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  1. I have 14 toons, and i know lot of alter-holic people. Its so bad to have the obligation to do the story 14 times to be in Hot maps with all my toons.
  2. axe in second hand, skill 5 in warrior and ranger
  3. In the middle age, bandits hide in the woods, awaiting for the carriage of a nobleman to assault him, stole everything, kidnap or even kill him, how do you call this behaviour? Harassment, assault? Well. Thats exactly what these guilds are doing.
  4. I've found in WvW guilds that specifically base their activity in harassing newbie individuals and ganking them without any kind of dignity or fair play. Iv'e been prosecuted by 9 players, and they dont even have the moral to offer a 1v1 or 2v2, no, all the guild vs me. I'm not talking I found the enemy zerg, just groups of individuals with no life who just want molest other players. They stay in strategic points to intercept players who want to meet with the zerg. They admit by their guild names that they abuse other players (Hunt for pleasure), (Systematic abuse). Another usua
  5. Where I can see what the buffed or nerfed? The patch notes are from the past month.
  6. As a said in another thread in the section ranger, a berserker pew-pew is not viable in pvp or wvw, I die always because all other classes have access to blockages, barrier, and evasions. The only way to win is marauder with sword/dagger immobeast, or condi druid.
  7. I play the sic em soulbeast with marauder+berserker stats, I've found specially classes that can teleport to me constatly like (s/s renegade, thief, weaver) kill me without option to counterplay.I'm unable to keep the fight ranged when they teleport to my feet and I have to swap to melee and obviously die.I've tried greatsword, dagger/axe, axe/axe, sword/axe, and i cannt win a melee fight, never.Also necros teleport to me and freeze me I have no options to keep it ranged. Is any strategy to fight this kind of classes?
  8. If you still die to burn dh It's your fault A Burn guard with the vitality of carrion, the burst of burn, the burst of spiritual sword, infinite blockages and cleanses... if I die its just my fault, its not ovepowered nooo.... lol the stealth of trapper rune is just the cherry on top of the overpowerment
  9. Would you be up for showing me this burn DH without trapper runes? I am up for dueling. core burn guardian is till very strong even without traps and the rune
  10. If you play for fashion wars yes is pay to win because gemstore skins are in other level. Also there are no cool capes and mounts in the game.
  11. WvW is perhaps the most balanced modality. No need to make nerfs. There are questions infinitely more important, for example Kodash served is dead because anet decided to not link them with other servers, the hardcore players left the server and now is constantly outnumbered . Being rapd constatntly is not fun.
  12. The problem is not the rune, is Burn DH being overtuned... well, burn in general is too much burst for a condition.
  13. this doesnt work, I find wintraders and bots daily and report them, keep finding them again after weeks.
  14. The effort is excessive. And after a hard day of work in our job, we want fun, not grind and grind and grind... Collections are usually not grindy. At least not as I see grind which is repeating a certain task over and over. They are like quests in other games. They take you around the world performing different activities.Anyway if you don't feel like doing the whole collection at once just start it and play other stuff. You will stumble on different parts of the collection while playing the game.Well, collections are kill this boss and you get x material, do it 10 times! When I had to do it
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