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  1. Not everyone likes to kill things all day. Some of us prefer racing over killing NPCsSome of us prefer jumping puzzles over killing NPCsSome of us prefer choir over killing NPCs This game, and MMORPG's in general doesn't have to be all about "Squadrons and NPC's to kill"
  2. Yeahgreat dps Meanwhile hp/defense? Not good enough. Meta means overall you are goodWeaverOffense 9/10Defense 2/10HP 1/10Overall 12/30, aint nothing Meta about that. MeanwhileFirebrandOffense 8/10Defense 9/10HP 9/10Overall 26/30, thats really good, that's Meta. Who complains about thieves and rangers? Probably some elementalist. Offense is only good if you know they coming, if you are on offense.Once you on defense. If you aint got defense aint got HP. Expect to get rekt when playing defense.Rangers and Thieves? They make you play defense.They make elementalist cry about them.Can't be meta if
  3. What you expect from a class that is squishy, low hp, low defense?They have LOW HP LOW DEFENSE....Balance here now.Offensive, is suppose to be good. They have LOW HP and DEFENSE. They have Good offensive and you mad about it????Did I mention they have low hp and defense? Meta is good at everything. GOOD HP, GOOD DEFENSE, GOOD OFFENSE.That sounds like a guardian to me, a Weaver is nowhere near what is meta.
  4. PvP is dead, PvP was never all about ranked competitive all the time.Yes PvP is competitive, but being in RANKED, and thinking there is no other options to play except to play RANKED. Terrible design. No casual play. All RANKED. Original design,Hotjoins, Tournament(Ranked) Tournament(Ranked) not so much activity, because players like PLAT players only played it or cooridnated groups. Casuals doing nothing but hotjoins ALL NIGHT AND DAY, 8v8, 30+ servers ANY TIME of day, PACKED/FULL. You force casuals into Ranked games, it's not casual anymore, its RANKED, its serious. OF course people want to
  5. While in a race, remount should not be negated by NPC attacking you.Should be able to remount regardless if NPC is attacking you while racing and only exception is if you attack them back. To prevent people from 'pretending to race just to get somewhere in zone and remount in heavy NPC areas' when race is over if you didn't finish you spawn back at the start of the race area.
  6. I agree with mounts,This game has more going for it than 'find npcs and kill' 'quest is kill npc'More racing and other stuff than 'kill npcs' please I should be able to do like Automated Tournament Monthly, 500 gold for first place.... I should be able to get same tourny and rewards with racing. I should be able to race every 2 hours in the daily racing tournament.Same rewards. I should be able to get gold from racing just as fast from 'killing npcs' All rewards equal, I'd be racing 24/7 in this game, rather than boring fractals, raids, world bosses aka 'kill npc events' and over boring wvw an
  7. Can we get GW1 monk as a profession, and yes the ability to go 55 monk status. Other professions, have a healer role, tank role, etc.Except thieves. But one of the best tanks/healers in GW1 was Monk, especially the 55hp monks.There is no doubt that if done in GW2 it would go to the thief.
  8. Low armor, low hp, squishy, and does not do more damage.Already meta? If your low armor, low hp, squishy, I sure hope you do more damage than those with more hp/armor. If not, POINTLESS to play.If they had low armor low hp, and LOWER damage? Why even play? USELESS! ScenarioHi I'm a low damage/hp/armor squishy, how you doing ranger.I'm doing just fine, I'm a more hp/damage/armor not squishy, killing everyone because I'm more.Hello balance? I'm low hp/armor, how come my damage is lower too? Balance? Hello balance? Now the low armor/hp lower damage people... They may do more damage now than other
  9. At least its not turret engy, hate CC metas. How about core Warrior back?How the heck did Warrior DPS monster turn into crap DPS and all about CC?Flipping CC metas. Core engy no problem, I can use my abilities.tureet engry, always stuck, always CC'edthis spellbreaker, always can't use abilities, When do I get to use my skills.. Hmmm? I'm fine with core engy nades, Ostrich Eggs build.I can use my skills, I use them better than opponent. It's when I'm CC'ed, thats when I start hating life. Best engy build thoughcore engy, sumo. And yes with Automated Response old school style, IMMUNE to all cond
  10. Hopefully they make CANTHA open world PvP. Have a wilderness area like in Old School Runescape.Then I can just do that and never worry about PvP and WvW.IMO Open World PvP > PvP and WvW combined.
  11. Reward wise? Strikes you go straight to boss, and he dies in seconds. Fractals, clear 10 mins of trash and then do boss.Raids. is in middle of strikes and fractals. Just do raids, they aint hard. Most games tbh,raids are usually hours of trash clearing then boss.This game though, they put a lot of trash in casual dungeons like fractals, seems more than raids imo.Should be the other way around, raids full of trash clearing, not casual fractals. But rewards in strikes?You aint doing much, its just killing boss, they give rewards to make it not garbage/waste of time practice for raids. Be thankfu
  12. sPvP?Yes fun!8v8 hotjoins! They get rid of 8v8 hotjoins even though 30+ FULL 8v8 hotjoin games, ALL DAY ALL NIGHT. FUN FUN FUN5v5 ranked, ANYTHING but more than 5v5. as in they do 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4. BORING. Aint no casuals want to do 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4. sPvP, #1 trend going on right now.20% of bots taking over games, bots bots bots 8v8? Casuals? Nope, sPvP forced #esports down every casuals throats.30+ ALL DAY long FULL hotjoin servers.... Now dead, sPvP, bots everywhere gamemode. 8v8 thought of it is "good luck getting 16 people to do it"...Did you not play it when it was around? 30+ ALL DAY LONG
  13. Yes,so basically you saying keep doing what I'm doing which is not to play DRM This thread wants to know how to get people to play it.Basically Make them compelteable in under 10 minsIts limited time content, make the rewards WAY better than every other dailyJust because it may have a unique skin only towards it, doesn't mean I'm going to do it. Usually the skins they make lately not really so good. Make it funIf its fun, I really don't care too much about reward. Like roller beetle races in Maelstrom Brisbane, etc. I did every single achievement and kept doing the races because they were fun.
  14. They said they abandoned it? They claim they aint doing anything about it?Or they say SOON? Or they say maybe in the future? Or they say nothing at all?Timing has to be right, who knows, maybe End of Dragons means Beginning of GuildsThey have stopped talking about guild ccontent years ago and when they do speak about it they mean a handfull of decorations. Nothing has been changed about the Guild Halls since HoT and nothing besides decorations has been added since PoF(->ONE<- new Guild Hall). Before that? Well, they implemented Guild Missions in 2012...maybe fixed some things in the earl
  15. You think you can beat really good PvP'ers and you only got one shot a month at 500 gold? What about really good racers, and you only got one shot a month at 500 gold? The really good pvper just keeps on collecting, a really good roller beetle should do just the same. It aint easy. Some people end up ragequitting on races, just like PvP. It aint easy. The best deserve a reward. This game aint dead because of racing to me, just like Final Fantasy X. Its the best because Blitzball. Look what they did Final Fantasy X2, Blitzball is just watching computer now. You wonder why Final Fantasy isn't re
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