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  1. Everything you've listed here is stuff that I wouldn't even notice if they cut. You're paying for the campaign and the new class specializations.
  2. Swim speed infusion stacks with everything, up to the normal speed caps. There's only one swim speed slot and it's the aqua breather. You can glue swim speed infusions together like you glue agony infusions together, the cost is exponential: +10 is dirty cheap, +15 is like 5 gold, a +20 will cost you like 300 gold.
  3. I think the change in Torment (now deals its extra damage when the target is *not* moving) had the bigger effect. Glad to hear it's still working for ya, though.
  4. Closest you're going to get is stacking tons of Confusion, with some cover condis and interrupt skills.
  5. Use the "event timers" page to see when world bosses are up. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Event_timers About 20 minutes before the event, you can start checking LFG for a "taxi" group. This'll get you into an organized map with lots of player who know what to do and group leaders who call out informative guidance. I was able to get all the Triple Trouble masteries in like two hours of play over the course of two days by doing this. --- If you're trying to fully max your masteries, note also that there is a small HoT Raid Mastery t
  6. Staff has a niche and that niche is hitting a whole blob of enemies who have control abilities and defenses that prevent you from just jumping onto them in melee (so there's big value in being able to put down ranged AOEs), who also don't necessarily just want to jump on *you* in melee (so your **pulsing** AOEs actually do something). So, uhh, that's only WvW zerg fights. And ime you're pretty reliant on Weaver to add extra two-element abilities to give you more to do than just camp Fire attunement for the DPS. It's kinda sad that how bad staff ele is in any
  7. I'd get it. I could go for a warclaw like this as well.
  8. My feeling is that "win more" mechanics like this cement thief in the role of ganker and "+1" at the expense of anything else — your best efficiency and damage output is spamming high-damage attacks on people who got hit with a ton of hard CC or burned out all their resources fighting someone else.
  9. Quite frankly, the actual *functionality* of legendary weapons is near-useless in PvE: pretty much every class+weapon combo has one set of ideal stats and it's almost always Berserker, Viper, or (rarely) Harrier, with rather standardized sigil sets as well. A little bit of ascended crafting will cover all the bases you need for less money than the cost of filling your slots with leggos. Also you can just buy the Gen 1 legendaries on the TP. I get that this is very annoying if you have your heart absolutely set on, e.g., Nevermore, but there are other chase skins in the game like Ad
  10. They would simply complain anyway.
  11. If you like the free-to-play exploration experience, I think you'll like the whole game even more. I've enjoyed doing map completion (100% exploration) in both the core game and the expansions. Not something I'd do more than once or twice, probably, but there are lots of little "wow!" moments the first time you visit a location. I feel like the level-scaling system and action-combat mechanics also keeps exploration from feeling entirely trivial or tedious, while still allowing you to experience a serious sense of mastery in how boldly you can engage enemies in level-scaled maps wit
  12. Deadeye is a really solid solo character, you've got limitless initiative and perfect uptime on 25 Might and Fury, combined with the safety of range and moderate cleaving ability via piercing. It's just that Daredevil works better for comped groups because: 1. Staff base damage and cleave make it the most viable thief PvE weapon by a mile. This alone *automatically* makes Daredevil the most viable PvE thief spec. 2. The DD traitline packs in nice "unique" damage modifiers that stack better with all the boons your party members are giving you. (DD has trouble generating an
  13. I tend to switch my character to town clothes (any "jumpsuit" type outfit like the Dragon's Watch one will do as well) so I can see their feet better. That's usually enough, at least if you're not playing charr. (The real trick to acing jumping puzzles, if you're bad at them, is to use the Portable Position Rewinder from Sandswept Isle.)
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