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  1. I think using some overlay timer with 6 sec countdown (1 extra sec just in case) which resets itself works fine. No need for autoclicker :). I am personally using xnote stopwatch for that.
  2. When you fail the clock tower just wait for it to load into lobby and then alt tab (if you alt tab too soon the window would be light up from the teleport to lobby). Next time your Guild Wars 2 window in taskbar lights up, it means that the cinematic before the jp just started so you just switch back to gw2 window.
  3. That's exactly what I am doing at that long part where you drift around the haystacks, activating the roller beetle boost against the crypt (it's on the right side after the left turn) and after a second or 2 I let it go. Did you figure that out yourself or you got hint from someone in raceway ? I remember showing it to some player there. It's pretty reliable, you can still fail if you do other parts wrong but that long part is a lot easier and most importantly consistent which is useful if you do the gold daily. You can do it reliably with the rental. For me it felt like I contro
  4. About the support reply, it'll be trickier now since it's weekend, you might get the answer on Monday. It's possible they'll need to disable authenticator completely to fix this issue (or send sms manually). I suggest using some Authenticator application (either for phone or pc) instead of SMS because there's no delays for this option. PC alternative is WinAuth which still works fine. Even if you have the phone I recommend making backup of the string (long uppercase text) to create authenticator so that you won't get locked out when you switch phones/reset it. WinAuth link is provide
  5. and also not removing your first/the oldest character
  6. Even before I unlocked masteries I've got the notification: "Your current ability is ready to master!" when I've got full exp bar after lvl 80. I did have mastery points but the mastery system was not yet unlocked. When I unlocked the masteries I've unlocked first tiers of pact commander mastery but then the notification came back even though I couldn't train next tier of pact commander because of missing mastery points. The notification wording would fit my following proposed change to when it appears. 1) Allow players to select mastery and get the notification "Your current ability is
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