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  1. This is more the result of your own choices than anything intrinsic to WvW, though.
  2. It's a very manageable puzzle, and also you can just do the "Bonus" strike mission which you were gonna do anyway because it's super easy and grants you the equivalent of a monthly reward chest basically for free.
  3. LFG tool allows you to actually specify what you're doing and see what classes you have to work with in an existing group.
  4. It's certainly very different, which imo means it has the potential to be good fun.
  5. I mean, you'll have to spend a tiny amount of rank points and complete a cute little quest chain.
  6. … You don't even know what the thief elite spec actually does yet. You're working off, like, a ten-word description and 30 seconds of animations.
  7. Replacing PVT gear with Celestial is replacing garbage with something passable. There's no more to it than that. Cele in the PvE meta is a way for support builds to squeeze more DPS stats. In WvW it may partially replace even tankier Trailblazer builds. Other stat combos aren't going to disappear overnight.
  8. Yup. There's like 3 non-"cringe" builds in the entire game and they're all total B-tier sadsack stuff.
  9. Through the magic of Warclaw + Waypoints, almost anyone can choose close to 100% of their fights simply by running away before any engagement. I see PvE scrubs grinding Gift of Battle do it all the time, I'm sure veteran WvW players can figure out how to do this, too, if they wanted to. What the "someone ran away from me!" discourse constantly misses is that thieves, and rangers, and engineers, and Shiro roaming revs, and greatsword warriors, and eles, and mesmers, and uhhh medi guards, and sometimes reapers how did that happen ok but it does… the way these people are getting away from yo
  10. Some people do (there's threads every once in a while complaining about parking minion necros in various places), it sucks, don't do it.
  11. In fairness, it's really hard to have this conversation when half the "actual thief players" are doing a big song and dance about how the class is a poor little overnerfed bean that couldn't kill a fly, just a sad little guy, plz mister it's my birthday, you wouldn't hit a little guy on his birthday. Lots of people love hyperbole and they almost constantly get mad that any other class/build can do anything at all. No one is immune. Ah, the zergling's lament. If you're playing a support build you can just spam your support abilities and walk on out of almost any 1v1. Yo
  12. Did you miss the February patch? There's barely any one-shot builds anymore. Partially because Anet wanted to kill that "full stealth bomb" you mentioned (and good riddance to it). In particular, the Mara Daredevil with 17k hp isn't much of a one-shot build; its Backstab output against glassy targets tops out at like 8k.
  13. Demolisher (Marauder but with Toughness instead of Vitality) would be pretty interesting, especially in its implications for Warrior, Reaper, and Power Mesmer builds. (Classes with higher hp pools have an easier time running Demolisher than the 11k base classes.) Might make Scrapper or Boonbeast a bit too strong in roaming, though.
  14. Clearly you should add an ele skill bar as an OBS overlay.
  15. Looking at the forums, I'm convinced that fighting literally anything other than a skill-clicker doing their best Veteran Guard roleplay is "incredibly infuriating and unfun for most people."
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