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  1. I got mine back as well!! I guess they were holding on to it so they resolve the cases all at once?? I don't know haha.
  2. @elRitmo.7869Still nothing :( Maybe they are away for the weekend. XD
  3. @elRitmo.7869 oh really? That is odd indeed. I am wondering why some of our cases are more complicated or harder to work out than others. I barely have 10k achievement, and don't have much going on beside wvw. It's been about... 60hr? I don't mind it taking little longer, it is weekend after all with this virus around, I'm sure they are busy too. The part that gives me anxiety is that we haven't heard anything back from anet, and not knowing if my account will ever come back XD
  4. @NekoRin.9240To add more, I only ever play WvW, and my account probably has less than 20g in atm.
  5. @NekoRin.9240I have no alt account and no funnel at all :/ maybe guildies sending few gold here and there (never anything big) and winning one legendary giveaway. But that was like, at least two three years ago. Just got back to playing last week, and bam. Can't log in :/
  6. @elRitmo.7869 I think it's been about 30 hour ish for me as well. No response yet :/ I am just confused since some people were able to get their issues resolved faster than others despite the ticket system claiming to be in first come first serve bases.
  7. @MoonMoon.1560 Glad you got your account back!Its been almost 24 hours for me, but no response yet. I thought tickets were gonna be resolved in order of submission? :(
  8. @MoonMoon.1560 I think only support can help at this point :/ Guess we will have to wait to hear from them
  9. @MoonMoon.1560 My ticket was in 12 hours ago, just keep refreshing my mail waiting for a response. I've been waiting all week to play tonight :(
  10. It seems like there are quite a few of us affected by this issue. Anyone know if Anet released a statement on it?
  11. @"Sinnerman.9168" You can submit a ticket anonymously without needing to log in. I submitted mine earlier today, just waiting for a reply :/https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Just gotta click "submit your ticket anonymously"
  12. @DemonSeed.3528 I am in EU playing in NA server. At least now I know I'm not the only one with this issue!
  13. I am having a hard time logging in, keep giving me the error code 3023:1012:6:350 "The code you entered is invalid. Please check your information and try again" after entering email and password via client. Can't log in the game or gw2 website. I tried looking up the error code but couldn't find much info on it. I know my credentials are correct, changed password multiple time just to double check. I have tested on different devices but no luck.Other account have no problem logging in though. Anyone else having the same issue?
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