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  1. I experienced the same with the funerary armor achievments, I had to give up because nobody helped me, never. You need a guild. The problem is GW2 is so casual, that people just enter the game to do their own sheit and quit, no time to help others. While in hardcore MMos that require great grind, you'll find hardcore players, who spend every day tons of hours in the game, willing to help bewbies.
  2. I'm looking for a class good for dungeons, fractals, raids, soloing PVE content, and I havent found it yet. I dont know if it's done in purpose by anet to make people alt-aholic or not, but I can't find a class/build to feel comfortable in every PVE situation, all of them have limitations. Here's my view: -Scourge- Low mobility, low burst. -Firebrand- Lack of ranged attacks. -Berserker- Easy to miss hits if not nose to nose with the enemy. No aoes. No ranged viable weapons. -Holosmith- clunky playstyle (need to swap to kits) -Weaver and tempest- Too squishy to solo content. POwer buyilds too reliant on conjured weapons=clunky playstyle. Condi builds piano crazy rotaaions. -Reaper- Great, but no teleports and ranged attacks. -Thief- Lack of aoes. -Renegade- The closest to perfection, great sustain, damage, mobility and has ranged attacks, but very limited (almost disgraced) by high energy cost of utilities. -Ranger(soulbeast)- power version has been too nerfed, low sustain for soloing. The rest of specs either I dont have Eod, or core are not viable. I insist too much in the need of ranged attacks because I hate when in a dungeon you have to destroy an object far away and you cant.
  3. If white mantle mobs and forged mobs weren't overpowered enough... we should nerf the player so the PVE experience become more tedious? If we nerf the player everybody loses. And anet has nerfed every class since 2012 into ovlivion and never buffed a single feature. All they do to balance is nerfing what is Op, instead of buffing the weaker aspects of every class.
  4. I'll never understand this toxic players coming to a forum, asking for more nerfs! Yo may be a masochist. Nerf me more daddy please!
  5. The thing is ele has 1 or 2 situational skills in every atunement that become useless, because in dungeon/fractal, raids PUGS just go speedrun/piñata mode. For example stuns or knockbacks from air atunement are only useful in pvp or organized groups with discord when every member has a function, the same with earth roots. DPS wise only 2-3 skills are effective in every atunement so people gets forced to elemental conjured weapon swap (in power builds) or the supercomplex rotation (in condi builds) to achieve the same dps as the reaper who only needs to swap to reaper's shroud and smash bottoms randomly.
  6. Dont listen to these guys. Just roll a staff condi mirage with traiblazer gear and just solo everything in the game, literally, lol.
  7. Why so much build diversity if only 3 of them are meta and others just unviable. I's like to play elementalist with conjured weapons, but I can't, because Anet abandoned him. What about engi turrets?
  8. I came from Runes of magic, I had the best time of my life before the company was bought by greedy germans that ruined the game.
  9. Why not reverting the power nerf they did time ago, instead of nerfing condis now?
  10. Anet forcing players to play melee and condis. "Promoting" build diversity.
  11. I dont know why, I always keep going back to the core specs, braindead builds like mech or harbinger bore me so much.
  12. Does "chilled" from the elite skill counts as "disabling a foe" for the quickness bonus?
  13. can you provide examples of other builds that can achieve 20k autoattacking?
  14. The algorythm puts you in loser teams to keep you playing in loser strikes that can last 5-10 matches until you win. You wont leave because you pursue the win (daily achievs) and this way anet has enough population to keep pvp working.
  15. Well, Anet didnt gave necro's everything. They are very slow, lack mobility, zero stealth, evades, invulnerability and blocks.
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