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  1. Oh crap that’s a lot. I guess I’ll just option for the story instead. Thanks for the info.
  2. May I know which specific tome for thief’s axe? I want to save some resources.
  3. Love relics. Makes me not make additional armor set for special effects.
  4. Will there be a new stat set like the dragon/ritualistic last expansion?
  5. Daredevil is a basically your standard hack & slash melee warrior in other games. Equip staff then 2, 2, 2 ftw. And with regards daredevil utility skills, you don’t need any of those. Just use passive buffing signets & some emergency skills & you are good to go.
  6. Thanks for that info. It seems it will probably take another year or two for pvp/fractal mist accessories to have dragon stats but at least we are certain.
  7. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PahAYVlZwwYZsLGJW0TXtaA-zRJYiR1/Y0PVrUV+PJhxfL/eGB-e Skill, trait, rune, sigil & food are geared towards self-sustain while maintaining 100% critical rate.
  8. True. Thief’s damage in guild wars 2 sucks so bad that it makes me want play thief in guild wars 1, a single target BURST MONSTER! They need to increase heartseeker’s damage to a point it will actually hurt.
  9. Yes you're right, marauder with eagle rune is overkill. Convert some marauder to dragon. Try to aim for just 63-70% Base Crit (+7% twin fangs, +10% keen observer, +20% fury = 100% crit)
  10. Highest stats in the entire gw2 arsenal. Place it in a legendary equipment set and you can play any build or class you want for all you characters.
  11. This is SO SO TRUE! Devs only serve 1% of the population instead of the 99%. No wonder why a lot of casual players stopped playing right after finishing the story or getting obliterated in pvp lol. Next! TC I know you feel like shiit but you are not a loser. Assassins in this game are just designed unfriendly.
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