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  1. Unfortunately, there's always quite a few who read forum posts so they can offer criticisms. Attempts at humor are also often lost on too many. You almost have to put up big signs to explain the intentions. @DreadstoneofXev.6810 Continue with your adventures.
  2. None of the aetherblades counts. Tried, story, fractals EotM and OW.
  3. There's no trackers but it's not bugged. You get achievement soon as you kill Mai Trin.
  4. That's just 1 of the many many LFG squads that I join. I might have done maybe 10 runs with them. Most of the other squads, I've never done any runs with them before. But you just come up with made-up numbers and then use words like most, majority, etc. as if they are facts without anything to support your claims.
  5. No, I wasn't implying that you were claiming it as so. Was just responding to that comment to show that what either of us have done are nothing special. One of the many groups I do the runs with has about 75 squad wins. And there are a lot of regulars on that squad who do practically every run with it, meaning that many have over 70+ wins
  6. Another person using the word majority to describe the same few people who post to complain about it on every single threads regarding DE. On what basis do you have for that claim? I've always seen full maps of players at every single DE meta I'd attended. But it'll be a stretch for me to claim that the majority loves it since I have no data to prove that. A few dedicated complainers on forum about DE =/= majority of players. Same as a few dedicated players who provide counter-argument =/= majority of players. We are all just the vocal minority arguing from different sides.
  7. Who would you ask to leave? Ryland or Braham? Maybe Jormag or Primordus? There's no one farming there. The meta starts and you get in for the public instance. Once the instance is full, another will open. You won't even know how someone else is doing if you''re not in a party with them. On a personal note, I find commanders that ask people to leave the map often very distasteful. It's rather rude even if they use the word "Please". "Please leave the map if you're not doing the meta". No. Just no. You came onto the map I was on and you want me to just leave? The squad of 50 is not more imp
  8. Can always use TacO. The latest marker packs has all the possible locations mapped out. However, there's no trails to follow yet, so we'll have to make our own trails. Unless you're truly familiar with the map, it'll take a lot more time than 6 mins. Bear in mind that a video like that takes lots of preparations. Learn the maps & locations of spawns, practice, practice, practice.. But as he said, he has been making tons of gold on this expansions so it's definitely worth it.
  9. How many resins will you get per circuit that takes 10-15 mins? There's a cap of 60 Jade/day but you can easily get them all in less than 5 mins, or gather them as you do events.
  10. I do expect successful runs. I do DE meta daily and as of last night, have personal win number 76. Perhaps, some of you enjoy doing Drizzlewood on repeat, a few runs each day (assuming you have the time to do several runs each day) plus all your dailies. For me, 1 meta per day for any map is enough. Then move on to another map. Some of the things I try to do daily if I have the time - Dailies, Guildhalls farming, Home farming, PSNA, Fractals, Strikes, etc. After that, it's pick and choose depending on time. Be it EoD, IBS, HoT or whatever. There is absolutely no need to do repe
  11. How long does Drizzlewood meta, both North and South last? How many runs do you do per day there? One, Five? Spirit Shards and Clovers? Factor those in. What's their value? Base them on crafting prices. And how fast do you get them from the reward chests? Average them into the runs. Now, roughly how much gold will they add to the hourly farming. Compare these to EoD maps where you get Imperial Favors and Writs to trade for chests, Antique Summoning Stones, etc. When you average them out, each individual item brings very little to the hourly total, be it Drizzlewood or EoD maps.
  12. If you've played enough MMOs, you'd know that system is always subjected to scammers who prey on others, especially newbies.
  13. Impossible? No. Probable? Not really....but then, we're talking about a fantasy game. It's as realistic as dragons, all the races, all the magic and how great I (and everyone else) look in the game.
  14. If you're going to claim something, then you provide links to prove your points. Not my job to prove it for you. What you provided is just 1 example , and you take that as proofs? The video does not list in any order of profitability. Here's a link to show how profitable EoD maps can be: Farm Train Notice the top 2 profit/hour areas?
  15. Wrong information maybe from your personal experience. You implied you're from EU. Guess what? EU is not NA. Even if you have never come across a slow map, I have. And I'm sure others have as well. That's not wrong informations. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean that it never happens. Or are you suggesting that ONLY YOU have the correct info? "There is not a single map in EOD which makes you 30 to 40 gold per hour. " So you have tested all the maps exhaustively? Or just do a couple of metas and do a couple of events , and conclude based on that? Did I ever state that all
  16. True for DE meta but not for the other EoD maps. As for Summoning Stones, assuming you do the meta daily and also buy from the vendor, it'll take less than 8 1/2 weeks to get 100 - 12/week. But you're right that there's absolutely no hurry to get the jades. Just 4 days farming the nodes and you'll have enough.
  17. Blatant lies? Please don't get personal in a discussion. I base everything on my experience. Where do you think I farmed before EoD was released? I like EoD because it gives me more choices but I still farm all those maps including all the HoT, IBS, RIBA, etc. True, I spend more time in EoD atm but I haven't abandon the rest. And will probably spend more time there once the novelty of new maps wears off somewhat.
  18. We're talking about GW2, right? All EoD metas are chain events that ends in bosses, maps with a variety of champions to fight. EoD metas are continuous, same as at DS or DWC. It's fine if you prefer pre-EoD maps but they are not that different. Other than Dragon's End, which require more coordinations and preparations, the other metas are just as easy for anyone to participate. Also, I don't know why some people thinks the loots are better in older maps. Have they really taken a look at what they actually get? TD caches, AB chests, DS pods, DWC chests, etc. None of them are any better. M
  19. As a matter of fact, I do frequent those maps. The only ones that are decent is TD because of the caches. The rest is just as deserted/populated as any others without metas or pre-events occuring. As for EoD, I find the loots just as lucrative. It doesn't have to be events. You can farm the Shrine Guardian Infants puzzle on all 4 of those maps for very decent loots.
  20. Go there when there's no meta happening and see how well populated they are.
  21. Show me any map for HoT that has lots of people if there's no metas happening. Or any maps at all, for that matter, including Drizzlewood. I've been on Drizzlewood maps that's virtually deserted and had to look in LFG to find populated maps. Players are always map-hopping looking for maps with tags.
  22. Yet, meta maps listed on LFG for EoD are always filled and hard to get into. Strange, isn't it?
  23. First of all, if you just expect to join a meta that pops up on just any map you're farming, then expect to be disappointed. Practically every single meta in GW2 requires being there from the beginning. And they normally last more than 5 or 10 minutes. More than ample time to get there. Virtually all metas rely on LFG to fill the instance. Just joinimg a tagless meta, expect to be disappointed as well. It's easy to create flat uninteresting vanilla type maps which are easily accessible. I can just see the complains: about how little effort Anet put into it, how boring they are, etc.
  24. Stairs, Ramps, Teleporters & Ziplines. But like everything else on any other maps, you shouldn't expect to instantly know how to get from Point A to Point B unless the maps are flat. Take Tangled Depths for example. It's not difficult to get from one area to another if you learn where all the Wallows leads to. No different from relocating to a new city in real life. You learn the routes. You do not instantly have knowledge of how to get around in the city.
  25. Interesting. None of the starting points for any of the Metas are hard to get to. Seitung starts at Daigo Ward Waypoint; Kaineng, after doing the Pre-events, just follow the waterways; Echovald at Kropa Waypoint and Dragon's End at Jade Quarry Waypoint. After that, it's just a matter of following the Huge Big Arrows or NPCs. Echovald, follow the roads shown on minimap and it's easy to get from one point to another. As for meta populations, it's absolutely no different from any other maps. They are always listed on LFG. Just randomly joining a small group on map, of course, chances for suc
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