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  1. It was definitely more fun to play this time around. But that's mostly due to dropping the elixirs and putting signets and minions back up. I've been playing Scourge for the last year and the Harbinger's shroud was a lot more familiar with the way I play. However I didn't care at all for the elixirs. Using blood magic trait line with signets and minions gave the class much more survivability. Not quite as tanky as the Scourge, but a lot more burst.
  2. After driving one for a while, I really would like it if there was more that the driver could do. I play mostly solo, and it will be pretty useless to me. I really want to like it. I like the quirky way it handles and walking on the bottom of the water is pretty cool, albeit a little too slow. It really is a cool mount. Just not if you are a solo player.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or not. When mounted as a passenger, if you leave the party you stay on the turtle and still can control the guns. You don't get dismounted till the driver dismounts.
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