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  1. I feel like hiding from the entire community is a pretty awful way to solve the problem. You must haven't had someone stand on you spamming bright particle effects that shake your screen for hours, which I'm happy you haven't had that happen. It happens in DR weekly, at least.
  2. Having a block feature that works doesn't just benefit the RP community, though. It's a quality of life thing that anyone can take advantage of if they're being harassed or bothered by any member of the community. Aside from chairs KINDA working sometimes in like... a couple locations, A Net hasn't really done anything for the RP community at all. Been an active member for 7 years now and the chair patch is the closest thing I've seen to a nod at the RP community.
  3. Still doesn't hide particle effects spammed in groups. People like to spam bright skills or constantly buff a group to get everyone to pull their weapons out. After an hour of that, it gets really old.
  4. Seems to be waiting for PvP queues to pop sometimes. It's just annoying as all hell and I wish I didn't have to deal with them.
  5. I run an RP guild, though it's only about 30 members. Would be nice if A Net sent us some surveys. Would be even better if one of the Devs was an RP nerd. I know WoW has a few Devs that RP and they protect the community often.
  6. Dearest A Net, please show your RP community a tiny bit of love. Report features that work in our favor would be amazing, or better yet, let us block people and not even see their character at all. We can't report people unless they say stuff in /say chat, which is almost never the case. Letting blocks make characters and their animations invisible in PvE areas would fix ALL of our problems with the few toxic members that consistently harass the RP community. Just blocking out the person 100% would make us so happy. Until then, there's a small group of scummy humans that get off to spamming sk
  7. Now it's under Ranger and I can't edit that, so this is wonderful lol
  8. Remove this, posted in the wrong place
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