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  1. My impression its that catalist is a big aoe + support, but wont improve the damage of waver or support of tempest.
  2. This is a easy fix, developers wins because they have to work less in balancing, but the player loses because the experience is more limited. Id enjoy a ranger/thief with access to rapid fire and thief dagger skills in the same character. Better than any e-spec.
  3. The system of E-Specs in Gw2 was born OLD. Since 2009 games had the dual classes system which is better than e-spec because you have access to the 2 professions skills + the elite ones.
  4. I think the usage of weapons available souldn't be tied to a specialization equiped. Imagine how great and fun would be a pistol/torch harbinger. With the high potential this game has Anet keeps castrating the experience, to keep the user not fully satisfied, and make the buy gemstore things to fill this void.
  5. Playing engi i have the same problem with ele. The rotations are so clunky and break combat fluidity. Most kits have 1 or 2 good skills and the rest are situational and useless for DPS purposes. If I have to swap to bomb kit, grenade kit, and holo forge I end up tired quickly. Too much key clicking to achieve the same DPS than a braindead Reaper.
  6. How can you counter a class that have multiple teleports, blocks and burns? tell me If you clean the burn they're still doing very high burst damage. Trapper rune was created before Hot, and never intended to be used by the most Op class anet created. This rune was to help condi rangers in wvw.
  7. You mix the concept casuals with newbies. Its newbies who are overwhelmed with so much to do, they want to make a legendary, to do the smokescale mount grind work, yes, this is so much to do in their POV. I play since 2012 beta, and I consider myself casual because I have a hard job and just can play 1 hour a day, and the weekends. I dont find the living season content rewarding and I even ignore it, because it has all the same structure, the same dynamics I've played 1000 times in the past.
  8. I dont see them enjoying the content i deem as unworthy. In fact casuals, who spend the most, look so sad showing their skins and gemstore thrones in Divinity's reach, and they are so BORED. Fashion wars is not the game we want.
  9. The game is dead because Anet absolutely abandoned WvW and PvP, also they dont make new dungeons, just they focus in living world and new useless skins to satisfy casuals.
  10. Op, are you talking about MM with a e-spec in particular or the core necro? Condi, power?
  11. I prefer this beta finish quick, so we can start enjoying the 3 other new e-specs now that we are in vacation time. In september we wont be able to even play.
  12. What will happen when the beta finish and you forget legendary gear on a toon that will be deleted?
  13. In all condi berserker rotations the sword is just ignored because how mediocre it is, nobody uses, just only equip them to have the signet bonus. It's just longbow and torch, sword skills are a waste. And the offhand sword it doesnt even exist. This is the main cause why the condi berserkers doesnt achieve the DPS of condi thief, renegade, weaver, firebrand... Just because devs have forgotten sword, or even hammer in guardian and warrior, some core weapons are outdated if we want to be competitive with the new e-specs and incoming Pve challenges.
  14. Op seems to have a LTP problem, Gitguud dude!
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