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  1. If Anet would allow me to change his race, I would. But Im too heavily invested in his current level of progress.
  2. Well, in all honesty the little guy has been grinding Legendaries lately, so maybe he just needs a little rest. Either that or he's been hanging around Half-Baked.
  3. Seems from time to time by character gets bloodshot eyes with the Raven Helm on. Bloodshot: Normal: Not that I mind, it's kind of a cool look. Just wondering if it's happened to anyone else.
  4. Yeah, it seems inconsistent though. Renegade Ability #9 is an AOE healing skill but non-snappable. While the Centaur Ventari stance #9 is also a healing skill, but snappable. It does not make sense.
  5. My Revenant Renegade ground skills wont snap to target like my other ground skills (I have it turned on in options). Does anyone know why? My other ground skills snap to target just fine except Renegade.
  6. That's an easy fix....remove the pointed ears, give him insect like compound eyes and BAMM...new creation.
  7. I came across this image online.... And so I thought, a new humanoid/insectoid race would play well into GW2. What do you think?
  8. Fractal oriented player looking for a stress free, pool of casual players/guild that just want to enjoy the game with like minded people. I believe that if you are not having fun when playing, then you are doing it wrong. I dont want to deal with elitist, micromanaging, DPS-counting control freak players. Ive had awesome T4 Fractal pug groups where we had FUN and didn't mind wiping every now and then as we worked the mechanics, and Ive also had pug groups from hell where speed is all that mattered and where someone keeps questioning your choice of play style or even class with open text of
  9. I run a core elementalist. In my build I put out Auras and associated protection to "allies." : I also run multiple minor elemental creatures in a fight. Recently I noticed in a fractal that not all my allies where getting the aura/protection buff. At first I thought it was a distance issue. I have to be a certain distance from them in order for them to get the buff (600m). But that is not the case. The reason they were not getting the buffs is because my elemental creatures where getting the buff instead. I can run as many as 4 or 5 elemental creatures at a time. So they take up the buf
  10. IKR? I was doing Mai Trin yesterday. Mossman kept appearing...thing is, I swear he was coming out of her cabin. What is Mossman doing in Mai Trin's cabin? And why wasn't her boyfriend, Horrik doing something about his. What a slut.
  11. a little skinny WHY NOT? because all it does is bread negativity, discrimination and nothing but a bad flow in-game.if it was up to me i would ban arcDPS from the game and ban ppl from using it, DPS is absolutely useless when you suck at the game.Who told you, you suck at the game?
  12. Thank you for the advice and it's all well taken. My journey through GW2 has been something of evolution. I learn something new all the time, and it's usually something I overlooked. So we'll see where I end up. Now getting back to the topic at hand: GW2 DPS/Heal Meter.
  13. I didn't come here to complain so I dont know how you came to that conclusion. I was just relaying my own experiences. The topic is about DPS meters. And yes, I play like I enjoy playing. If core elementalist is so useless then why bother having it as it is? I also dont have any issues receiving boons. The fundamentals of this game is to enjoy it, not conform to what everyone else says how it should be done. Like I've said, I am sometimes the last man standing and on rare occasion have finished the boss off so I'm not so useless after all. Self sustaining heals/cc do play a part even at
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