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  1. "Per each target" "Range is melee" "20 something sec CD" Yea. I'll treat it as zero cleanses sorry.
  2. And, please add a mechanism for us to move the jade sphere fields with us like and engi can move gyro wells with them. Remove all damage from them if needed but make them move with the players or allow us to relocate them..Right now they get wasted in wvw and pvp where you have to keep moving as an ele. We are eles not scourges.
  3. Also to the people who are saying hammer 3 is cool, did we play the same game? I mean i guess the aesthetics look fine but it lasts only 5 secs and a single interrupt in can mean it goes to waste even if you spend a painful amount of time going through 4 attunements to summon it. At least warrior only has to press 1 button to charge for 5 secs.. we have to play piano for all 4 orbs and the ending note is a scream of tragedy. That skill is the most lacklustre one on the entire weaponset for me. To top it off, its a projectile.... 😭
  4. I'll just make a few points about hammer to sum up my disappointments. 16 weapon skills on hammer and 0 cleanses. ZERO. Even the heal skill only cleanses when used in water jade sphere field which is locked behind energy AND an attunement cooldown. I have to use either fire traitline or water traitline to get any cleansing or just run cantrips.. so like.. why not just play tempest or weaver or even core ele with a weapons that have cleansing.. Your entire catalyst traitline is geared towards synergizing with combo fields and generating auras with blasts. Okay.. well? Where are they
  5. I realized I only offered criticism and nothing constructive which is in poor taste. If we are to talk about QoL adjustments to staff (Since I do believe the damage numbers are fine) the only QoL I would really reallllyy love on staff weaver and that would imho push it a bit more closer to the META is 1) removal on the root while casting meteor shower (and piledriver too) Bonus adjustments: 2) Make elemental polyphony in weaver trait lines shareable with 5 party members 3)removal of "projectile" status from Plasma blast and pyroclastic blast. 4) Make the 10%
  6. a meteor shower into an air overload is amazing! I love staff tempest too. I sometimes run a Fresh air one which spams air overloads in melee for aoe shocking aura before unloading meteor shower. Having one button access to unsteady ground and static field (2 of the best CCs in wvw imho) is definitely great. I just find weaver damage to be higher overall because the traitline offers so much damage modifiers like elements of rage, polyphony and swift revenge. But again weaver gives nothing to the group like tempest auras and even the CC skills are often locked behind attunements when needed. It
  7. This is such a recurring topic by now. Staff weaver is top damage in open field wvw. This is something that no serious gw2 player who has seen decent weavers will contest. There are plenty of ele content creators and other multiclass content creators that have shared videos of staff weaver damage in wvw and it is utterly undeniably much higher than most other classes unless of course the weaver is kittening up placements. That superpeed thing impacts all other damage classes too. Anyone can move out of the damage fields fast right now with superspeed. The damage being low is NOT why
  8. Yea experienced the same. Had to close game and relog for things to improve but some people still facing issues even after the reset
  9. Yea. TBH what's good damage is personal opinion at this point. I don't think ANY class should be able to one shot and kill people with 2-3 buttons. Unlike the old sicem lb2 burst which was utterly ridiculous or last year's grenade holo bursts which again was rightfully nerfed. I think Ele damage is consistently okay. The issue as I said earlier is that to reach that burst on an ele you give up too much sustain. but other classes you can do the same bursts that an ele does with better sustain. If an ele wants to build glass burst, they give up so much more in terms of sustain compared to othe
  10. imho the damage part is perfectly fine. Berserkers/Marauders on LR deals massive damage. The problem is that on berserker amulet, ele has nothing for HP. DH/Core burst guard also runs berserker and has low HP but it has armor and aegis/invuln + more heals/ burst condi cleanse and escape options with trapper runes. If you take Marauders on ele, you get a bit more HP to survive and sustain. But like if you want to play oneshot burst builds marauders isn't really fun and won't pop those same numbers as a berserker ele but like I said, on berserkers amulet other classes and glass builds like range
  11. I hit plat this season on a LR Tempest build from a G2 placement. Though I did it on a Warhorn and not dagger offhand. TBH Stab is not an issue for LR builds. You're supposed to pay attention to the enemy icon and CC them when they DON'T have stab pulsing. You can't fart damage. Bursts are supposed to go out at the right moment when the enemy has wasted dodges/heals/stabs etc. The problem isn't LR on ele. The other builds and classes are way too overtuned. Elementalist skills are too telegraphed compared to some of the instant kitten or minimally telegraphed skills that other classes can churn
  12. but yes a lot of ele skills need at least a tool tip updating as well as proper reworking but we can't expect anet to care about it since we're not necros and guards
  13. Where have i said I hate stealth? Now you're putting words in my mouth. Intended design is a garbage argument in this game. If inteded designs were great I'm sure we wouldn't need ANY balance changes. Was mirage inteded to have 1 dodge??? It started with 2 dodges so why did they nerf it one?? hmm? Don't answer this is a rhetorical question about how intended design is prone to errors and can be changed at any point as companies get feedback. anyway I'm done at least @Dadnir.5038 made a really good response that's true anet's sphagetti code might break on this suggestion but then th
  14. I'm sure anet can fix their spaghetti code to make sure heartseekers out of smoke fields don't count as "missed" attacks when theif has no enemy selected. They can make it so that thief misses when they have any enemy selected as target is when they get revealed or something.
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