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  1. That'd a different topic. OP is suggesting a delay to dodge competition, not to deliver a more polished product.
  2. Your idea isn't bad, it just goes against Anet's self-enforced "play the game, not the UI" rule which is honestly very limiting and causes a lot of design problems. But that's not going to change now. Search and rescue is also just a PBAoE with a cap of 1 person. It works because it always has the same effect, you teleport a downed to you. Healing is more problematic, let's say a single target heal heals for 8k and it goes into the guy with 500 missinghealth because the ally missing 10k was 20 range farther. With a target cap of 5 or 10 it's way harder to waste your heals because it'll al
  3. Maybe you are right and it looks stacked but think about this: there are months until February. Lots of things could still be announced by then. What if Anet says "okay we'll delay it until May"? That's half a year away, maybe things will come out in May we don't even know of yet. Choosing not to compete isn't always great either. If you release something later than a competitor and people are hooked on that already then you're screwed anyway. Making the game good is what matters most.
  4. I don't know where you're getting that from, but that's never going to happen. Anet doesn't let us target allies, ever, and every support skill is a point blank AoE around your character. Unless skills have an AoE cap of 1 and it just targets the nearest ally (in which case it's going to be unusable while stacked on bosses or in a wvw zerg).
  5. An Imperial/Kurzick/Luxon themed 3 way split for a new map just makes infinite sense, it's the biggest slam dunk of the century. Would be a sin for Anet to miss out on that golden opportunity.
  6. There's something happening every month, they can't keep delaying things indefinitely because of that. And it doesn't matter when it's going to release, Blizzard is always keeping track of new releases so whenever Anet's releasing EoD they'll also release something for retail or TBC or classic fresh anyways. Can't dodge everything.
  7. It's an MMO expansion, every current player who doesn't plan on quitting is going to buy it. Sorry but it's a pointless question. Should be polling people who quit since PoF but I suspect they don't visit the forum.
  8. I'm just disappointed that instead of giving us a diverse collection of Canthan themed legendaries, we are getting an Aurene weapon set. I really couldn't care less about Aurene at this point and this expansion should be about Cantha, not her.
  9. I don't see why it would. The community is imagining way too much into the word "revitalization". It's a cathedral in a stone forest. In all likelyhood it's a mastery about restoring life to the forest in some form (turning it from stone to plant) and has nothing to do with housing. Arborstone itself is about as big as LA.
  10. A new cast would do wonders for the story. New areas of the world don't get to shine because we are always surrounded by the same people. It'd be nice for once if we got to hang out with a group of locals when we go to a place like Cantha, instead of sticking with the same old group all the time. And of course it'd be easier for new players to get involved without having to catch up with a decade's worth of story.
  11. They were clicking skills and playing hammer catalyst.. they'd need to pop invuln in Queensdale like that.
  12. Yes but that happened because they weren't satisfied with it internally and wanted to go another way. Nothing indicates that something like that is going to happen in EoD so close to launch. It's not like they made an attempt to recapture the spirit of Cantha from GW1 and missed the mark a bit so they'll finetune it. No, they never even tried and instead went in a completely different direction on purpose and for all we know they are satisfied with the results.
  13. Much of the criticism is centered around the art direction of EoD, that's not going to change. They are not going to make the map look one way and then rework it to give it a different vibe as we come closer to release. What we see is what we'll get.
  14. Because Anet always struggled with releasing content for GW2 (except for maybe 2016-2017) so it's widely known as an MMO without endgame content. Of course if you're new that's not true and there's plenty to do, but that doesn't matter if people don't give it a chance because of bad press in the first place. Living story soaks up most of their resources and that's been slowly killing the game for years.
  15. The problem is that GW2's endgame is purely cosmetic, but bar legendaries almost everything good looking after the game's launch went straight to the gem store. And it only became worse over the years. Anytime a new streamer comes to play GW2 it goes something like this: "That's a cool mount where can I get that? Oh.. the store, okay maybe not then" "What about the weapon? Also the store? okay.. and the armor? Wait that's store too?" "What about this mount skin? .. are you telling me every mount skin comes from the store?" No wonder people have a hard time investing in
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