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  1. My brother in christ what killed you was not clone spam. 75% of the damage you ate was a combination of torch and scepter skills wich are pretty much dodgeable. Terrorhuz is trying to explain that build youre facing could be confusing for new players but its not the meta one but a suboptimal version wich was nerfed already. I could add stuff about your technical gameplay but cba. The mesmer ur facing isnt a great one. Hes randomly throwing grabs and spamming skills senseless. As much as me and @Terrorhuz.4695 dont get slong he would end the duel within 4s w the double grab combo. And hes not near peak mesmer player.
  2. The clones didnt kill you. Face tanking rvery torch skill did
  3. Even when i didnt play weaver myself im sure i can skill take 1v1 vs meta builds, sure. Whenever u want but im on EU
  4. Being not a meta build doesnt mean its complely garbage. You could ask for burst stances to get buffed its fine but saying it needs another cc cuz ur not able to hit your skills when the build already has 3 hard cc at the top of other daze/chill/cripple its just delusional af.
  5. This is a unfortunate comment showing how little undertanding of how thief works. Using smoke field on 2k22 is suboptimal when you can run DE and have more freely stealth uptime w dagger offhand on walls/doors and F2 stealth traited.
  6. Why is rev and engi weak? Rev has the most difficult cc to dodge wich knockbacks u far enough to accomplish an easy ress while having one of the most hard hitting downed auto attacks that literally perma slows u and engi has two cc abilities being one of them an aoe wich hits for 6k on zerk amu lmao. At best the only class wich overperforms is ranger.
  7. Yes, and whats exactly so unbalanced about having a class wich mistforms cuz its an ele, another who throws a rock and returns on venguenze and another wich uses a symbol to recovery?
  8. Whats normalize exactly besides literally kill class vieriety cuz everyone has not exactly the same skills
  9. Sword weaver already has three ccs being two of then ublocable. Being then hard to hit is called balance cuz weaver is an already good build as dueler on node. If u want to easy hit the ult cc go for blink and lose some sustain to gain utility wich is the fair thing.
  10. If everyone needs to have the same things then give all a stick and it would be balanced. Anyways literally every class has the same kit. One skill to dodge being stomped and one skill wich gives then some ulitily. Every dowstate has its own niche where they r good or bad depending on the situation.
  11. If everyone needs to have the same things then give a stick to everyone and all would be balanced
  12. Thats not a problem of downstate perse. Its entirely cuz anet nerfing every single source of dmg on the entire game. Post feb 2k20 rezzing was very risky cuz everything were so powercreep u could get insta one shot. W a holo ulti you could easy rupt any ress. I think they gave a bit of its dmg back but it used to hit hard af. On the other hand, rezz skills are very situatuonal and every one has its own niche where they are good at. Ranger one is the only one wich kinda over performs. With ele mistform you can get stealthed mid cast and place urself on a safe spot for an easy ress, take a portal from a mesmer/thief wich you cant do w any other class.
  13. Why not standarizing wep skills for all classes? #makeGw2Balancedagain You want to keep your unique wep skills cuz it makes your main class OP and you want it to remain that way.
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