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  1. The whole game, and virtually all MMOs and other games are fantasy. You are confusing anachronistic fantasy with the word fantasy.
  2. I was just typing out the reply and was going to ask exactly the same thing. And you basically mirrored what I was going to say. I have a dozen lvl 80 alts as well and 17k spirit shards. Too lazy to do mats promotions unless I need T6 mats. Can definitely get rid of shards very fast that way.
  3. Only uses for them are, aside from guild enhancements, leveling your alts. It's account bound. Can't be salvaged but can be used to buy bags of spirit shards from mystic forge vendors. Or consume them 1 at a time for shards.
  4. If you have Thousand Sea Pavilion, it's probably the best area to fish for World Class and Saltwater. Lots of fishing holes and no mobs to interfere. However, it cost 1k gems to purchase, if you don't have it.
  5. Again, you are ignoring all the inactives that get included in the calculations. If they're no longer around, then they can't decide whether to get or not to get a skyscale. Look at the number of players on gw2efficiency who played War Eternal, the Skyscale Story Journal: 193,905/366,619 (52.890%). That would suggest almost 50% of those statistics had already stopped playing the game or do not own those episodes. In either case, it'll be impossible for them to choose to get a skyscale or not. If you calculate based on that number, then the % becomes 136,451/193,905 = 70.37%. And assu
  6. As I mentioned above, how many of the playerbase are active accounts? If someone had quit before War Eternasl was released 3 years ago, they will still be included in the calculations. Take those away, your percentages really doesn't amount to much.
  7. Even without doing the meta (which is not difficult to succeed with LFG groups), there are other things to do. Aside from the chunks of pure jade, you can farm writs and imperial favors from many of the fast-spawned events & farm Jade Runestones from doing the shrine guardian infants' hidden caches. Assuming you're all done with map achievements amd fishing achievements there.
  8. To add to my post above regarding using the data from gw2efficiency as proof of mount ownerships. What percentage of current active players would own the most basic of these mounts which are easy to get: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer & Jackal (released Aug 2017 with PoF - aside from Griffon which some may opt not to get because of cost or Skyscale)? I don't know a single level 80 player who has played for a little while who doesn't have them all. Or own most of them. So would the percentage be close to 100%? Or lots less?
  9. Just to point out that gw2efficiency was created in October 2013 (8 1/2 years ago). Skyscales were introduced in May 2019, almost exactly 3 years ago. Unless deleted, inactive accounts will still show in the statistics. Of the 366,505 players shown, how many of those players were still active after skyscales were introduced? It's possible you're correct but that's banking on a set of data we have little knowledge of how reflective it is to the real percentage.
  10. Majority? According to what data? If anything, it's a very small vocal minority. Of course, saying "small vocal minority" is exactly the same as saying majority unless I have some hard data to prove it. However, apart from the occasional complains about the grind, I hardly ever hear players saying how awful it is overall. People tends to throw the word majority around a lot on this forum when complaining about something without any proofs whatsoever. A handful of players complaining on forum does not constitute a majority - it is merely a handful.
  11. Simple solution to your preferences. Get rid of the time limit. That will reduce DPS requirements. Get Soo-Won to dance around lots more with more bites. And Thornhearts everywhere. That will ensure everyone needs to do the mechanics. Only problem is the fight may take several hours. Maybe have Soo-Won call a washroom break after every 2 hours.
  12. It doesn't. Although it serves as a reminder to me that they still haven't fix it.
  13. Haven't tried myself but heard of full Warrior and also full Virtuoso squads getting comfortable wins. Saw a LFG for full Thieves the other day but not sure how it went. I'm sure there are others planning to or already did a pure class meta squad.
  14. They do but they make sure players on their Discords are on map first before they list. However, since these squads are already at least 1/2 full, they fill up extremely fast and thus, do not stay in LFG for very long.
  15. The daily limit per account is 60 chunks of pure jade, not 20 nodes (updated the info on wiki). The design is consistent with all other permanent rich nodes and map currencies. These nodes are subjected to soft-reset, i.e. 22 to 24 hours after previous farming.
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