable, I'm from Australia so I typically have 290~ ping give or take 10. But recently I have been consistantly getting 800-9000+ ping whenever I try to do anything that isnt just sitting around, I've tried turning off all my Command Lines and turning off dx12 mod to no success. This is explicitly a GW2 issue I dont get this with any other game or US hosted game. I've ran speed tests while I'm lagging and my connection is completely normal also often when I have a noticable several thousand ping my pin
  2. The Help Pepperseed deliver Zephyrite supplies to the Forge event in Thunderhead Peaks will not start despite all the pre requisite events/tasks being done.The prerequsite events/activities have definetely all been done as I have sat there and done them myself, the NPC correctly states what has/hasnt been done but even when everything has been done Pepperseed still does not spawn to allow the Escort mission to begin. I've sat in the map and repeated all the events for several hours at a time and Pepperseed has still not spawned to continue onto the next event.
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