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  1. Considering the new expansion will bring a ton of old and new players back/to the game it would be crazy to ignore PvP. PvP the game mode that cost f all in upkeep, it has the most replayability of anything in a game, the players create the content themselves. All you do is provide the maps and PvP structure.
  2. Come EU, 2-3min max 24/7, at least at g2-3, maybe you're too high rating? Every game has that problem. The highest are like 1% the pop.
  3. So true. That's when absolutely no one cares.
  4. Hi, I've been playing now for 2 seasons and I have to say this game's PvP is the best/ potentially the best in any MMO I've played ( wow, FFXIV, ESO, BDO, rift, tera, swtor) but there's some things holding it back. I have some points and things I don't understand that will be phrased as questions as I am new and of course would be open to advice. I'm in gold 2 currently and go between gold 3 and that over and over. I main thief d/p, sometime play soulbeast sic em and power mirage greatsword. Edit: this post turned out to be long, be warned. 1. Being allowed to switch profession at
  5. Signets trait. So they essentially have 5 or more invuln including sword 2 in a row depending on how many signets you run.
  6. Player pop feels really healthy considering it's just before an expansion ATM. Any pve meta thing I try to do has always got commanders on the map. WvW is also populated as there's queue time to get in at peak hours. PvP is around 2min wait time, 3min in early hours of morning. I've heard it's bad for high plat players but I'm not one of those sadly. Basically yes, it's worth coming back imo, people have said the story is bad now but I've never been into the story in any MMO so I just skip all dialogues to get them done as fast as I can.
  7. Shuriken gliding mount pretty please. It's the only thief- themed gliding mount IMO
  8. I said ESO ripped off GW2 not FFXIV. Read my post properly please. I played FFXIV for 6 months. Doing story mode to get up to the current story made me close to suicidal. You're (Ur?) forced to do it for some reason and it takes forever, the most monotonous thing I've had to do in any MMO and that's saying something. Travel a million miles to somewhere, talk to someone , travel a million miles somewhere else. Talk to someone again zzzzz The combat effects looks cool but is dull. Global cd is crazy long because they made it with consoles in mind and you have a couple of
  9. You forgot about the most common role in most games : Feeders: this role constantly runs into mid 1v3 expecting to win and dies over and over. They then rage in /t about scourges or thieves and go afk for the rest of the game.
  10. Not a fan of trying to add more micromanaging into pets as they can't be depended on as it is, are buggy as hell and die to aoe. I'd be happy if the new elite spec had no pet at all in it.
  11. Tbh I really liked the theme of soulbeast. All the stances are animal based, you get 3 new skills from the pet you merge with. They should have released it the way it is now with only one pet. That makes more sense. They didn't design the pets skills very well though since smokescale has always been the best pet for power anyway.
  12. Did Frank only ever play necro and ranger? Poor Frank.
  13. I tried wow again for shadowlands and liked it at the start but then after a few weeks it was the same old crap. Do your dailies/weekly for gear from vault or ash for legendary. Grind mythics for hope of good drop. After I beat sire densthrius I just lost all interest in the game. The only good thing that game has goin for it anymore is warmode in open world. BGs were 24min wait for me as well during prime time. People moan about PvP balance in this game but blizzard literally make a couple of things beyond broken every couple of months.
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