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  1. Anet your download system is ultimate garbage, it is so slow and it download so many tiny files, please at this age allow us to download in one go or give us option to, this system is causing so much issues for people who live outside USA and Europe. You client needs connection with US servers and in order to download the game fully additional VPN is required. This is a very discouraging for new player. So many players I have know in other discord community who wanted play GW 2 comes back saying they can't download. Majority of people are stuck at 34% and the download goes down to 1MB - 2MB an
  2. This game is notorious for particles effect. Now before you all say "EFFECT LOD CAN HELP" NO it cannot help. This game over the years have added Auras, now floating balls, flashy skill effects. It's borderline impossible to play now, all the players are just looking at the numbers and not characters. Please let us completely shut down all other player effects. I know Anet sells cooosmetics and you want others to see that, and get mentally manipulated, and cave in, and and spend money, but nope this is actually discouraging, and this information is pretty much known to all gamers today so that
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