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  1. So you think 293 million annual revenue is an indie game of a dead genre? lmao "small loan of a million dollars" vibes
  2. It would, by definition: "Retcon: a piece of new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events, typically used to facilitate a dramatic plot shift or account for an inconsistency." EDs weren't even an idea when Factions was made. If 15 years later a new writing team wants to tie it to the EDs retroactively, that's a retcon. Everything about the existence of EDs is a retcon because most of it conflicts with GW1 lore.
  3. Yes, that's called a retcon. And the moment they retcon anything to be about the EDs I instantly lose interest. This would be the final nail in the coffin of Cantha for me.
  4. As others pointed out this has nothing to do with the Elder Dragons they shoehorned into the lore with GW2. You can be sure Anet is going to retcon this to be about Elder Dragons tho., like they do with everything in the universe..
  5. Hot: New maps with metas that are still popular today Story Raids New PvP gamemode with a new map New WvW map PoF: Maps that died a week after release Story I don't see where that "objectively more content" is hiding.
  6. Because other MMOs get a good amount of content with each expansion while GW2 has always been far below industry standards. Maybe HoT came close, PoF wasn't even trying. EoD? can't even hit PoF levels it seems. While GW2 always failed to deliver on quantity of content, at least the features were innovative and gameplay defining like gliding or mounts. This time there's fishing and that's about it really. Few LS maps, bit of singleplayer story, skiffs that are borderline useless , 1 new niche mount, fishing minigame, underwhelming elite specs. That's EoD in a nutshell. Oh and lot of
  7. Sorry but it really doesn't matter whether you agree or not. You're just 1 customer, and millions are choosing FFXIV over GW2. Wouldn't say FFXIV is killing GW2 tbh, but it's certainly overshadowing it in the eyes of potential new players coming from WoW, and several new MMOs are on the horizon. Most of the current GW2 audience might be here to stay but an MMO without new players is a dying one. We needed a strong expansion to get back on track but EoD is just nostalgia bait, so far not even a good one.
  8. He did, you just refuse to accept it. WoW is dying and FFXIV is sucking up all the players and not GW2. In fact a lot of high end PvE people have quit GW2 for FFXIV too. You have to do a spectacularly bad job for an asian MMO to do better on the western market than your product. GW2 is falling behind and EoD is anything but promising.
  9. I didn't say everywhere, obviously Cantha wasn't a grimdark hellhole. The overall theme was definitely dark and muted colors though. Even in the bright areas of Factions you won't find the saturation the GW2 zones in the previews have. Now you're just twisting my words and playing dumb.
  10. You still fail to make any points or counterarguements. All you do is strawman and ask questions, you make no points. And then you link back to a previous comment with 0 substance as if that was helping you. Let's reset this arguement because it isn't going anywhere. I'll tell you what makes Cantha feel Canthan to me, and then you can tell me why I'm wrong and why the GW2 version of Cantha is faithful to the original and a great way to evolve the region. That fair? Atmosphere: dark and gritty. We don't know much about the story but the maps already signal a different vibe with
  11. There are slight color variations in GW1, true, but mostly because of the lighting of zones. I think there is a definitive jade color however, and that's the one they used in the world map, concept arts, and the color of jadeite (the mined material). All of them are this shade: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Jadeite_Shard#/media/File:Jadeite_Shard.png https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/The_Jade_Sea/Map https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/The_Jade_Sea#/media/File:"Jade_Tide"_concept_art.jpg This is the color of jade in GW, and it's simply more pleasant to look at.
  12. Compelling arguements right here "It just does, I'm right"
  13. Can you explain to me why is this "good"? I don't want a carbon copy, I just want Cantha to feel like Cantha. You are really struggling to understand that. Maybe it'd help the discussion if you could elaborate on why you think GW2 Cantha still feels like Cantha, and how is this a good, satisfying evolution of the region.
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