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  1. Hello, Have you joined the AG Discord? Aurora Glade as a server is pretty active - the new link is also very active with many open tags. A lot of tags on AG are voice only / fight based at the moment - so you need to be on Discord for an invite or you cannot see the tag as they are hidden. We are working on getting more chatmander / PPT commanders trained up for more coverage & more casual content, but if you are looking for solid fight content go check out the Discord. Also, we are running an AG training week right now, training
  2. Also followed by the fact you have organised, voice zone-blob on an enemy borderland at 2am in the morning, pretty much killing all night-time content for everyone. https://ibb.co/7SGzZjG Totally balanced.
  3. Based on the fact you were locked to full & linkless due to an attempt to manipulate your population around 12 months ago. You opened up for 5 days, and had an influx of 28 people registered on GW2 mists + everyone else (random guess at around 50/60?) - you were already over stacked, over populated from your last population manipulation attempt, and now you are linked with a solid fight based GvG server? Just additional proof that the people making the decisions on the WvW side of this game, have absolutely no idea what is going on.
  4. I am currently against Gandara - and you certainly should not have a link. Your population is way too high - this matchup is completely unbalanced & skuffed because of Gandara + Fort Ranik. If you were to get a link, a quiet link like Jade Sea or Arborstone.. maybe - but Fort Ranik?
  5. I am happy with AG's link this time around.
  6. As someone on Aurora Glade, I can confirm we have a large amount of casual tags that have no voice & build requirements. They are also very fun & active.
  7. I think a change of the reward system, a full rework could be beneficially. But to recover the game mode & bring it back to its previous glory I think you touched on a few good points, and aNet would need to hit all of them consecutively. - Rework of the reward system - Balance the new classes (immediately) - Release new content in the form of maps - Better marketing towards competitive players I am aware that most of the revenue is generated by PvE players, but the development time from aNet on the PvE side compared to the PvP side is just so obs
  8. The toxic player situation is a chicken or the egg thing. I see more players acting in a toxic way, because their hard work, rating MMR & overall enjoyment of the game mode is killed because of the unbalanced match-making. I think the idea of over-punishing toxic players is a fallacy, and a bad one at that. I know quite a few experienced sPvP players who have permanently quit because they were banned for calling someone an "idiot" because they were in a P2 matchup and a player wasn't aware of basic map rotations. This is to be expected. Punishing toxi
  9. Ranked sPvP has been slowly deteriorating and dying over the last 6/7 months, the last time I felt a season of ranked was actually providing balanced matchups was prior to the removal of the mender amulet & during the scourge bunker meta. I'm not actually sure that it is possible to fix this game mode and make it playable again at this point. It feels like there is a circle of unbalanced matchups due to low population, causing more experienced players to leave - continuing the circle. For an example, yesterday - I was in a match (this was prime time) -
  10. At the end of the day, we need to push aNet for better results than this. Because this mistake cost them. If you forum warriors deny to recognize that - we are going to be stuck in Beta for 4 years.
  11. Because your idea of credibility really fulfils me.
  12. So aNet intended this to be the queuing Beta? They had no way to stress test their system before allowing so many of their users to spend their Friday night testing the most basic aspects of it? Are you serious? 🤣
  13. So it is clear all of the Beta's aNet are releasing are not ready for public testing. But this mess up with alliances really blew their chance at breathing new life into WvW. I know many guild and community leaders who have put a lot of work into preparing for this but yet not one could get through the queue. Even if they removed the map cap completely, this would have given them a better chance at collecting data for the beta. aNet just lost a golden opportunity to bring a lot of life back into the game mode and left a lot of people with a so
  14. I am also seeing this issue with my guild, I assumed that we hit a number limit.
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