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  1. Yea no im pretty sure there are less players now and more bots I dont know why you still think the February patch as a good thing. That's because people are tired of the game mode. Conquest is trash that leads to boring, limited build variety regardless of how you balance the game. 8+ years of this. If they don't entirely switch up the game mode for EoD, spvp will be dead dead.And what's your alternative? Because in 2v2 and 3v3 half the classes aren't even viable right now. There are many roles and niches in Conquest which create build diversity. You're deluding yourself if you think replaci
  2. Remember Smiter's Boon in GW1? It became a meme after Anet changed the skill from 5 energy/30s duration/10s CD to 25 energy/5s duration/90s CD. This was a bandaid fix made to remove the skills from the meta and was never meant to last. It's an isolated case in the game that was never revisited because Anet abandoned GW1. In GW2, Smiter's Booning and worse has become the standard last year: 2-3 second procs with 5 minute CDs Skills going from dealing 8k damage to 8 Condition durations going from 6 seconds to 1An amulet that was garbage for 5 years (cele) finds play in 1 build because it has br
  3. HoT because I enjoyed the PvP meta and also the tight PvE release schedule without knowing what comes next. It was fun and exciting, but I don't miss content being temporary.
  4. Relying on broken builds to keep broken builds in check is not a great reasoning. At least there's 1 less out there now.
  5. You get it, it was long time ago a 3 in 1 skill : hudge damage + CC + evade now it's only an evade skill, what's the problem with this ? (and It can always rupt things.) The first iteration was OP but that skill was already heavily nerfed ages ago. It was completely fine. And now they made the CC WORSE and even tok away any damage it still had. It feels so bad to use. Either remove the windup time and let us use it as a proper CC, or keep it and add the damage back. Right now it's a bad joke. Why even have a skill that does 3 things when 2 of those have been nerfed into the ground so it basica
  6. I don't enjoy either. Before the patch the powercreep was a horrible and desperately needed to be tuned back, so the patch was necessary. But there were so many changes that are just meme tier, like the 0.06% scaling on CC skills. A skill you have to channel for 2 seconds and has an obvious animation with a long CD or high energy cost SHOULDN'T hit for 8 damage.. sure it shouldn't do massive burst, but 1/100 of an auto attack? That has to be a joke. And they just blanketnerfed every single CC like that, there was 0 thought going into how to approach individual skills. CC was and still is out
  7. It's forum logic. sees class name in balance notes OMG ANET DELETED IT REEEE
  8. All these people crying because thief isn't a godtier 1v1 class are playing the wrong class.
  9. They haven't had a support build in a while, you should check your eyes. Not everything with Mender amulet is a support build. And I can see at least 2-3 other guardian builds listed. If you see a lot of DHs you are in elohell.
  10. Source? Or is this sarcasm? Nah it's not sarcasm, it's common knowledge that the other 2 founders left by 2009 (Patrick Wyatt and Jeff Strain) and the last time we've heard about GvG in GW2 was when Jeff Strain was interviewed. From the interview we learned that: Due to their love of e-sport and as an alternative to the relaxed World PvP, guild battles (GvG) will be present in Guild Wars 2 as well. Then he left and Anet scrapped both the PvP focus and GvG altogether. Source: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2:_The_Status_Quo
  11. CMC said it had a good winrate in plat as well, but ye those are probably wins of DH mains since 1000 BC. Yeah this is the other thing, the only people who are still playing DH in plat are the few diehard DH mains with like 3k hours clocked into playing it.
  12. Because 2 of the 3 founders of Anet cared deeply about PvP, and both of them left the company early into GW2's development leaving us with MO who envisioned a casual friendly carebear PvE MMO with dragons instead but they were stuck with the name.
  13. It's a weird paradox in competitive games that some of the least viable classes have the best winrates. I remember in Overwatch Symmetra had by far the highest winrate of all heroes, yet she was the worst hero in the game and borderline unplayable. The reason being that Symmetra was only really used in very specific niche scenarios where she was actually very good, and people simply didn't play her otherwise. Might be a similar thing here. DH is a terrible spec that's only good in bronze or silver, but it's a class that requires 0 skill to play and can delete bad players. So the casual PvE pla
  14. Today I saw a mesmer in my game pls nerf :'(
  15. My only gripe is that you're only considering zerker soulbeast with longbow/gs and not the other power options. Granted the Sic 'em build is by far the best right now, but this change just buries the less bursty ranger builds even further. Could you please consider giving axe mainhand some of its damage back? Right now axe is super underwhelming and barely does damage even with a zerker amulet. Landing all 5 projectiles of axe 2 on a single target does less damage than just throwing an autoattack at them. Axe 3 barely does double of what the autoattack is capable of.
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