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  1. Nobody was confused. I play wvw with a group of friends...some are guildies and some are not. It's at least 5-6 different guilds this happened to on my erver alone. Most people didn't even change their alliance since the last beta. The main guild I am in is a multiserver pve guild, but, there were wvw guilds that the same thing happened to. I literally have 1 person on my friendlist on my assigned server...1.
  2. The last beta was almost as bad...took the week off...pretty much doing the same this week....except still sitting in TS with the people I used to play with.... visiting, chatting, etc.
  3. We did that...and still ended up all over the place. How many posts do you have to read that say the same thing? Alliances only work for the really big guilds and the people who want large-scale pvp. A lot of people have quit pvp because of the toxicity...
  4. Every server has a particular playstyle and personality. Alliances take that away. I've been on the same server since the second or third month of the game...for good reason...I LIKE the people I play with and we play well together, and we can relate to eachother on many levels. I bounced around a bit until I found a home server with friends from GW1. I don't want to be thrown into a random bunch of new people every few weeks. I don't want large scale pvp with a bunch of random trolls. I picked a server to play on because of the type of people who were there! Also, you are not taking i
  5. That's the problem....people who aren't in huge guilds containing players all on one server get thrown into the abyss with a bunch of random other people. We can't play together...for the second beta in a row. Some of us have been playing together for 9-10+ years...
  6. 100% agreed! I loved when wvw involved strategy, server pride, and playing with friends. I thought that the purpose of playing an MMO was to play with friends?! blob vs. blob has caused people to quit wvw way back when, and it will again. Please add strategy and the ability to play with friends back to wvw. This is the second beta that I'm not with a single person I know. The reason I have played this game so long was because of the community that started back in GW1. If you take away the community, there's literally no reason to play the game.
  7. I was placed on Giant's Rise I expected to be placed on Moogaloo(with my guild and friends), alternatively it was possible I'd be placed on Skrittsburg. No No Darkhaven Since it was announced that it would be by guild and friendlist, I assumed that I would be placed in a world WITH the people I normally play with, who are also the people I am in guild with. Once again, I am with NOBODY AT ALL that I know. There are 2 people in my blocked list on my assigned world. There are NO Darkhaven people with me. According to the WvW text, I am with Maguuma, Stormbluff Isle, and Sorrow's F
  8. They could fix this by structuring wvw more like they structured the servers in GW1, or the labrynth...only allow so many people into an instance, then open a new one. Make defense a thing, and make siege work better. We should get participation for building and refreching it. We could go back to the days where server pride was a thing by making all playstyles viable, and necessary, instead of only blob vs blob. Lastly, give us "Home Server Chat" so we can recruit from anywhere ingame to help on the wvw frontlines.
  9. I can recall when the blue Dorito was considered the main tag and usually PPT. If I recall correctly, yellow or red tag was often the fightmander/havoc, and purple would be guild groups and/or scouts. I know it varied per server a little.
  10. Hidden tags allow roamer squads to do their thing without confusing people looking for the main commanders.
  11. Why is the promised feature of being able to play with friends not working? Why should roamers and scouts have to join an alliance or be forced into an alliance with people who may or may not have the same playstyle, personality, mentality, etc? These are things my friends have asked, and I agree with. I miss my server group of roamers. I thought this was going to balance PPT and blob vs. blob gamestyles....I haven't seen or heard anything positive about this. I want Darkhaven back...
  12. I'm currently set to seven pines also, but, it keeps changing. Seven Pines is not even close to the type of people in the playerbase I'm used to....actually, I was Seven Pines at some point last night, but, it changed. I'm now Phoenix Dawn. sigh
  13. We did that, and we're all in most of the same guilds too....Server pride is still a thing for many even though it seems like Gw2 is trying to destroy it. The server IS the people who play on it, and many of us have played together since the beginning. WvW has been neglected from the start. It was nearly destroyed with the megaservers and never implementing "Server Chat". We used to be able to go into LA and ask for help in wvw, and get a nice response. It made the game fun. I also remember being able to defend a keep when we were outnumbered by using strategically placed siege....also fun
  14. • Your assigned team: Phoenix Dawn (Should be Moogooloo with all the people I normally play with). My server has switched a few times randomly.• Your original home shard: Darkhaven(Originally AR, then IOJ just after the game began...have been DH since before there was a cost to transfer)• The name of the WvW guild you selected in the World Restructuring menu and if it was selected before last night’s deadline(because of a lack of communication ingame from GW2, and resulting miscommunication): ZPM• A description of the issue: Originally, all but one member of the group I play wvw w
  15. It's called loyalty to a server and friends....people can and do change and adapt but why should we give up friendships that are 7-10(or more) years old?
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