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  1. The fact is they've had years since they said it was coming, no assumptions or extrapolations from the community, it's what they said. Does they include Grouch, or anyone even still at ANet? Who knows, but it's still the collective they. If this is the product of those years then we have problems. Indeed, it's beta. However, what many who are having an adverse reaction to are doing is putting what happened in the context of what's happened for 9 years; an inability to connect with the community and follow through with professionally delivered experiences. There's no wild assumptions being
  2. Players: please start beta testing things instead of using us as free beta testers on live content. ANet: delivers a beta test. Players: 😱😰😧😫. Is it imperfect and buggy? Yup. Is it beta? YUP!
  3. This is gonna be a fun week. One bad joke after another around here anymore. Chat is gonna be a whole other level of entertainment. I can't wait for this, lmao. Almost as good as if we had been linked with DB or YB. I love me some good old team chat meme chat.I may just xfer, I've done the Mag show before.
  4. This is gonna be a fun week. One bad joke after another around here anymore.
  5. Getting steam rolled by map blobs gets old too. Advise them to cinch up their big boy pants and get gud.
  6. They just hired a dev to develop this and 45 gem store items to support him.
  7. Does anyone know what this build is that seems to be becoming prevalent?
  8. which diamond legend account of mine did you mean? The one that's not this Platinum something account.
  9. I have nearly a whole mule toons inventory worth of bananas.
  10. I'm aware they're cheap and even have stacks, I just found it curious and wanted to be sure the wiki was accurate before I started making things. Thanks!!
  11. Is the wiki accurate that Gift of the Mists requires Gift of Glory which is purchased with Shards of Glory? I thought it was a "WvW trinket".
  12. Why not do it on your Diamond Legend account?
  13. Been running it exclusively in a lightning rod, heavy CC, aura share build. It's great!!
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