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  1. One thing to note, other MMORPGs are in the same boat. As in, "under consideration" If a lot of MMORPGs are "under consideration" I would expect it is happening. Everyone, data thinkers, data scientists, big data readers, data analysts, data is telling consider it. So they considering it, and they going to look at competition. The competition is considering it too. What do you think conclusion is going to be? No brainer right? Common sense right? A lot of people are so consumed with show me the data, not many people common sense, they know its happen, the feeling is there, common sense is there. I already see GW3 ideas thread so thats good to know, because thats someone with common, they know its coming and the best time to get your ideas across is while their still working it. While they are still considering things. Once they say its happening. All your ideas is too late, they already figure it out and they know what they going to do moving forward, discussion considering thats idea creation phase. Once they announce its too late, so I would suggest if you have ideas, you do not wait till they say its happening, because your idea is too by now.
  2. Yes, however. GW1 was 2005-2012, 7 years, GW2 is 2012 - current 12 years. Thats why I stress MMORPG lifespan. Its not like WWE 2K Then its exactly what you said, "regularly moves on from previous games." Thing with WWE 2K, its basically the same game too, very lazy. Same game just considered new and full price. 2K24 steam Mixed reviews as not good.22 23 was somewhat positive, but if you Mixed, thats bad. Not bad bad but thats bad. Anyways, lifespan. 7 to 12 years? Thats a lot of time. Its not like your timespent was for nothing, it was for 7 to 12 years, plenty of time. 7 to 12 years is a lot of years that went by. Your totally different person 7 years ago, 12 years ago. Your thought process etc. Your not longer college student your someone pursuing more pay, already working, etc or whatever. You have to think about the next generation, the brand continuing, its not just you. Your time, games catering to you, etc. They did that 7 to 12 years. Do you want the GW series to continue to be great, continue to be good, not considered an old player game, where old play it. Game lasts 7 years thats more than enough time your not a job hopper, your not a "regularly moves on from previous games." If you move on every 7 to 12 years, thats not unusual. Think Skyrim, its like The next Skyrim, WHEN? its opposite of "regularly moves on from previous games." Game never moves. Game lost its thing because Morrowind 3 years later Oblivion 3 years later Skyrim, 12+ years.... Hrmm. what happened. It was a good thing to be "regularly moves on from previous games." for that 3 years was good amount of time, good lifespan of that game. But now 12+ years its now moreso, what happened. Skyrim is old now. How about GW2. MMORPG lifespan, ideal lifespan because any MMORPG can just continue forever but is that ideal good for the brand? btw, new game, What do you think about the next elder scrolls. I'm thinking 20 million copies sold. Why. What I said before. New games draw people in. Too many games these days 12+ years and people scratching heads, when is the next? When the new one? GTA, Elder scrolls, been a long time. GW2??? Same boat??? Just its MMORPG doesn't mean anything. Doesn't mean it has to follow the other old MMORPGs and operate how they operate. GW1 to GW2, very good transition. GW1 would have been just fine if they kept pushing out GW1 expansions. GW1 would be just fine. But it could be an "old people play game" because it didn't new version and attract the younger people, draw in other people. Continue the brand.
  3. Guild wars has already moved on from the previous game. It was successful, whatever they reason, whatever their thought process was then, they should be using that thought process. People seem to look at the negatives too much, like the games that failed. Everyone forgets this is Guild Wars, Guild Wars already has proven successful track record, look within on what to do, not others. Everyone forgets too, Guild Wars 1 was huge, very successful, it was #esports, it was not slowing down, and they made GW2 while that was happening. It's not like GW1 was doing poorly and forced to switchover. Whatever their thought process or reason to goto GW2, they look within. Looking at other MMORPGs and deciding information off of them, is a bad idea. Just because they all do one thing or do not something. Doesn't mean thats how it should be. GW2 is innovative, does things against the norm. Ex. GW1 to GW2. MMORPG lifespan, why does everyone look at everyone else and assume things. Norms change. Technology faster, what that mean? Your on Windows7. Technology is moving quickly. What do you do? In order to upgrade what happens? Your on an old technology stack, 2012. Whats a good thing to do? Just because no one else has done something, or not many others done it. Or someone has done it and failed. GW1 to GW2 remember that. GW1 very successful, was not slowing down. GW2 happened. GW2 is doing great since GW1 transition. So need to within. At successes not other peoples/companies failures. Also NOTE: If money is the main culprit, like people think anet is struggling with money and need to do stuff to make money. Look at Diablo3 expansions. Not much copies sold. Now Diablo4, 10 million copies sold. Do you think Diablo3 expansion 2024, would draw in 10 million? Do you think Diablo4 expansion 2024 would draw in 10 million? Wheres the 10 million from, what brought in 10 million, whats the reason. New game, New version. Not no GW2 2024 expansion, 950k copies sold. Its more like GW3 10 million copies sold. New game draws in interest, expansions are not as interesting. So if money is the issue New game = new foundation/up to date fresh code, fresh, no bugs hindering advancement and what not fresh database, no strange connections making it difficult to do fancy things fresh start for everyone, MMORPG players, video gamers in general, fresh starts are fun Wheres the data? WoW, classic. What is it. Fresh start basically it. EQ, TLP. What is it? Fresh start Lots of data supporting new games = lots of copies sold = lots of players playing Fresh start = You gonna be on the next WoW classic start? EQ TLP start? = lots of interest Fresh start is not just game redoing it, it can be GW3. New game is fresh start samething. Also note, its not good thing to do new game constantly. WWE 2K23 WWE 2K24, no one likes that. So its something algrothim reading your audience. what they want, expectations. community is not dumb. WWE 2K23 WWE 2K24 basically same game, same foundations not much new but considered a 'new game' but they make you charge full price and people notice and are not dumb. So I would not advise MMORPGs to start trying a new game every year trend. MMORPG lifespan need think about it. GW1 to GW2 whatever they thought process was, whatever they were thinking, thats the secret sauce. I believe there is a lifespan, all it takes whoever gonna do it in a big way and set the trend, do it successfully. (GW1 to me IS an MMORPG, so GW1 to GW2 is a successful use case) Who else but GW1 to GW2 thought process people and how to go about the transition too. As in GW1 is discontinued. Why, why not continue? Best for the brand. Well GW series is looking good in the aftermath it was good move even though GW1 was doing very well. GW series basically lost #esports but the brand, the game continues. GW series.
  4. Do you not see workers. GW2 does not have base management in the game, nor does it have bases being raided. Guild halls do not get raided. No management in them. No setting NPCs in them. NPCs do not perform any tasks nor can change to do other work, via dragging and throwing them at something to get them to do something else. GW2 does not have any of these things in the game currently. This video shows all those points I quoted. Base building, workers, base being raided, base workers trying to defend against the attackers, managing the base workers. Sanity, they become injured, they die, they get depressed, and so on. Getting the right worker traits.
  5. Yeah its not unique or anything Palworld to me is more combination of the little things. Again what inspired Palworld, a game with the right little things and another with little things and that combination. The combination of how it uses all those little things, so, its not really unique Palworld but how Palworld combines all them and creates a game vibe/style using those, thats what I mean. GW2, it has a lot of good little things. Palworld doesn't have everything too, so its not perfect, and other games if they implemented something in it, its hard to explain. Thats why those articles say Tencent is inspired by Palworld, rather than Tencent is gonna do pals, Tencent is gonna do survival they not saying a big thing. Inspired by the game, the vibe, not by something in particular or a couple things in particular. To me its Tencent inspired how they combined all those little things. So I can mention ideas I have ideas but you don't do it carbon copy how Palworld does it, you use parts of the little aspects of how Palworld does it and improve. If GW2 already has it, doesn't mean its the best, maybe GW2 has similar but its missing, little things to make it better.
  6. Its the ideas. Like grind, people dislike the grind. Palworld really does not feel like it has a grind. Its a little thing. I was reading the WWE 2K24 reviews, it something like " MyFaction has you completing 50 objectives every single match to move on. Can't just win to keep going, that's not enough. 2K are a bunch of jerks. Showcase is such a grind this year. " Basically, seems like companies think, people need to stay busy, have to give them grinds/timesinks. Personally, I don't think people enjoy grinds/timesinks or certain ones at least, or certain situations, and Palworld isn't really grind focused, thats a little thing, little aspect of the game. Another thing is people like stats kind of items, you can think pals like items. Pal with Legendary, Lucky, etc. stat fun to work on, it doesn't feel like a grind even though it kinda is, but it isn't. It's not forced upon you, its more of a you are competitive person and you want to do something you can get the perfect everything and this game fills up that itch that your having. And if you get bored you just continue on. This grind is not a showstopper forced to do before you progress instead more of a in your spare time if you get bored, go ahead try to get perfect pals. Anyways, that was something GW1 had I think some people may miss it. the drops, Crystalline, perfect stat, with the perfect modifications. Something fun, where its kinda a grind but not really its kinda fun, your not doing tedious stuff over and over. The thing you do to get it, and isn't really 1 way only, such as you kill stuff in a certain location, any location, or whatever. 2 little things co-existing now. Then another little thing, and all sudden you got all these little things and its fun. Palworld inspirations ideas, its more of how the game is played, not grindly, aspects on pals(consider these items or henchmen), base building. A lot of locations, its not you only specific options its sandbox style, so the feeling of finding the perfect base, the freedom to do so wherever in the world. A little thing, fun thing. Keeps the game fun type of little thing. Not restricted. Some people hate restrictions thats a little thing. Also, a little thing , is in the world, you can change settings so if you want to experience intense fights you turn on enemy pals damage x5 your damage .5, or if you want you change it accordingly. Its a lot of freedom and thats a little thing people, I especially like freedom like that. Now is that something GW2 can do no, its more of what are these little things. Thats a little thing. Its not make or break for the game but if its there thats cool. Little things are things that you say, if the game had it cool, if not ok. It has it. Little thing +1 It has another thing just like that. Little thing +2 Little so many, its really good because all these little things making the game fun.
  7. You know thats a good question. Sometimes games have less, but the little things is the reason why its way better than the games with tons of stuff. Tons of stuff but the little things just aren't there. If you know what I mean. Its like WWE games, not many people fans of WWE 2K24. Has all these modes, everything the older games had. But Those PS2 especially WWE games, it was the little things. May not have the other 500 features the newest one has but those little things huge difference. Anyways so, you seem to be looking one huge thing and thats the secret sauce. Palworld is more about the little things. Thats why huge list of games it like, it takes the little things from them. Would you not like a game like WoW/EQ/GW2/GW1/FFXIV/Runescape/NewAge/etc but only the good stuff from it. Which are the little things. vs the actual games. If some game all the little thing the good things, you'd wanna play that game. Like in this game I like that but this other has similar way better but thats it and misses the other stuff I don't play game because of that but if it this feature of another, and another feature of another game. The little things.
  8. Where did Factions come from? You don't need say Palworld inspired you just make a mode and let people say This feels like Civilization/AgeOfEmpires/Starcraft/Pokemon/Fortnite/Rust/GW1 etc. How did Palworld become Palworld? What inspired Palworld to Palworld. Too many people focused on being angry GW2 is better don't mention Palworld inspiring it. Just do similar and you don't even need to say Palworld, people do the talking. Just like people saying Palworld is Pokemon. Just use ideas, don't need to focus on egos. Also, another thought, if GW2 community does feel kinda Palworld, such as the creatures and design of them, would GW2 community like those kind of vibe creatures. Well, is GW2 fans of Quaggans. Pals are kinda like Quaggans. Maybe GW2 community pokemon fans, and pokemon fans dislike Palworld with a passion, so maybe that is a case too? Palworld ideas I'd like to see are not the pokemon creatures, I'm more about base building and I do like the mounts, abilities the abilities pals, I like that. I think GW2 could do more on that. Instead of flying my skyscale I wanna just carry it around and use it as a flamethrower. Easy frontal AE damage for doing these meta events where I gotta tag everything possible to get maximized loot. Some other MMORPGs are more serious, like "we don't want those kind of vibe, we only want serious realistic, knights in armor, quaggans get em outta this MMORPG"
  9. Think about this though. GW1 factions, remember alliance battles? it was new thing, like if GW2 had a survival/sandbox/palworld kind of mode (doesn't have to be fighting mode could just be base building, base management mode, and obviously things being raided, getting the most unique workers, is even better and more and more things to consider/aspects of what could happen and so on, even better). Games can do it. Again no one is asking for complete overhaul, its more like a GW1 Factions, new mode, very unique, no other games have this kind of mode uniqueness. Thats what Palworld inspiration would do in GW2. btw GW1 Factions, Alliance Battles, absolutely LOVED IT. Alliance battles and GW2 conquest, it just shows Arenanet being unique. So palworld type if any MMORPG can do it, GW2. Thats why I say PocketPair and ArenaNet they got the similar thinking caps on. Innovative type and they not pressured big corporation must focus on making more $$$ less fun and do more at $$$ making.
  10. Also, wanted this point this out. There was a lot of likes and trophies. I feel like the confused face, whenever theres ideas or challenges to the game, people/regulars like to gang up with the confuse face so the outcome was good from that thread. And be like Elden Ring basically be tough but mechanically tough not no dps checking type of vibe. Soo-Wong was pretty mechanically, gotta be on your toes and somewhat dps check. I remember they nerfed it a lot of times, I think I beat it like after 2 nerfs and I was enjoying it before I finally beat it too. Something about community coming together and being serious and everyone has common goal. Its fun. If its participation trophy expansion you don't really see that, its more of who can play faster more efficient or cheesy way rather than everyone come together lets discuss how we gonna overcome. Make squads and hold people accountable, not no join just for kicks squads. Get your 10 buff stack, everyone be serious if you don't 10 buff stack let me know, we gonna do if you have any questions let me know. yada yada. EoD meta was fun.
  11. When I say in take ideas I don't mean completely change GW2 to like it. GW2 has a lot of modes, WvW, PvP, regular. It can create another mode/aspect such as homeinstances Palworld style, or new zone Palworld style. As in sandbox area and it has AI, which attack your bases and make you do certain things and what not. To increase diversity of the game, keep it interesting and so on. Think of it Runescape actually, is Runescape an MMORPG, one thing Palworld and Runescape have in common is the story aspect is not too down your throat like other MMORPGs where its hugely story based. As in when I play Runescape, it has nothing to do with story, I actually have no idea storywise whats going on. Anyways, Runescape has the area, wilderness. It's pretty much Runescapes identity. Wilderness thats fun too, I'm surprised other games don't do it. Anyways, taking ideas from, being inspired, creating new content from inspiration of Palworld ideas. No one is asking for complete overhaul.
  12. Interesting. We kind of have tower defense in a way. Toyapocalypse. Obviously could be done a lot better. Tower defense too League of Legends, don't let those towers down but its more than that, kinda like Palworld and Pokemon its a lot more than just Pokemon. Hencemen GW1 thats something I didn't think about, thats like something could be done in GW2 to make the game take in some base ideas from Palworld. Henchmen do base related stuff instead of fighting stuff or do both like in Palworld, those Lamballs can fight they don't just do base stuff. Henchmen in GW1 was big hit too, like in a good way. I feel like GW1 was in competition Diablo2, also felt it was like an MMORPG so in competition with games like WoW. Because in cities, you see a lot of people. The only difference between my GW1 IS an MMORPG is, its an MMORPG where most of the game instances, the only non-instances is in cities. MMORPGs had an instances popularity. Something about dungeons being catered to you and not having to compete with others. GW2 made the not have to compete with others vibe in their game, everyone has their own loot tables and don't have to start a fuss if someone shows to Shadow Behemoth and you gotta worry about dealing the most damage so you get the loot. No in GW2 its a good thing people show up, everyone gets the loot. Don't need 100% instances since people paranoid someone showing up to the boss fight and having compete with them. Palworld is a mixture of instances and open world bosses. It has both styles. This an MMORPG type of thing. Now soon raid bosses, I wonder thats going to work. Palworld has guilds too. So guilds competing for a raid boss. If I say in general what game style do you think of when guilds compete against raid bosses. MMORPG right? Palworld is introducing raid bosses, think about that. MMORPG or no? Theres some servers 50 active people on it (so more than 50, but you in a que if there is 50 active players), thats a lot. That an MMORPG? Like megaservers, you want to Soo-wong, instance is full, it has a playercount, just like Palworld 50 players on it, server/instance is full. If the game feels different than other MMORPGs, is that new norm then for MMORPGs?
  13. Thats a good question. I think I would like my home instance to be a base. I can get workers from playing the game. Could be NPCs it doesn't have be pals/pokemon. Could be like if you played Final Fantasy X, Blitzball, where you play the game and find people throughout the game to join your blitzball team. Then assign those workers to do stuff like I need charge lodestones, so go mine. One of the little things I like about Palworld too is base being raided. Would be cool getting a notification, risen army is attacking the guild hall and or home instance base. Are your workers gonna survive or do you need to show up and defend the base from being raided. This happens, this is what Palworld does, I really enjoy this aspect. Reminds me of Tower Defense games. Palworld is a lot of things, a lot of good things, TowerDefense/Civilization/StarCraft/Fortnite/Pokemon/Rust/EldenRing A lot of little things in Palworld. This thread is about is GW2 and Palworld kinda similar? If you ask me, yes. Both games are innovative, both games are from somewhat small companies and not taking orders from big company pushing politics and hindering innovation. So I'm kinda opposite of the majority the poll results. This isn't really palworld vs gw2, this is, is palworld kinda like gw2, is pocketpair kinda like arenanet. I think yes, I wanted to see results without some kind of persuasion so I try to not put my opinion right away. Also, their new thing is "raid bosses", the only term I hear bosses from is MMORPGs, so is Palworld kinda like an MMORPG? Some servers have 50 people on it, 50 people playing around roleplaying, is that an MMORPG? Thats why I say MMORPG is loosely, what really is an MMORPG, whats the guidelines? 20+ people in a zone? Palworld check Roleplaying Game? Palworld check MMORPG? Palworld check MMORPG loosely term, theres no guideline what requirements must a game need to be consider MMORPG. raid boses? Palworld is bringing them in the next update, so raid bosses this a MMORPG term right? Is this game an MMORPG? Skyrim, in that game there is no such thing as raid boss. So is Palworld more like ESO or Skyrim? To me its more ESO, and ESO is an MMORPG. What kind of MMORPG is Palworld most related too? I wanna say GW2, both are innovative games. If Palworld is an MMORPG, should GW2 take some ideas from Palworld, because everyone says its not an MMORPG nothing alike. So if MMORPG and nothing alike, the only difference is Palworld is 2024 and GW2 is 2012. Different styles, is Palworld the new norm? GW2 should they look into the new norm ideas. Palworld is not just entry, it had 20+ million sold its, a big hit in the entry. Its popular, 20+ million thats popular thats not no think about, thats wow whats the deal? Tencent, hrmmm everyone get inspired by Palworld, Tencent, big company, their big data people conclusion we gotta inspired by it.
  14. I agree with more Elden Ring style. I seem to see people talk about EoD in a bad way, but I really enjoyed it, especially Soo-Wong meta prenerfs. Everyone losing, its the final battle thats how final battles should be. Very close and it just came out, its ok to lose lose lose, it just came out. I beat it after a couple days, it felt dang good too after beating it. Beating Soo-Wong felt better than beating Zhaitan and Mordy. Elden Ring was popular and wanted to play it because its tough. Too many participation trophy games out there, people assuming everyone wants to win all the time. SotO is relatively easy right? Hows it looking. I don't really hear much complaining about HoT, but that expansion was tough and I don't hear people making doom and gloom, passion is gone type of threads from tough content. Seems like tough content people get ticked rightfully so. Just like Street Fighter 2, probably got whooped in it a lot, made a big fuss but its a well remember, good times kind of video game, because of it was tough, not no participation trophy.
  15. Yes but there is more to Palworld then Pokemon and battling. A lot of Palworld play is base building. Having the right people get you resources. It's kinda like starcraft. Put in a miners get me a lot stone quickly. I need to get to the next tech quickly and to do that I need miners right away, all in on the base every mining type of thing. So Palworld its a lot lot lot more to it than Pokemon and battling.
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