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  1. They should just display it as a number, no counting needed
  2. There is no point in making another race because races in GW have no gameplay differences. New race would be just another human reskin that would cause massive amount of work needed to create new armor models. Everyone plays humans anyway, not worth it for the five people that would play tengu or whatever.
  3. We're a minority. Most people seem to love flashy weapons and costumes even though it looks bad. You can't even see the details of the outfit over that glow but still everyone seems to think more effects = better look. I cringe every time I see someone in a glowing armor, with glowing weapons and wings, with some auras and with the title "Fashion Collector".
  4. I use it all the time and I want an option to combine deposit and compact in one button so I don't have to click both every time. I don't get people who don't use compact, even if you organize stuff so that there is some free slots between your items, they will be filled by loot so in the end your stuff is mixed with random shit to salvage.
  5. OP you can't do anything about it, people mentioned it many times but ANet doesn't care. I had the same problem recently, I had exp maxed on every track and I constantly had the popup telling me to spend my points but I was saving them for another mastery.In the end I played with that shit for hours until I finished some LW2 achievements and got enough mastery points to buy what I wanted first.
  6. this is obviously a troll, nobody has the time to play all race/sex/profession combinations
  7. There already was an anti cheat but it was removed because cheaters whined that they can't cheat anymore and blamed ArenaNet for infringement of privacy.
  8. The only thing that needs to be changes with clocktower is removing waiting times. Difficulty is fine, there are more difficult JPs in core tyria.It's my first halloween and I completed it after like ten minutes of trying. It was really disappointing to be honest, I heard so much about it that supposedly only 95% of people would complete it and I expected it to be long but it takes two minutes. It's easier than core tyria puzzles because distance between platforms is adjusted to the distance of a full forward jump and platforms are big so you don't have to aim and worry that you will jump too
  9. Dry Top and Silverwastes are available even without LS2 bought so they go under Central Tyria.
  10. since they were doing that why couldn't they also add an option that would merge deposit+compact?
  11. all medium armor looks the same because of buttcapes, you're basically forced to wear sneakthief I feel like gw1 armors were more memorable
  12. don't know why can't they just make them sellable to merchants for 1cit wouldn't ruin the economy
  13. this game really doesn't need 80 levels but it was made that way to attract players of other mmos who have a weird fondness of mindless exping for the highest levelthey don't care about story, events or whatever the game provides, they only want to grind and gain levelsI knew people like that, they didn't want to play GW1 because "only 20 levels and you get that in a week? what am I supposed to do after that?"
  14. Norns need more character creation options, from what I remember they have less hair styles to choose from etc
  15. we really don't need devs wasting time for unimportant for lore races just so five players could play them
  16. Fix this shit, it's still in the game, it keeps popping all the time telling me to spend mastery points but I want to save them for a more expensive mastery. Stop ignoring your customers.
  17. Friend told me he watched GW2 gameplays and he was turned off by how much is happening on the screen because you can't see anything, great job anet
  18. Not only the thing with getting a mount needs fixing, after you hit 80 in core tyria you get annoying popup that appears over chat that tells you to go to expansions to unlock masteries, this also butchers story immersion. I had to go to HoT and finish first mission when I haven't done even 75 percent of core story. You can't disable that popup, it reappears every time you gain exp, it forces you to unlock masteries. In a way it's a good thing because if you wouldn't unlock them then you'd waste exp but why not just make masteries unlocked by default when someone owns expansions?
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