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  1. Really excited about the Celestial Vindicator options for small scale WvW. The build I'm going to experiment with will be focusing on Chill application and duration. Chill-estial Vindicator I apologize for the corny name, but it was the best I could do 🙂 Anyway, build focuses on the OP celestial stats, high chill uptime with Grenth Runes, and using sword/Axe/GS. Very similar to what @Za Shaloc.3908posted, with a couple tweaks. I messed around with this a lot during beta and had some very good duels with this as the Chill uptime can make kiting easy if players aren't reliably re
  2. Wow. Wasn't available for a few days so nice to see the discussion. Seems like there is some agreement that CoR needs a change - which I'm in in on. The reason why I recommended the ice field is that Hammer 5 is challenging to land on a single target because of the cast time so an Ice Field would promote self peel in small scale situations. Hammer inherently has 3 combo finishers in it's auto attack and 2 blast finishers but no reliable combo field to use it on. Chill is a great peeling and soft CC and also fits with the Rev theme of a decent amount of Chill application. Another thin
  3. Hi all. Hope your new year is going well. With EoD right around the corner, I'd like to discuss a topic that I consider a prime issue with Core Rev - it is the only profession lacking a true ranged duelist weapon. There have been topics in the past that tried to address this issue. Currently, it's really only used primarily in one game mode - WvW - and mainly zerg play. In sPvP it's virtually non-existent. Unranked players may test builds; Shao even made a montage with Core Hammer Rev, but it just isn't good in the game mode. In PvE, it's OK for some functions in Open World, but "anything
  4. Just watched the GW2 stream and CMC gave some updates coming for next beta for all classes. Seems there are two major changes Vindicator will get: All Grandmaster dodge traits will now be 100 energy (instead of 50, 100, 150 energy) An F3 has been created to lock Alliance stance I'm OK with the 100 energy on dodge. The vigor trait and heal/barrier dodge were broken in PvP. It needed to be fixed and the massive damage dodge wasn't impactful enough. Stamina Sigil will be really good in open world and WvW zerging (since they gave a max of 100 energy on kill) As far as the Alli
  5. Sorry, late to this thread.... Wanted to comment on the Defender Runes. Since this was tagged as WvW, I'm assuming the OP is referring to a roaming role for Virtuoso as a zerg DPS typically wouldn't run Defender runes. Anyway, there is one main function that the OP's proposed build is missing: Swiftness. If we are assuming roaming, a source of swiftness is borderline mandatory. I was in a popular streamer's channel having this discussion while they were testing Virtuoso, and we (the chat) recommended Defender runes because of the block synergy. The streamer tested it out but it was c
  6. I've been reading your idea over your proposed F3 "freeze", looks like you even created a specific thread for it. If I understand your idea correctly, it's that you want to create an F3 to lock in your preferred Archemorous/Saint Viktor utilities so there is no flip over skill. My issue with this design still persists - The F2 (or F3 mechanic in this case) are not affecting all Legends. For example, if I equip Shiro/Jalis, how will this F3 "freeze" affect me? Does it affect me at all? If there is no benefit, the concept should not happen as it pigeonholes us into using Alliance stance, wh
  7. I don't think many are arguing that endurance gain on F2 is a problem. As you said, it connects with the Vindicator dodge mechanic. The issue is that F2 outside of Alliance Stance ONLY gives energy; there is no other benefit. Even Core Rev Ancient Echo F2 has more flavor as it gives energy and a unique boon related to what Legend your currently in. While vanilla, this is more than the Vindicator F2 does. Even Herald, while a little bland as well, is a good example of what F2 could be done (each legend has a unique Facet and activation ability). The simple thing would be do add a boon to e
  8. Initial impressions on design: Trait and Mechanic Design F2 needs a different mechanic or addition. The ability just feels unrewarding when using outside Legendary Alliance. I feel almost punished for using it any other stance. Idea for change at the end of feedback. Adept traits are another feelsbad design moment outside of Alliance stance. There are 2 traits that directly affect Legendary Alliance stance and the only other option is a 90 sec ICD in PvP that will be mandatory if you don't want to use Legendary Stance. Balance in Discord is nice Legend swap idea but yet
  9. Was thinking the same thing. Being stuck using staff for almost every PvP/WvW roaming build is frustrating and now it seems we might be able to shed that weapon. I can definitely see GS/Sword/Axe as a weapon set now. We have a built in block and mobility in GS now to match other professions (*cough* Ranger *cough*). Also, Alliance legend gives a built in cleanse/healing/mobility for sustain that Staff provided as well. Finally, offhand sword was almost mandatory for damage since Staff didn't have much. Don't forget that we can get even more mobility with offhand axe and Axe 4 (Frigid Bli
  10. As @Za Shaloc.3908 mentioned, the Serene Rejuvenation design seems to be the past way Devs designed the traits to coincide with specific Legend utilities. I could write an essay on how this is poor design choice, but it's where were at. Imo, the issue isn't Serene Rejuvenation per se, but it's the design of the talents themselves. We are given three distinct play styles that coincides with top, middle, and bottom traits. In a way, Salvation traits don't actually give you a choice, you select talents based a specific game mode and deviating from the trait rows almost puts you at a disadvan
  11. Whatever the build and due to the one dodge mechanic plus players having experience with Mirage, we'll see some staple gear used for a lot of the builds that come up: Energy sigils Superior Rune of the Adventurer Bowl of Orrian and Truffle Meat Stew or Holographic Super Cake and my personal favorite - Stamina Sigils (going to be so fun WvW zerg bombing this!) If you don't have legendary runes or sigils, may want to get these now. Very good chance these go up in price starting tomorrow 🙂
  12. Sorry I'm late to this thread. Haven't been keeping up. I've been waiting for new Rev info to look at forums and that came today. So this thread may get buried amid the flurry of attention the new Vindicator teaser trailer, but just wanted to give some attention to this thread as it is important. I've been trying myself to make a Hammer rev roaming build work, but it's challenging. I feel like Shiro/Jalis is almost necessary bc of mobility of Shiro and the CC from Jalis to set up your bombs. I'm trying to get away from Staff as it's almost necessary in roaming builds, but you need a defen
  13. Looks like combination of some Reaper, Warrior, and Ranger greatsword abilities in the trailer. You can see the Reaper Gravedigger and Death Spiral animations and even Ranger Greatsword block animation after the Graverdigger ability. Hard to tell which abilities are from legends or the weapon, but looks like we're getting everything we've been asking for: a mobile, high damage AoE weapon with some defense built in. Anyway to have a PvP build not have to be forced to use Staff is a win in my book.
  14. 18 months. That's how long it's been since the massive competitive balance updates of Feb 25th, 2020 that brought a ton of changes. Changes this drastic probably need many, many months of iteration and testing to get it right. Ironically, just a few weeks later on March 12th, 2020, we were given our first tease that ANet was working on the new expansion. In hindsight, this should have been the first indication that balance was probably going to be a back-burner topic until EoD was released. While we have had multiple competitive balance patches and even a "pre-EoD skills and profes
  15. So wait... Still no changes to the 300 sec CD traits in competitive modes? When will these be changed?
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