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  1. I totally agree with players posting any new ideas and suggestions if they are feasible and good for the game. We can always discuss and refine them and perhaps turn them into something worthwhile that Anet can consider implementing. My comment was on what to expect as that topic has been raised countless times and had seen pages upon pages of opposing debates. Of course, some of the suggestions should be sealed and buried before it takes its first breathe because they are bad for various reasons.
  2. I should have quoted the whole comments instead. Weapons require same effort from all. Having a different set which will require having to do something repeatedly if failed, you don't think anyone would complained? Especially if they know relative to other types, requirements such as these are not needed. I've always advocated for a Pure OW set with lots of suggestions, from all my posts regarding Armors. But I'm under no illusions that if it happens, there would not be any complains if they're too difficult. You really think everyone, especially new players when they compare the methods, will all be happy?
  3. I think this has been discussed to death already. If something like that would to be implemented, what do you think will happen soon after? Threads upon threads on this forum complaining that Legendary Armors are too grindy. Just look at Skyscales complain threads. It can be done in 1/2 a week if someone has the time and truly make the effort. Or can just take their time by doing a little here and there. And it's absolutely nothing in comparison to Legendary Armors. Yet, complains abounds.
  4. Do you know why players get Legendaries? It's not about getting items with better stats but everything to do with QoL. Just one set of Trinkets , Sigils and Runes are needed for all your characters. Armor sets can be used by all characters of the same weight class and all weapons can be used by all of your characters if usable by their professions. All equipment templates will use the same item but the stats attributes can be anything from template to template. The stats attributes can be easily changed at anytime. All upgrade items such as runes, sigil and infusions can be swapped out easily without losing any of them so another of your character can use them if needed. Legendary Runes and Sigils are also easily customizable and only a single set is needed for all your characters and templates as well. There is no transmutation costs for changing the skins of armors or weapons. It is all about convenience which is worth the time and effort to acquire although Ascended items have the same stats and are lots cheaper.
  5. Custom wallpapers will not be cheap. However, if you have the money to spend, I doubt there will be any problems with copyright issue since it's for private use. No different from using it on your PC.
  6. How would you turn Auric Ingots into gold? Almost all its usage are account bound. And you only need just a few if you use them to buy Provisioner Tokens, of which the end products are all account bound. Only practical use for Auric Dust is Fulgurite for making gold.
  7. Anything that says "Trophy" are safe to delete, salvage or sold once the events/collections are done. Any items needed in the future, if deleted, there will always be a way to purchase them from vendors.
  8. The tooltip is wrong. It should be 2 AP: Troubles from the Deep. 2 ways to confirm if you've completed them: 1) check Wiki since they directly access the achievements points from the game. 2) Filter the APs - Hero panel>Achievements >(Gear icon on the right of Search - Add Achievement Point Filter) Achievement will disappear once completed.
  9. What kind of small group contents are you talking about that other maps have that EoD doesn't? Events? Yes, EoD has those. Champs? Yep. Some events scale up to spawn event boss from Elites to Champs. Dragon's End, especially, will spawn Champs at many of the events. Worth playing? Yes, again. The small event rewards are as good or much better than on other maps. Have you actually play the Xpac? There are tons of exotics available that certain events will drop. End of Dragons weapons. And lots of armors as well: End of Dragons armor. Aside from DE meta, all the other EoD metas are easily playable by the majority audience. And they all offer better rewards than any HoT metas. Try it and compare the value since that's just my word here. Of course, you can check sites such as Fast-Farming. You probably haven't really played the Xpac and are just echoing what some of what the haters has said because you seemed to be particularly misinformed.
  10. I can understand how not everyone will like all aspects but why not do them in bits and pieces. There are 5 distinct sections. Do each as a separate and unique achievements. You can get 45 achievements points total. Take a week or a month to do each sections. Or just re-visit whenever you have time. Most people who view it as long and grindy are trying to get it in 1 long haul. And before you know it, you'll be hovering your very own skyscale just to annoy others.
  11. You probably can stat change this like other Ascended items and salvage for Research Notes. It'll at least give you something instead of just discarding it.
  12. Someone hovering close to the ground, especially in safe zones is one of the most annoying aspects of the skyscale. The constant flapping of the wings and filling up your whole screen as they hover just above and behind you. At Ley-line Anomaly, you'll usually see 1/2 a dozen hovering and waiting for when the Anomaly is vulnerable. Be considerate and hover to the side. Really, you will have plenty of time to get credit. Particularly annoying are those who hover at the start of Soo-Won's fight. Knowing they are in no danger, some will just afk or simply take their time to join the fight. And in the process, blocking your sight of any AoEs. Stay mounted but land and you'll be fast to react as well. If it's annoying enough, I'll just hop onto my skyscale and hover just behind and slightly above them. Filling their entire screen and serenading them with the music of the flapping wings. Guaranteed to make them move away fast.
  13. I don't think anyone's disagreeing with you on the need for adjustments. It is the word 'broken' that is the issue. It is not broken but rather that players find ways to trivialize yet another event by employing a new strategy. It starts with the Siege Turtles in the 1st phase which makes the walls ineffective. Maybe a solution would be to disable mounts within a certain range of Jormag. And make other tweaks and/or impose conditions such that the intended mechanics has to be carried out before it can ve killed.
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